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This is landing page for Purchasing/Buying Products/Services from us.

Levels of all services/products placed in this page are originally produced or prepared by Shasyadhara Agriculture.

(1) Products

Agricultural Goods as farm resource (if listed).

(2) Services

(1). Digital Products (Ebook, photos, videos etc.).

(2). Online Teaching (PAT, CET, ICAR etc.)

(3). Farm Training (e.g., mushroom training- paddy straw and oyster mushroom, advance farming.)

Online Training- Through Mobile and Conference call.

Offline Training- At your home.

(3) Price

(a). Product- As described in blog-post.

(b). Ebook- As described in blog-post.

(c). Online Teaching- Only 1000 INR per month.

(d). Online Training- Only 500 INR per training.

(e). Offline Training- Minimum 5000 INR.

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