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QEUSTIONWhen and how to harvest Tomato?

Answer for ‘How to harvest tomato?’ by Shasyadhara Agriculture

ANSWER– Tomato is a vegetable-fruit-crop which can be harvested at different stages:

Stage 01

Unripe Stage

Harvesting at unripened stage is done for culinary purpose. Berry size unripened tomatoes can be harvested for culinary use.

Stage 02

Mature stage

Tomatoes at mature stage are harvested for artificial ripening and long distance transportation.

Stage 03

Turning stage

Tomatoes should be harvested for short distance transportation when 3/4 part is ripened.

Stage 04

Fully ripened stage

Tomatoes are harvested at fully ripened stage for local and nearby markets.

Stage 05

Overripe stage

Once tomato is overripe, it should be harvested immediately for home use and local market.


  1. Identify harvesting stage.
  2. Methods of harvesting.
  3. Precautions.

How to identify the harvesting stages

Consider the 4 harvesting stages and harvest according to need.

Methods of tomato harvesting

Methods of tomato harvesting are as follows:

  1. Manual Hand picking.
  2. Hand picking by tomato plucker.

Precaution during harvesting

Don’t damage the tender branches.
Don’t damage the newly emerged flowers and fruits.

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Question- #1. How to control wilting of tomato plant?

Answer– Cause of tomato wilting are- 1. Nematode. 2. Fungus.

To control nematode apply nematicide in field before transplanting. Growing marigold between the two rows of tomato plant is a cultural method.

To check fungus attack – 1. Use registant varieties. 2. Use treated seed. 3. Treatment of plant-root with bavistin before transplanting is also effective.

Question- #2. What are the required documents to apply for agriculture loan in India?

Answer- Required documents are as follows:

  1. National Identity Card such as Adhar card issued by the government.
  2. Kishan Credit Card.
  3. Land record.
  4. Bank passbook.

Question- #3. Is commercial mango cultivation possible in temperate countries?

Answer- Yes, but in limited extent and in controlled condition. Miniature varieties should be used.

Question- #4. Is commercial apple production possible in tropical and sub-tropical condition?

Answer- Yes, with some selected varieties such as HRMN-99. Overall quality and size may differ according to the climate.

Question- #5. How profitable organic farming is?

Answer- Organic farming can be very very profitable if it is done nearby any urban area, or can be a failure if done in rural areas.


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