Assistant Director Of Horticulture (ADH): Eligibility Criteria, Work and Salary

Assistant Director of Horticulture

TYPEState Government Job
OFFICEAssistant Director of Horticulture
SUBORDINATE ToDirector of Horticulture
SUPERIOR TOSHDO, HDO, RHEO and other staffs of block and district level.


5.Works of an ADH
6.Salary of an ADH
7.Training of an ADH
8.Frequently Asked Questions


ADH or Assistant Director of Horticulture is a directorial level post under the department of Horticulture of different Indian states. ADH is a second ranked gazetted officer. He is head of the district (Department of Horticulture) if assigned for that vacant post.

2. Eligibility

Degree: Specific degree is required for this post. It is Horticulture. Post graduation from Horticulture (M. Sc. Horticulture) is required.

Minimum Marks: There is no such criteria regarding minimum marks. Candidates should have a valid degree.

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3. Exam

The exam related with this post is a written exam with multiple choice objective questions from Horticulture (1. Pomology or Fruit Science Multiple Choice Questions. 2. Olericulture or Vegetable Science Multiple Choice Questions. 3. Floriculture or Flower Science Multiple Choice Questions. 4. Post Harvest Technology Multiple Choice Questions).

The second part of selection is interview. Interview of successful candidates is scheduled as the final selection procedure.

4. Posting

Posting as Assistant Director of Horticulture: It is done when post of district is vacant. It is known as direct posting.

Posting as Nodal Officer: Generally, it is done when there is no vacant post at district offices.

As Assistant of Director: Posting is done at the office of Director as an assistant.

5. Works of an ADH

  • As assistant of director.
  • Execution of departmental plans.
  • Arranging meetings.
  • Purchase and distribution

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5.1 As an assistant of director

Director is head of the department who represents related department at state level. He is assisted by the assistant directors from all districts of a state.

5.2 Execution of departmental plans

He is responsible for the execution of all departmental plans from a small to big a scheme. He executes all the works with the help of subordinate staffs.

5.3 Arranging meetings

He arranges district level meeting for all SHDO(s). These are monthly meetings.

5.4 Purchase and distribution

Purchasing is done by ADH in each financial year for the fulfilment of the schemes.

6. Salary of an ADH

The grade pay of a newly joined ADH is 5,400 according to 7th grade pay, level 12. And, the basic salary is 56,100 + DA + Allowances.

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7. Training of an ADH

An ADH gets training after posting. He gets training from any regional training institute. Example- EEI, Anand, Gujarat is such an institute where government officers are trained.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Questions 01. How difficult this exam is?

Answer: Generally, this exam is conducted by State PSC. Secondary, number of posts are few. The population of PG students is increasing each year. These things are making this examination a little bit tough. However, excellent preparation from the beginning, i.e. UG, can make it easy.

Question 02. Can a SHDO get promoted to the post of ADH?

Answer: Yes, but it takes many years. Sometimes a SHDO get promotion for the last 1-2 years of his remaining service or he may retire as SHDO.

Question 03. Which is better post, ADH or SMS or Assistant Professor?

Answer: It depends on choice. Although, the post of ADH is a 24 hrs-working job. Means it requires more work.

Question 04. From where we can get notification for the job of ADH?

Answer: Generally, the official sites of State PSC and department of horticulture of related state.

By- Harsh Mishra, SADO, Department of Agriculture, C.G.

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