Agriculture Schemes: Chhattisgarh Government|| कृषि विभाग की योजनाएँ: छत्तीसगढ़

Sour Sujla Yojna
Solar Panel 3 hp

Governmental Agriculture Schemes– ‘Agriculture Schemes’ are made by ‘Chhattisgarh Government’ for all farmers. These ‘Governmental Schemes’ are prepared separately for ‘Small, Marginal and Big Farmers’, respectively.

Most of small and marginal farmers are not able to avail these schemes because of lack of knowledge. Here we are going to discuss about all schemes and ‘Subsidies’ related with agriculture and sponsored by the state government.

This article is written for agriculture extension purpose. Read this for your own knowledge and share it with others. Main structure of the topic is as follows:

  1. Introduction.  
  2. Department of Agriculture Chhattisgarh.
  3. Schemes of Agriculture Department.
  4. Categories of Schemes.
  5. Necessary Doc_ments.
  6. Application Process.

(Disclaimer: Schemes and Plans can be changed each year. But plans described here, are the basic feature of a scheme.)

Introduction: Agriculture Schemes by Chhattisgarh Government

Chhattisgarh is a middle state in India. It is mainly an agriculture activity based state and also known as the Rice Bowl of India.

Total cultivated area for both kharif and rabi season is 4608.99 (000’ha) during 2015 (cg agri. portal).

Apart from rice different agronomy crops are shown in fields by the farmers. Most of farmers are less technical and lack in scientific knowledge.

For supporting small and marginal farmers agriculture schemes are launched by government year by year. Expenses are bear by current government.

Each year budget is allotted for agriculture department. For the success of these plans all actions are governed and controlled by the apex body which is known as Directorate of Agriculture.

Department of Agriculture Chhattisgarh

Department of agriculture is the parental body for all government agriculture departments in Chhattisgarh. The main person is director.

Director has the right to take any legal action for the success of plans. The structure of agriculture department is as follow:

(1). At Village:

  • Officer- RAEO or Gramin Udyan Vistar Adhikari.
  • Work- Extension of departmental schemes, giving technical and scientific knowledge to farmers and distribution of provided materials.

Note- Regional officer for 4-5 villages is called Assistant Development Officer or agriculture ADO.

(2). At Block:

  • Officer- SADO OR Varisth Krishi Vikas Adhikari.
  • Work- Management and direction of all departmental schemes at bock level. He gives instruction and direction to all RAEO during meetings.

(3). At District:

  • Officer 01- ADA or Assistant Director of Agriculture.
  • Work- Execution of plans for field level officers and occasionally inspections.
  • Officer 02- Deputy Director of Agriculture.
  • Work- Handling the schemes in more than two districts.

(4). In State:

  • Officer- Director of Agriculture.
  • Work- Overall direction for whole state.

Schemes of Agriculture Department

Narwa, Garuwa, Ghuruwa au Badi (बाड़ी). Ghuruwa and Badi stands for agriculture and horticulture.

(1). Minikit Distribution

Package of minikit includes seeds of different field crops. Minikit of maize, rapeseed, berseem crop and grams are very popular.

(2). Distribution of Crop Seed  

  • Wheat- Seed of wheat is distributed through Krishi Upaj Mandi or Krishi Sahkaari Shakh Samiti or simply Agriculture Cooperative Society by RAEO.
  • Rice- Seed of rice is distributed by RAEO.
  • Groundnut- By RAEO at office.

(3). Sour Sujla or Solar Panel

Subsidy for small and marginal farmer (land less than 5 acre) is 70%. It is 50% for big farmers (land more than 5 acre). This criterion is applied for all categories i.e., ST, SC, OBC and General. There are three plans in Sour Sujla- 1). 2 hp pump. 2). 3 hp pump. 3) 5 hp pump.

SN.Farmer ShareSC/STOBCGeneral
1 hp
Farmer Share
(In Rs.)



2 hp
Farmer Share
(In Rs.)



3 hp
Farmer Share
(In Rs.)



5 hp
Farmer Share
(In Rs.)




 (Data source: Creda Chhattisgarh)

Also farmers have to make Bank Draft of 3000.00-4000.00 Rs.

(4). Sprinkler Irrigation

Subsidy of Sprinkler unit is same as sour sujla. Contact RAEO for establishment of sprinkler system in your field.

Stablishment of Sprinkler System

Categories of Schemes

Some schemes provided by the agriculture department are fully paid and some are based on subsidy. The price of paid schemes is set at low price than its original market price.

  • Paid Schemes- Pesticides, Minikit, and Seed of field crops.
  • Subsidy Based Schemes- Sprinkler, Solar Panel etc.

Apart from running scheme by department farmers can apply for required plans and materials through camps conducted by administration and government time to time.

Necessary Doc_ments

Necessary doc_ments applying for these schemes are as follows:

  • Adhar card.
  • Bank passbook.
  • 2 passport size photo.
  • Electricity bill in case of Sour Sujla.
  • Panchayat Prastav in case of sour sujla.
  • Standard size colourful photo with bore for sour sujla.
  • Mobile number.

Application Process

Application can be submitted to RAEO at office or through camps

  1. Go to regional agriculture office.
  2. Ask for application form. It is always free.
  3. Fill all credentials.
  4. Submit it after verification.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021.

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  1. Department of Agriculture C. G.

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Good evening sir,my father is a Small farmer ,he has less than 5 acre agriculture land and has a government well (kuan).and wants to establishment solar panel.can it will be possible.please give me any suggestions

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Pushpak Patel
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