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Agriculture Consultant A farmer faces many problems such as: Insect Attack (Related to plants). Disease Attack (Related to plants). Physiological Disorders (Related to plants). Nematode Attack (Related to plants). Every year hundreds of types of crops are affected by these pests. Diseases and insect attacks are more sever than the nematodes and physiological disorders. Here,… Continue reading Agri Consult

NHM: National Horticulture Mission

Main Article: NHM (National Horticulture Mission) NHM or National Horticulture Mission (राष्ट्रीय बागवानी योजना, in Hindi) is a governmental scheme related with horticulture (gardening). It is a central government scheme launched in different states of India. Development of horticulture through different schemes has been main target from the beginning. Index S. No. Heading(s) 1. Objectives… Continue reading NHM: National Horticulture Mission

GM Potato: The Need For Future

GM Potatoes

GM POTATO or Genetically Modified Potato (अनुवंशिकीय परिवर्तित आलू, in Hindi) is a cultivar or potato. It is developed by modifying its genomic sequence. General Information: Potato Type Vegetable plant/crop, tuber crop. English Name Potato Hindi Name आलू Scientific Name Solanum tuberosum Family Solanaceae 2n 2n = 2x = 48. It is tetraploid. Origin It is… Continue reading GM Potato: The Need For Future

Red Gram (Pigeon Pea) Sterility Mosaic Virus: Cause, Identification & Management

The Red Gram Sterility Mosaic or ‘अरहर का बाँझपन, in Hindi’ is economically a very important and serious disease of red gram. The incidence of the disease can be seen all around the world where red gram is grown or cultivated. The disease is caused by the virus. Hence, it is a viral disease. It… Continue reading Red Gram (Pigeon Pea) Sterility Mosaic Virus: Cause, Identification & Management

Urigo: A Bio-product

Urigo Preparation

Urigo: A Bio-product – The excessive use of chemical fertilizers led to reconsider about the model of use of chemical fertilizers, year-around. Due to this, bio-products started being used in agriculture. Many beneficial bio-products have been obtained from different species of bacteria, viruses and fungi. In this sequence, urigo is a beneficial bio-product. In this… Continue reading Urigo: A Bio-product