2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation: 2D Crop Cultivation

Index: 2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation

Serial NumberHeading/Sub-heading
1.Introduction: 2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation
2.2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation and Mixed Cropping
3.Benefit and Importance
4.Suitable Crop
5.Best Irrigation System
6.Cultivation Practice

1. Introduction: 2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation

The 2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation or 2D Crop Cultivation is a crop cultivation concept adopted and practiced by the village farmers in which vertical/horizontal crop production and hypogeal crop production are taken from the same plant row as shown in figure given below.

1.1 Concept

Fig. 01: vertical and Hypogial Production (Ginger+Indeterminate Tomato)
C1= Crop one
C2= Crop Two
Distance between C1 and C1 is 15 Cm
Distance between C2 and C2 is 60 cm

1.1.1 Vertical Yield: Vertical yield is obtained from the upward growing plants. For example- Bitter gourd is a vine plant. Upward growing is supported by the trellis or other systems.

1.1.2 Lateral or Horizontal Yield: Lateral or horizontal yield is obtained from creeper like vegetable crop. For example- Bitter gourd is a creeper like crop which can grow both upward and horizontal direction.

1.1.3 Hypogeal Yield: Hypogeal yield is obtained from the crops like ginger and turmeric.

Two combination can be made, first is 1 and 3, and second is 2 and 3. The concept is based on the cultivation practice of different crops from the field of farmers.


2. 2 Dimensional Crop Cultivation and Mixed Cropping

2.1 Difference Between Mixed Cropping and 2 Dimensional Cultivation

Serial Number2 Dimensional Crop CultivationMixed Cropping
1. Included crops grown in independent directionCrops grow in similar direction
2.Crops are specificCrops are not specific
3.It is more technical than mixed cropping.It is less technical.
4. Maximum 3 types plant-crops are included in cultivation practice.More than 3 plant-crops are included in crop cultivation.
5.Two species of plants are grown on the same lineTwo species of plants are grown on the separate line
5.Less adopted techniqueGenerally adopted by the farmers.
6.It is highly potential considering different aspects.It is less potential in considering many aspects.
7. Drip irrigationDrip, flood and other methods.

2.2 Comparison with Other Systems

Serial NumberSpecifications2 Dimensional CroppingMixed CroppingInter CroppingMulti Storied Cropping
1.Yield Per AcreHighHighHighHigher (in orchard)
2.Pest ManagementEasyEasy EasyEasy

3. Benefit and Importance

3.1 Use of Land

Per hectare yield of an agriculture farm shows the maximum yield of a particular crop. The per hectare average yield per year is almost fix because of mono culture crop cultivation practice. Cultivation of more than 2 crops on the same piece of land at the same is proper use of available agri-land.

3.2 Insect Management

Insect management is easy with the use of broad spectrum insecticide. Natural enemy of one crop is very important because it also controls insect-pests of other crops included in crop cultivation system.

3.3 Disease Management

Disease management is similar to insect management. Blight, mildew and other fungal diseases are common in all vegetable crops. Application of an effective fungicide in a crop field (standing crop) will reduce the effect of the disease from all species of crops.

3.4 Irrigation

A single irrigation system and one irrigation is sufficient for all crop species planted in a field. For example- Drip irrigation system installed in crop field is very effective water distribution system.

3.5 Harvesting

Yield: Per hectare yield is higher than the mono culture. The yield is commutative.

4. Suitable Crop

4.1 Crop for Bottom Direction

Suitable crop for this category is limited. Ginger and turmeric are two important crops for this cropping system. Other crops are tuber and bulb crops.

4.2 Crop For Lateral Movement

Crop which can be trained is suitable for lateral growing system. These plants need external support. Although, some plants can grow without support, and spread with the support of soil surface. Example- pumpkin, bitter gourd, pointed gourd etc.

4.3 Crop For Upward Growth

A vine crop which need support to grow upward is suitable. Example- Gourd crops are best.

5. Best Irrigation System

Drip irrigation system is best in open field condition. In fogger irrigation system, combination of fogger irrigation system and drip irrigation system is best for crop like tomato.

6. Cultivation Practice

Cultivation And Crop Management Practice With Example-

Crop Model: Ginger + Tomato (Indeterminate growth). Ginger + Bitter Gourd is best.

6.1 Selection of Crop

Selection of crop is very important. Its depend on the basic needs and the characteristics of a crop. Basic requirements and requirement characteristics should same for all crops such as soil, water, fertilizer etc.

6.2 Soil and Soil Preparation

Loam and sandy loam are best. Field should be ploughed using mouldboard plough. It should be fine. Ridges can be formed using ridger or by hand.

6.3 Sowing

Sowing of first crop: Ginger.

Sowing of second crop: Bitter Gourd.

Rhizomes are sown inside the ridge alternatively at the distance of 15 c.m. The distance between first and second line of alternatively shown planting material inside a ridge is as shown in fig. 01 (30 cm).

6.4 Irrigation

Drip irrigation system for all.

6.5 Intercultural Operation

Weeding is very important for first crop. Selective weedicide should be applied.

6.6 Insect-pests Management

The selected pesticide for pest control should be selective. It should not affect other crop species.

6.7 Harvesting

Harvesting period of different crop is different. Crop like ginger and turmeric are harvested after the fully maturity. Other crops are harvested earlier, for example- tomato (indeterminate variety).


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