Ber Grey Caterpillar (Thiacidas postica Walker): Photo/Images

The Ber Grey Hairy Caterpillar scientifically known as Thiacidas postica Walker is a serious pest of ber. It is caterpillar stage of ber moth.

Image: Ber Grey Caterpillar
Common NameBer grey hairy caterpillar
Hindi Nameबेर की भूरी इल्ली (Ber ki bhuri elli)
Scientific NameThiacidas postica Walker
CaterpillarGrey hairy caterpillar
AdultAdult is a moth
Damaging stageCaterpillar


2.Economic Importance
4.Feeding Behaviour
5.Image Gallery
6.Frequently Asked Questions

(1). Identification

  • It is small bodied caterpillar.
  • The length of hair is more than the length of body.
  • Hairs are black and grey. Half is black and half is grey.
  • Body colour is somewhat pale yellow.
  • Head colour is black.
  • Triangular white spot can be seen over head.

(2). Economic Importance

This the reason why we are writing this post.

It is very harmful pest of ber. More than 50% (50 – 90%) part of a whole leaf is eaten by the caterpillar.The whole leaves of a ber tree can be damaged by the insect. The tree looks like leafless.

(C). Occurrence

Region: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan.

Season: Rainy season.

(D). Feeding Behaviour

  • It is a ferocious eater of ber leaves.
  • leaves are left damaged.
  • Caterpillars start eating leaves from the middle.

Note: This post is based on general observation of the pest.

(E). Image Gallery

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E 01. Incidence on Local Varieties of Ber

Image: Severely Damaged Plant
Image: Partially Damaged Plant 01
Image: Partially Damaged Plant 02

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E 02. Incidence on Apple Ber Variety of Ber

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(F). Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Which species or variety of ber is most susceptible to this pest?

Answer: All species/varieties of ber are susceptible to this insect.

Question 02. What are organic control measures?

Answer: NSKE 5%.

Question 03. What are chemical control measures?

Answer: Isecticides such as chlorpyriphos and quinalphos are effective against this pest. 2.5ml of chlorpyriphos or 2ml of quinalphos can be used against the pest.

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