Agricultural Economics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQS): Agriculture Entrance Exam

Agriculture Economics Multiple Choice Questions: Agriculture Economics is a subject as well as major or minor minor faculty in a n agriculture university. It is the study of agriculture product’s, services and their marketing.

Agriculture Economics Multiple Choice Questions are asked in different agricultural competitive exams. These questions are important in agricultural competitive exams e.g., JRF, SRF, CET, BHU, NET, ICAR, RHEO, RAEO, SHDO, SADO, ADH ADA etc.


PART 01Purchase Questions
PART 02Agricultural Economics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQS)

PART 01: Purchase Questions

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PART 02: Agricultural Economics MCQS

Question- 01. TRIFED was established in the year 1987 for…?

(a). To develop marketing system for forest products.
(b). To develop marketing system for medicinal products.
(c). To develop marketing system for foreign products.
(d). To develop marketing system for non-agricultural products.

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Question- 02. Which is known as the sunk cost?

(a). Retrospective cost.
(b). Fixed cost.
(c). Flow cash.
(d). Fixed cash.

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Question- 03. Macro approach is a concept of…?

(a). Farm management.
(b). Production economics.
(c). Market surplus.
(d) All of the above.

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Question- 04. Land holding of marginal farmer is?

(a). Less tha 5 acre.
(b). More tha 5 acre.
(c). Less than 2.5 acre.
(b). More than 2.5 acre.

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Question- 05. The theory of absolute advantage was given by?

(a). Walker.
(b). Shane.
(c). Germy.
(d). Smith.

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Question- 06. Contribution of agriculture in India’s GDP in the year 2016 was?

(a). 12 – 13%.
(b). 16.9 – 17.9%.
(c). 14.8 – 15. 8%.
(d). 13 – 14%.

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Question 07. In economics cash is a..?

(a). Working capital.
(b). Fixed capital.
(c). Flowing in one direction
(d). Non of the above.

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