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B. Sc. Agriculture Dgree

SUBJECT– PAT 2021. पी. ए. टी. प्री 2021. एग्रीकल्चर टेस्ट. Pre Agriculture Test. Preparation for Agriculture Test. Pre Agriculture Test 2020. प्री एग्रीकल्चर टेस्ट 2021. B. S. C. Agriculture Indira Gandhi Krishi, B. S. C. Agriculture State Universities. Vishwavidyalaya. B. S. C. Agriculture ICAR.


Agriculture After 12th – This post is written for the students of ‘PAT or Pre Agriculture Test’. This post entitled -‘Agriculture after 12th’ covers some basic information about Pre Agriculture Test (PAT) and ‘B. Sc. Agriculture’ degree program and B. S. C. Ag. colleges.

PAT 2020 is an upcoming entrance exam for 12th students.

Agriculture After 12th: Role

Interest in any specific field is key to success for any student in the field of competitive exams. There are two categories of the students- first, who choose agriculture as their basic 11/12th subject and second, who prefer non-agricultural subject e.g., biology and mathematics during their study in higher secondary education in India.

Students currently studying agriculture science at 12th grade, they always have many questions inside their mind before final examination, and after completing and passing 12th exam with good marks, they face similar questions. These are as follows:

  • What is next?
  • What is the procedure for admission in agriculture college?
  • How to prepare for PAT (Pre Agriculture Test)?
  • What are some major subjects in B. Sc. Agriculture?

What is next?

After 12th, specially agriculture stream based students face some major problems. Some with their financial situation and other with their decision making ability. Almost 90% agriculture student’s family in India comes from small farmer’s category or Poor background. Students belong to these category quit their study after 12th because of the expenses of a professional-college’s degree program. That is the reason why some students switch their subject to B. A. or plain B. Sc. to pursue their college degree.

A student should be well known to the facts that the expenses of the further study e.g. preparation of PAT (Pre Agriculture Test), clearing PAT entrance exam and continuing B. Sc. Agriculture/Horiticulture is as simple and less expensive as it can be as compare to other top level degree program in India e. g. M. B. B. S. and B. E.

Procedure for Admission in Agriculture College

Step 1: Complete 10+2 from Agriculture, Mathematics, Biology: Students have to clear 10+2 yearly examination for being eligible to take part in Pre Agriculture Test. Minimum mark is not required.

Step 2: Qualifying Pre Agriculture Test: It is up to students. They have to secure good rank in entrance exam. It should be under 100 for non S.T., S. C. students. For S.T., S.C. students it should be 150 to 500 plus. Good rank helps to get addmission in government colleges.

Note: Selection is based on the overall rank, but cutoff is important.

Step 3: Attending Counselling: Selected students are informed by News papers and letters. Dates of counselling are fixed. Students are allotted seat according to their PAT rank.

Know more:

Admission in agriculture college is possible after qualifying Pre Agriculture Test commonly known as PAT. This test exam is conducted by a particular government undertaking body. In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Pre Agriculture Test is conducted yearly by MPVYAPAM and CGVYAPAM, respectively.

Students have to fill up PAT (Pre Agriculture Test) form online on their official website before examination is to conducted. In Chhattisgarh this exam is generally conducted during the month of April and May by CGVYAPAM. After security a good overall PAT rank one can become eligible for getting admission in agriculture/horticulture colleges. Available seats in different colleges are allotted rank-wise. Seats available in various private colleges are much expensive ranging from 22000 INR to 28000 INR which varies college to college. Students should always try to score good PAT rank to secure any government college seat. Also, student can choose between agriculture B. Sc. and Horticulture B. Sc.

How to prepare for PAT (Pre Agriculture Test)?:

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Preparing for Pre Agriculture test right from 11th is a good strategy for a student. Due to lack of guidance and abundance of misleading information a student can lost his way to get going for a professional degree program. Many questions arise before and after passing 12th. Is coaching necessary for qualifying PAT? Can I qualify PAT by self study? The answer for the later one is “YES”. By doing self study with a good strategy and having quality reading material students can easily qualify PAT.

Nowadays there are too many Pre Agriculture Test coaching centres. Out of them many centres claim to hand success to students. These are only there strategy to print money for their wallet. Answer for this question is “No”. Joining a coaching class for PAT is ridiculous. We are not talking about PMT, PET or PSC. Your planning and confidence is key to success.

What are some major subjects in B. Sc. Agriculture?


Agronomy is a science which deals with the study and the cultivation of a wide variety of field crops such as cereal crops- rice, wheat, millets etc. Oil seed crops- soybean, peanut etc. Pulse crops- Beans, grams etc. Fiber crops- cotton, sun hemp etc.

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Horticulture is a field of study of fruit, flower and vegetable crop and plants. From Kashmir’s Kesar to Kanyakumari’s coconut, both crops fall under horticulture. All fruit, flower, vegetable, ornamental and spices are known as horticultural crops.

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Animal husbandry

Nourishing different pet animals and birds for usable animal product is a fundamental concept of animal husbandry. A very well known subsidiary Amul is a result of animal husbandry.


Fisheries is a art of rearing and production of various breed and species of fish.


Biotechnology can be simply understood as an engineering work in field crops. Changing a plant’s genome artificially is an example of genetic engineering under biotechnology.

Plant pathology

Plant pathology covers the study of micro organism which causes diseases in plants. It also studies about some beneficial micro organisms like Pseudomonas.

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Soil science

Study of soil’s health, microbial activity, different types of soil etc.


Meteorology is an interesting subject which surveillance daily, weekly, monthly and yearly climate in all country. It is a science about cloud, climate, rain, wind and all natural phenomenon.

Agriculture engineering

Study of all engineering work related with agriculture. It is an applicable subject in agriculture.


Agro-forestry is the study of interaction between agricultural and forest plant-crops. Agro-forest plants are- Eucalyptus, Subabool, Olive, Bamboo etc.

List of Agriculture Universities and Colleges in India

  • IGKV, Raipur.
  • JNKV, Jabalpur.
  • BCKV, WB.
  • RAU, Rajasthan.
  • Anand Agriculture University, Gujarat.
  • Rajendra Agriculture University, Bihar.
  • Tamilnadu Agriculture University.
  • Banaras Hindu University with Agriculture faculty.

Agriculture for non-Agriculture Students

There is always a doubt when a non-agriculture student, e. g.- bio and mathematics student, plans for preparing Pre Agriculture Test. The main questions are- 1. Is agriculture right for my career? 2. What is the scope of agriculture subject for my career?

Typically a non-agriculture student shows his/her interest in agriculture when their failures sense success in the field of green carpet.

For them I would like to say that agriculture has a broad scope for their better career starting from field officer to university professor. From an individual professional to a great entrepreneur.

This article is useful for all students across India in their respectable states.

For more articles like how to prepare for PAT, B. Sc. Agriculture admission and Agriculture coaching centre regularly keep contact with us.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021

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