Which is best ? B. Sc./M.Sc. Agriculture or B. Sc./M. Sc. || Career and Scope in Agriculture

B. Sc. Agriculture Dgree
A group of B.Sc., agriculture students during university convocation event, CoA, Raipur

B. Sc. Agriculture of Horticulture – ‘B. Sc. Agriculture’ is a semester based, 4 years UG degree program. Thesis work is not compulsory in B. Sc. Agriculture. But in ‘M. Sc. Agriculture and Horticulture’ thesis work is compulsory. This thesis “Evaluation of Marigold Genotypes for Flower and Xanthophyll yield Under Chhattisgarh….” was conducted by the author during his ‘M. Sc., agriculture research’ at COA, IGKV, Raipur in the year 2014-15.

Selection of the degree program is very important for:

  • Future planning.
  • To get a job.
  • Opportunities in future in the field of agri business.
  • To follow own filed of interest.

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Introduction: B. Sc./M. Sc. Agriculture and B. Sc./M. Sc. Horticulture

NameB. Sc. Agriculture (UG), M. Sc. Agriculture (PG)
TypeRegular, Semester based, Government and Private Colleges
Duration4 years (B. Sc. Ag.) with 8 semesters, 2 Years (M. Sc. Ag.) with 4 semesters
AffiliationState and Central Agriculture Universities

Agriculture and horticulture are the two major fields of study in any professional B. Sc. degree program offered by different agriculture colleges associate with different agriculture universities. First is known as B. Sc., agriculture degree program and the later one is addressed as B. Sc., horticulture degree program. Both, B. Sc., agriculture and B. Sc., horticulture are a four year’s scheduled study package.

B. Sc., agriculture degree program is offered by various agriculture colleges while the horticulture B. Sc. courses are mainly covered by horticulture colleges. Here we have to notice that B. Sc., agriculture covers almost all related sector’s courses including horticulture itself. Meanwhile, horticulture may miss some important fields of study due to its nature of being single field faculty.

College of Agriculture (COA), Raipur, C. G. is a well known agriculture college across the country for its well organised and eight semester’s (two semesters each year) B. Sc., agriculture degree program. IIHR and IVRI are some examples of the horticulture universities located in Bangaluru, Karnataka and Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, respectively.

Students after the completion of 12th and qualifying pre Agriculture Test (PAT) seem to be confused about their choice between these two. Both of them are not 100% perfect. But a student should give priority to B. Sc., agriculture. Selection between them i.e. B. Sc., agriculture degree program and B. Sc., horticulture degree program is depended on many factors. These factors are being discussed here. So read this article carefully and make your own decision. Here are the same factors which affect or according to them a student can make a clear decision.

Selection tools for B. Sc. degree program:

  • Interest of the student.
  • Overall rank in Pre Agriculture Test (PAT).
  • Financial situation of the students.
  • Nature of the degree program.
  • Pros and cons of degree program.
  • Scope in B. Sc., agriculture and B. Sc., horticulture.
  • Future importance of the particular college degree

Consider these points before the selection of subject.

Interest of the student:

This is the most important criteria of the selection between B. Sc., agriculture degree program and B. Sc., horticulture degree program. As previously said that the B. Sc., agriculture covers all courses related with the field of agriculture and its related sectors i.e. field crop production, animal husbandry, agriculture engineering etc. While we can engage with the study of beautiful flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables and all fruit crops in the field of horticulture. So the passion and interest make a right decision for any student. Students should always make a decision based on their interest because it is the key to success in any field. A no. 1 ranked student can choose between B. Sc., agriculture and B. Sc., horticulture upon his interest. No factor is going to stop him at all.

Overall rank in Pre Agriculture Test (PAT) :

Overall rank in Pre Agriculture Test (PAT) always matters. It can go against the interest of the students forcing them to take a year drop. Students with a good overall PAT rank can choose between B. Sc., agriculture and B. Sc., horticulture according to their interest. But a low ranked PAT student will have only two options that is choosing B. Sc., horticulture or opting for a year drop. So try to secure a good PAT overall rank if your choice is B. Sc., agriculture. Proper study and good study material will help any student to score healthy marks. This can be done by self belief and confidence. No coaching is necessary for Pre Agriculture Test (PAT).

