About Us


We are Shasyadhara Agriculture. Our main goal is to provide knowledge related with agriculture science and technology through articles and research contents to students and farmers. And also providing online services such as agri-business and marketing, agri-consultant, farmer’s training and online selling of agricultural products.

We are here to help agriculture students and farmers by providing them best possible products and services.

Our Approach

Agriculture is not just about growing and selling raw products. It is a complete science which can be modified in a powerful entrepreneurship module with some unique creativity and using modern and advanced technology.

We started exploring the field of agriculture since last 8 years. From the beginning we are regularly following these four steps: 1. Adopt the innovation concept for 2. Experiment and 3. Firmly apply it 4. Then hold on it.

Agriculture is also a part of nature and surrounding environment. Apart from our main goal the other related fields are as follows:

  • Nature: Reviewing natural places i.e. a natural tourist place for nature lovers. We think reviewing a natural place is essential being Agro-Forestry is an integral part of agriculture science.
  • Environment: Environmental science is a major field of study in agriculture. Study of some important subjects such as climate and weather, biodiversity, and ecosystem have direct interaction with agriculture field crops.

Our Story

We saw unlimited potential in the field of agriculture sector. We started to assemble different tools and technique to create an economical environment. The main thing here we knew was the investment of time.

Our Team

Our platform aims toward providing services and knowledge related with agri sector. So we always have a professional team.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma (Author and Major Guide), Deptt. Of Horticulture, Jhansi, UP

Many students have completed M. Sc. and PhD research under his guidance. His research works are useful for farmers in advance farming.

Harish Manik (Author), Deptt. Of Agriculture

Founder and CEO, is an agriculturist and master in science in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping. He is the main author and the editor of the publishing content and articles. Completed his Master degree at Indira Gandhi Agriculture University in the year 2015, under the guidance of Dr. Gaurav Sharma, associate professor at department of ornamental horticulture and landscaping architecture, College of Agriculture (COA), Raipur, C. G.

Qualifications: IGKV CET, ICAR JRF, SRF and NET, RAEO, RHEO, IBPS AFO, CGPSC Written.

Dr. Maheshwar Manik (M. B. B. S./M.D.)

Technical Support Team:

  1. Mr. Khemchand Ram Sudama .
  2. Er. Navin Dhanwar, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Our qualification:

Our Team, and their members are highly qualified in their respective fields. Knowledge provided by them are based on research work and experience in their field of knowledge.