Agriculture Shop for Insecticide, Hybrid Seed and Fertilizer || How to Apply for Licence?

Insecticide Shop and License

SUBJECT: Agriculture Shop. Insecticide Shop, Fertilizer Shop, Hybrid Seed Shop. Dealership in Agriculture Shop. Frequently Asked Questions. Procedure of Applying License.


S. No.Topic
2.Types of Agriculture Shop?
4.Risk Factors

1. Introduction

Owner1 for one shop. Any eligible person can be owner.
TypeShop, plant/crop daily need centre.
LegalityYes, legal with licence.
Sold ItemsPesticides e. g., insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hybrid seeds, plant protection equipment.

1.1 What is agriculture Shop?

Agriculture shop is a type of Legal shop in agriculture marketing. It needs licence to be opened by a agri/farming business person or others. Hence, it is an individual proprietary because one person can apply only for one licence. Both the words ‘Agriculture shop’ and ‘Insecticide shop’ are used for each other by farmers. It is a farming business idea.

The shop can be ‘franchise’ based, Dealership or without Dealership. It requires professional degree holder to be opened.

1.2 Why To Open?

1.2.1 To Serve Local Farmers

Agriculture is practiced more in remote areas than the big cities and developed areas. But the availabilty of resources are very rare in these areas.

Opening an agriculture shop in these area not only serves farmers but it also helps agriculture progress and development in country. Farmers are exposed to new innovations and the process of adoption starts. It i a positive thing.

It becomes more important when an agriculture graduate starts the shop because he can work as an agri consultant.

1.2.2 To Generate Employment

Not big but you can generate employment for yourself and for more than 3 people.

1.3 Who Can Open Agri-Shop?

The rules and regulations of opening agriculture shop can be different in different countries. You should check it.

In many countries the following individuals can apply and open agri shop:

  • Agriculture graduates– UG.
  • Horticulture graduates- UG
  • Diploma holders (special diploma course).
  • Botanists- PG
  • Zoologist- PG
  • Plain B. Sc.- UG.

2. Types of Agriculture Shop?

Agriculture can be of different types:

  1. Shop for all products– Here, all products are available e. g., insecticide, weedicide, fungicide, PGR or Plant Growth Regulator, plant protection equipment, hybrid heeds of field crops and hybrid seeds of horticultural plant-crops etc.
  2. Insecticide Shop – This type of shop is specific. It needs licence as an authority to sell insecticides of different brands and Formulations.
  3. Herbicide Shop– Sold in insecticide shops.
  4. Fungicide Shop– Sold in insecticide shops.
  5. Hybrid Seed– It requires separate license. Licence for agriculture crop seeds and the licence for horticulture crop seeds are different. In many countries it can same licence for both the agricultural and horticultural plant-crops hybrid seed.

3. Procedure

3.1 Resources

Land: You should have a piece of land. Location of land is very important. It should be located at centre place. You should also rent a room near market place.

Capital: Capital is much needed thing. Minimum 2.5 lakh is sufficient. Agriculture loan can help in setting things. You can’t open it with zero budget.

Workers: 2-3 people are needed as workers. It is optional though.

3.2 How And Where to Apply to open Agri-Shop?

We will know this procedure in following steps:

  1. Ready your documents
  2. Get NOC (Non Objection Certificate).
  3. Apply for the license.

3.2.1 Ready Your Documents

Required Documenyts

  • Degree/diploma.
  • NOC.
  • Land record, rent agreement.
  • National Identity Card.
  • Passport size photo.

3.2.2 Get NOC

NOC or Non Objection Certificate is very very important document.

3.2.3 How to get it?

  1. Go to local administrative ( in India it is Gram Panchayat) and,
  2. Ask for NOC.
  3. Complete some formalities required by them and get it.

3.2.4 Apply For The License

  1. Go to regional office. Go to horticulture office for the license of hybrid vegetable seed.
  2. Go to agriculture office for the license of pesticides and hybrid crop seed.
  3. Fill the required application form.
  4. Attach the true copies of original files.
  5. Submit the application form.
  6. Wait for the approval.

License issuing agency can be different in different countries.

4. Risk Factors

  • Consumer’s behavior
  • Product

4.1 Consumer’s Behavior

This business depends on consumer’s behaviour. You will notice one common thing across all agriculture shop that is- most of consumers will purchase the products from your shop in उधारी and you will see negative growth inside your business. More than 50 % of your shop’s products are not going to give you regular income.

4.2 Product

Success depends on product’s brand value. Consumer can neglect any low brand product.

4.3 Marketing And Management

You have to increase your consumer base. Grow the numbers of loyal farmers. Without right marketing and proper management, you can fail miserably.

5. FAQ

Q.1 What is an Ideal size?


I’m not saying about the length and width of a room. I’m saying about the profitable size of the shop. As I have said previously, an agri shop of 2.5 to 10 lakh will be sufficient to return you some good amount of money.

Q.2 What happens with them who have no licence?


License is compulsory. It is illegal to sell chemicals like insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and hybrid seeds without license. Proprietors without licence are warned once by the officials, after that their shops can be closed. Also they are अर्थ दंड।

Q.3 Can I Apply For Licence Witouth Complition of required degree?


No, application for licence can be submitted after the completion of degree/diploma.

But this is not applied for all. The rules and regulations are different in different countries.

Q.4 What is Legal Age?


Legal age is 18 years in most of the countries. Age is not limitation factor. You can start it even after 50, 60, 70 or any stage of your life.

Q.5 Can I Apply for licence using another’s document? is it legal?


No, it is illegal. It is a cheat. Many people collect others documents and use the license to open their own shop. But it is totally illegal.



The margin of the products is not fixed. But it is always in profitable range.

6. Glossary

Dealership: Dealership is a business modal in which a business person (A) deals with a company or an agency (B). B delivers products to A. A seel products to customers. Occasionally, A gets commissions and consessions from B.

Legal Shop: A legal shop is that which follow and compliance with the rules and regulations of local governments.

PGR: Plant Growth Regulator is termed as PGR. Plant Growth Regulators are plant harmones. It is used to regulate the plant growth e. g., plant vegetative growth, flowering, fruiting, root initiation etc.

Plain B. Sc.: Here, Plain B. Sc. includes Chemistry, Physics, Biology.

-By Harish Manik


Oyster Mushroom

Paddy Straw Mushroom




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open agriculture fertilizer shop

Hi, I like your post really I have read first-time Thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

5 months ago

can I apply lincens complet my agri polytecnic

Admin SA
5 months ago

Yes, you can.

5 months ago

I am completely agri polytecnic I am givan pesticides seed and fertilizers license required can I meet thise lincens please answer

Prakash Vishnoi
Prakash Vishnoi
5 months ago

Can I apply licence with degree. Plz tell me…?

Admin SA
5 months ago

Yes, You can!

Biswajita Mahananda
Biswajita Mahananda
6 months ago

Can I get a seed and fertilizer license though I have B.Farmacy graduate

Admin SA
6 months ago

Students with a degree belonging to the field of medical are not likely to get license for selling seed and fertilizer.

-In reply to

Biswajita Mahananda
Biswajita Mahananda
6 months ago

Can I get a license in B.Farmacy certificate

6 months ago

good information

7 months ago

dear admin

I have BFTech (Bachelor of Farming Tecchnology from TNAU Open distance learning ) degree is it possible for me to apply Argi Clinic / Fertilizer shop in Tamil Nadu

Admin SA
6 months ago
Reply to  Ananth

Yes, you can apply through department of agriculture.

Jaywant Mengade
Jaywant Mengade
7 months ago

I had done my ABM (BBA Agri.) . Can I apply for licence ?

Admin SA
6 months ago

Yes, you can.

Subham singh
Subham singh
9 months ago

Can I get license if I am serving in government job

Admin SA
9 months ago
Reply to  Subham singh

A person who is a government servant in the department of Agriculture and Horticulture, can’t apply for insecticide license. Although, you can apply for it by the name of your family members e.g., brother, sister etc. if they have a B. Sc. Ag. or B. Sc. degree in his/her name.