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This section covers short description and explanation of the questions related with agriculture. This section will be updated regularly. We need participation from student and farmers. Please ask your questions through comment box.

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S.N. = Serial No.

S.N. 01:: Q.- What are the governmental schemes made for farmer in agriculture and horticulture in India?

Schemes and projects in agriculture and horticulture are made by each state goverment under agriculture and horticulture department. States government passes annual budget for different schemes.

Some schemes are also run by the central government through RKVY (Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojna) for both agriculture and horticulture. National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is run directly by the central government in selected districts in different states.

Schemes in Agriculture Department

  • Sour Sujala– Establishment of solar unit wich can run 2-5 hp motor pump.
  • Shakambari– Distribution of seeding materials of different field crops.
  • Irrigation– Establishment of sprinkler and drip etc.
  • Distribution of plant protection equipment and pesticides in subsidy.

Schemes in Horticulture Department

  • Distribution of Fruit, flower and vegetable planting materials.
  • Distribution of spices seeding materials.
  • Distribution of medicinal plant-crops.
  • Establishment of Shadenet in subsidy.
  • Establishment of fruit and flower garden.
  • Establishment of processing unit in subsidy.
  • Establishment of pack house.
  • Establishment of hightech plant nursery in subsidy.

S.N. 02:: Q.- What is The Importance of Agriculture Degree?

B. Sc., Ag. is a four year degree program. It is a semester based education program. There are total eight semesters in B. Sc., Ag. While there are four semesters in M. Sc., Ag.

Importance of Agriculture Degree

The academic degree of agriculture is a professional achievement. An agriculture degree holder can get private or government job according to merit.

But the value of the degree is never going to more than those skills and knowledge which a student acquires during academic life. There are a lot of things to do professionally.

As an employee he will repeat same thing in his entire life for a fixed prize. As an agriculture professional he can explore new dimensions.

S.N. 03:: Q. – Can we become rich as a farmer, doing agriculture?

The answer is yes. Anyone can become rich as a farmer doing agriculture. Lakh of money can be earned from a small piece of land.

The requirements are, some basic knowledge and a good strategy.

You may fail and always remember one thing that success is not a result of overnight work.

Why do you address yourself as a farmer?

You do have a piece of land where you run agricultural activities. All you need is right direction and some help from others.

How to Initiate

  • Attend any economical/professional agriculture workshop or training program.
  • Acquire basic and scientific knowledge.
  • Prepare a project on paper.
  • Take help through governmental schemes.
  • Invest your money efficiently.
  • Apply your knowledge from start to end.

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