Financial situation of the students:

Generally, students of 11th and 12th agriculture stream belong to small and medium farmer category and from middle class family also. Students from these families regularly take part in PAT entrance exam. They get a good rank too, but here comes the real problems for them. These are:

  • If they have a good rank, then it will give them a fare chance to get admitted in government agriculture colleges with very low expenses each semester.
  • If they have a rank which only make them eligible for securing a seat in private colleges (which is more expensive than the expenses of government degree program), then they will give up their idea of further study.

This is a common and unwanted factor which is very considerable. But they should not give up early. Keep it up and time will pay you definitely with greetings.

Nature of the degree program:

There is a direct correlation between the interest of a student and with the nature of degree program. B. Sc., agriculture degree program is a broad field of knowledge compare to B. Sc., horticulture degree program which has a limited field of study. Generally, almost every student tend to follow a similar pattern of going with B. Sc., agriculture. It is advisable to the students that they don’t follow the pattern. They should go with their own interest and decision.

Pros and cons of a degree program:

Here are some pros and cons of B. Sc., agriculture and B. Sc., horticulture degree program:

Pros of B. Sc., agriculture degree program:

  • B. Sc., agriculture will make you more knowledgeable in the field of agriculture and its allied sectors.
  • There are numerous well known B. Sc., agriculture colleges in India.
  • B. Sc., agriculture colleges have more faculties and teaching staff as compare to B. Sc., horticulture colleges.
  • Students become more competitive than their counterparts during their degree program.
  • Get easily selected in entrance exam conducted for the admission in M. Sc. , agriculture and all other major courses by the universities.

Cons of B. Sc., agriculture:

  • No major drawback or cons to describe.
  • Selection is tough.

Pros of B. Sc., horticulture:

  • Low ranked PAT students can get a chance to continue their further study.
  • Very interesting and ornamental subject.

Cons of B. Sc., horticulture:

  • Cost of per semester is high.
  • Students get limited knowledge.
  • Less competitive than B. Sc., agriculture students.

Scope and future importance of B. Sc., agriculture and B. Sc., horticulture:

Subjects with more fields have more scopes. This is the case with B. Sc., agriculture. Competition in each field is increasing day by day rapidly. After completing degree a student can find a way to complete his next target. Scope in both fields don’t differ too much from each other. Scope of further study is same for each field and also both have same importance after M. Sc., agriculture/horticulture.

List of Subjects in B. Sc. Agriculture

  • Agronomy.
  • Plant pathology.
  • Soil science.
  • Horticulture.
  • Agriculture economics.
  • Meteorology.
  • Agro forestry.
  • Plant breeding.
  • Agriculture engineering.
  • Extension education.

M. Sc., Agriculture or M. Sc., Horticulture after B. Sc.:

After the completion of B. Sc., agriculture degree program students have a lot of options to choose among the multiple subjects. In general, students with B. Sc., agriculture degree have a basic idea about the selection of any specific subject for M. Sc., agriculture. Some major important faculties and courses available in M. Sc., degree program are as follows:

  • Agronomy.
  • Plant breeding.
  • Horticulture.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Entomology.
  • Floriculture.
  • Plant pathology.
  • Soil science.
  • Micro biology.
  • Meteorology.
  • Agriculture economics.
  • Plant physiology etc.

Among them the top 5’s are suggested, and should be opted by the students for M. Sc., agriculture degree program. So students should give priorities to these subjects according to their merit. These top 5’s are always recommend by experienced.

Students from B. Sc., horticulture should always give prior to the following subjects otherwise they can lost their way.

  • Fruit Science.
  • Vegetable Science.
  • Floriculture.

All three subjects are best for continuing further study i.e. Ph.D. research scholar. Target of getting a decent job is ok with any of earlier mentioned degree. The future scope of these degree program in the field of job is wide and always opened. The only thing is that the students have to complete a degree with interest and be competitive for any fight i.e. examinations.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021

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Naveen dhanwar
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sanjay painkra
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