Assistant Director of Agriculture (ADA): Eligiblity-criteria, Work, and Salary


The Assistant Director of Agriculture, or commonly ADA in its short form, is an agricultural officer. It is a rank 2 or grade 2 post under the department of agriculture.

This post is also known as Sahayak Sanchalak Krishi (सहायक संचालक कृषि) in Hindi. An SADO (Senior Agriculture Development Officer) may get promoted to the post of ADA during the later stage of his/her current post. Although, it is a direct post.

General Info.: Assistant Director of Agriculture (ADA)

Table 01: General Information

TypeGovt. post under the department of agriculture.
Class2 (class two officer).
Related DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture
PostingOffice, Assistant Director of Agriculture.
HeadHead of the district for the department of Agriculture.
Superior toSADO (Senior Agriculture Development officer.
Works under-Director of Agriculture.
Similiar to-ADH (Assistant Director of Horticulture)

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Table 02: List of Topics/Contents

01. What are the qualifications needed to be eligible for this post?
02. Which exam is related to the post of ADA?
03. What are the works of an ADA, also describe duties?
04. What is the salary of an ADA?
05. What is the grade pay of an ADA?
06. What are the other govt. posts similar to ADA?

Answer: To be eligible for this post one should have completed M. Sc. Agriculture/Horticulture.

A student or candidate can not apply without M. Sc. Agriculture/Horticulture degree.

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Answer: Generally, it is State PSC (State Public Service Commission). The vacant posts are known as the post of ADA.

Answer: List of works and, descriptions….

a. Work as an assistant of director of agriculture– As the name suggests, an ada work as an assistant of director, the Director of Agriculture.

b. To work as the head of the department (not HOD of an agriculture college)- An assistant director, Agriculture,  works as a head officer who directs all the staffs to achieve the goals set by the department.

c. Field visit– Time to time field visit..

  • For the proper execution of different plans and schemes at field level.
  • For the inspection of field staffs.
  • Any local programme such as Kisan Mela.

d. Other works….

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Answer: The salary of an ADA is 50 thousand+ INR. Grade pay is different for the adas’ of different Indian states.

For a new employee, Generally, it is 54,000.00 INR to 56,000.00 INR.

For better understanding of level, grade pay and salary related to this post see image 01.

Image 01

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Answer: The grade pay of a assistant director of agriculture is 5600 INR. Grade pay is different for the adas’ of different Indian states.

The entry level grade pay is 5400. The level of grade pay increases with time.

Model of grade a pay is as follows:

Example: Entry level grade pay – 5,400 >> next level grade pay – 6,600 >> next level grade pay – 7,500.

For better understanding of level, grade pay and salary related to this post see image 01.

Answer: The other posts similar to ADA are-

  • ADH or Assistant Director of Horticulture, Department of Horticulture.
  • ADV or Assistant Director of Veterinary, Department of Veterinary.
  • ADF or Assistant Director of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries.

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About ADA

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