Agriculture Extension: E-book

Agriculture Extension E-Book

Agriculture Extension: E-book

Name of the E-bookAgriculture Extension: E-book
CategoryE-book (See All Topics), product
TypeDescriptive ebook
Format of the e-bookHigh Quality PDF
No. of page(s)44
Written forAgricultural students, Extension education
Written byAuthors of Shasyadhara Agriculture
Edited and Compiled byAuthors of Shasyadhara Agriculture
Important forDifferent agricultural competition exams, Semesters exams, different organizations.


1.Agriculture Extension: Brief Introduction
2.About The E-book
3.Topic(s) of the e-book
4.Frequently Asked Questions
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6.Recent Posts
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NOTE 01: This E-book include detailed description about important topic. Go to the Section 03 ‘Topic(s) of the e-book‘ to know about e-book topics.

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1. Agriculture Extension: Brief Introduction

Agriculture extension is a subject in B. Sc. Agriculture or M. Sc. Agriculture . It is known as ‘कृषि प्रसार’ in Hindi. The subject is based on formal and informal education. Prasar Shiksha (प्रसार शिक्षा) is common name for Extension Education.

2. About The E-book

This e-book entitled ‘Agriculture Extension: E-book’ written, edited and compiled by the authors of Shasyadhara Agriculture.

2.1 Important for:

This e-book is important for all agricultural students who are currently studying B. Sc. Agri. M. Sc. Agri. or Ph.D. in agriculture. And also it is very important for the student who are preparing for different agricultural competition exams such as ICAR JRF, SRF, CET, State Agricultural University Exams, BHU etc.

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3. Topic(s) of the e-book

This e-book includes valuable description of following topics:

  • Meaning, Concept and Style of Leadership.
  • Time management for better performance.
  • Development of team building skills.
  • Motivational skills for effective team work and leadership performance.
  • Communication process, major elements and their characteristics.
  • Conflict management for better performance.
  • Active listening.
  • Developing positive attitude.
  • SWOT Analysis.
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Important courses including these topics are:

  • B. Sc. Agriculture
  • M. Sc. Agriculture (Agril. Extension).
  • CET.
  • SAU.

3.1 B. Sc. Agriculture

More than 90% semesters of B. Sc. Agriculture include agricultural extension as semester-subject.

3.2 M. Sc. Agriculture

Topics from this e-book are integral part of M. Sc. Ag. semester courses.

3.3 CET or Common Entrance Test

Multiple Choice Questions are frequently asked from these topics.

3.4 SAU or State Agricultural University Test

Same as CET.

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4. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 4.1 How to purchase this e-book?

Answer: Use pay now button to complete the purchase.

Question 4.2 After payment how would I get the file?

Answer: After receiving payment by us, it will be sent by mail.

Questions 4.2 How much time it will take to rich the product to me?

Answer: It will take atleast 1 hour.

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