College Of Agriculture (CoA), Raipur: Indira Gandhi Agriculture University (IGKV), Chhattisgarh

Main entrance of College of Agriculture, Raipur.
College of Agriculture, Raipur

COACollege of Agriculture, Raipur is known as Krishi Mahavidyalaya, Raipur (कृषि महाविद्यालय, रायपुर), and abbreviated as COA. Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishvavidyalaya (इंदिरा गांधी कृषि विश्वविद्यालय), or Indira Gandhi Agriculture University which is commonly abbreviated as IGKV is an ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture Research) affiliated college working in the field of education and research works in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

The college is known for its well education system and research works. Use of advanced technologies in education and research work are some basic feature of the college.


S. No. Topics
4.1B. Sc. Degree Program
4.2M. Sc. Degree Program
4.3M. Sc. Degree Program
5.1Research Works by Students
5.1.1M. Sc. Agriculture and Equivalent Research Works
5.2Research Works by The College Employees

1. Introduction

Main entrance of College of Agriculture, Raipur.
Main Entrance: CoA Raipur
DeanDr. S. S. Rao
Faculties 17
Library 01
Laboratory R. H. Richhariya Laboratory with international lab facilities.
Hostel3 boys hostel, 3 girls hostel, 1 Ph. D. hostel, 1 guest house, 1 international hostel.
Water Sources1 natural water stream, ponds and Borewells
AreaMore than 400 acre (Main campus including research fields)
Official Website

College of Agriculture, Raipur is an ICAR recognised agriculture college. It is a prime agriculture college in Chhattisgarh. Previously, people used to address this college by the name of ‘Labhandi College’. The college is very popular and it is the top ranked agriculture college in the state. It also has a very beautiful college campus.

1.1 Brief History

Preliminary, the college was started as a rice research centre and later known as Labhandi College. The main college was established in the year 1987, and later it was named ‘Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishvavidyalaya’.

Note: Indira Gandhi was the former Prime Minister of India.

1.2 Location

Exact Location: 21°14’07″N 81°42’58″E.(Exact Location Source: Google Earth).

Major Landmark: Treasure Island The Mall (incomplete mall), Krishak Nagar, Jora, Raipur (C. G.)

The college is situated at National Highway 6, which is also known as ‘Mumbai-Kolkata Highway‘. The centre place of Raipur, ‘Ghadi Chouk’, is 8 km away from the college. ‘Zora‘ or ‘Jora‘ is nearby village.

Actually the College of Agriculture, Raipur is situated at the heart of Central Plains which is, sometimes, also called as ‘The Rice Bowl of India‘.

2. Objectives

As said, preliminary it was established as a research centre. The objectives have changed over the time. Some objectives are as follows:

  1. Education works: Three major degree programs are offered i. e., B. Sc. Agriculture and other equivalents, M. Sc. Agriculture and other equivalents, Ph. D. and other equivalents.
  2. Research works: Field research work on different crops, and other categories.
  3. Extension works: Extension of successful research work through extension department e.g., KVKs.

So, the college works on these 3 basic objectives.

3. Faculties: College of Agriculture Raipur (CoA)

Being head campus of the university, it has almost all faculties of an agriculture college. Here is the list of faculties of COA, Raipur:

Note: B. Sc. Agriculture/B.Tech. Agriculture is compulsory for all UG students.

S. No. Name of The Faculty M. Sc./Ph. D. Remarks
1.Department of Agro-forestry Yes Included in B. Sc. Ag.
2.Department of Agronomy YesOne of the top ranked faculty
3.Department of Plant Breeding YesOne of the top ranked faculty
4.Department of Plant Pathology YesSubject included in B. Sc. Ag.
5.Department of Plant Physiology YesSubject included in B. Sc. Ag.
6.Department of Soil SienceYesSubject included in B. Sc. Ag.
7.Department of Entomology YesSubject included in B. Sc. Ag.
8.Department of Floriculture YesNew faculty
9.Department of Fruit Science YesNew faculty
10.Department of Vegetable ScienceYesNew faculty
11.Department of Microbiology YesSubject (minor) included in B. Sc. Ag.
12.Department of Agriculture Economics YesSubject included in B. Sc. Ag.
13.Department of Agriculture Statistics YesIncluded in B. Sc. Ag.
14.Department of Agriculture Extension YesIncluded in B. Sc. Ag.
15.Department of Fisheries M. Sc., Ph. D. -Not KnownSeparate faculty
16.Department of Meteorology YesIncluded in B. Sc. Ag.
17.Department of Agriculture Engineering YesSeparate faculty

Note: Separate faculties offer their own degree program for B. Sc. and M. Sc.

4. Degree Program

All classes are regular. Mainly Three degree programs are offered:

  1. B. Sc.
  2. M. Sc.
  3. Ph. D.

4.1 B. Sc. Degree Program

B. Sc. Agriculture and Agriculture Engineering are two major degrees under B. Sc. degree program. Each take 4 years with 2 semester each year.

4.2 M. Sc. Degree Program

M. Sc. Agriculture, M. Sc. Horticulture, M. Sc. Fisheries, M. Sc. (Forestry), M. Tech. (Agriculture Engineering) are the major PG level degree program in CoA. Each take 2 years with 2 semesters a year.

4.3 Ph. D. Degree Program

Ph. D. Agriculture (Specific subject), Ph. D. Horticulture (Specific subject), Ph. D. (Forestry), Ph. D. (Agriculture Engineering) are the major Doctoral level degree program in CoA. Each take 3 years with 2 semesters a year.

5. Research Works

Research works are conducted by the students and college employees.

M. Sc. Agriculture Research work on marigold at CoA, Raipur. Year 2014-15.

5.1 Research Works by Students

5.1.1 M. