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S. No.Heading
4.Management: Prevention and Control
6.Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

Citrus Gummosis (photo/image 01) is education of gum from the citrus plant.

Photo/Image 01

Photo: Citrus Gummosis- Exudation of gum from the lower part of stem is the result of physical injury and the upper part is caused by the fungus.
Cause of the diseaseAbiotic factor– Physical injuries.
Biotic factor– Fungus.
Common Name of causal organismFungus Phytophthora species
Scientific name of causal organismPhytophthora spp.
1. P. parasitica
2. P. palmivora
3. P. citrophthora
Family of causal organismPeronosporaceae

2. Distribution

Photo/Image 02

Image: World’s map showing citrus growing regions
(This is a hand drawn picture of the world. This is just for illustration purpose. This does not represent the actual political map of the world).

Citrus gummosis can be seen in all citrus growing regions in the world.

List: Citrus growing Countries and Territories in the world

IndiaMaharashtra, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Punjab, Haryana etc.
Mediterranean RegionsMediterranean Basin, Southern Spain
United States of AmericaArizona, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, California
AsiaSouth Asia, East Asia
South AmericaBrazil, Peru, Northern Regions
AfricaSouth Africa, Northern Africa

3. Symptoms

Photo/Image 03

Image: Citrus Gummosis- Due to physical injury. You can notice 3 horizontal scars on the uper part of plant stem. Gumming from the lower part of the stem is also a result of physical injury.
  1. Abiotic: Physical injuries
    • Exudation of fresh gummy substance.
    • Colour of gum is brown.
  2. Biotic: Fungus (Phytophthora spp.)
    • Attack is first seen in bark.
    • Bark turns into dark or black colour.
    • Bark starts to rot.
    • After bark, woody part of the stem turns black.
    • Clot of gum can be seen.
    • Colour of clotted gum is dark brown.

Photo/Image 04

Image: Citrus gummosis due to fungus attack, Kagzi lime. You can notice- the surrounding affected area is dark.

4. Management: Prevention and Control

Photo/Image 05

Image: Cleanliness- Citrus field should be kept clean. It is also required to avoid other pests of citrus plants.

Photo/Image 06

Image: Remove the affected area- Affected area should be removed by pruning or bark removing technique.
  • Cleaning practice in garden is required.
  • Avoid physical injuries.
  • Remove the affected patches from stem in case of fungus attack.
  • Use Bordeaux mixture.

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5. Explanation

Bordeaux Mixture

Bordeaux mixture is a mixture of copper sulphate and calcium oxide and water.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Question- 1. How to prepare bordeaux mixture?

Ans.- Copper sulphate, lime and water is mixed at 5kg:5kg:50l ratio.

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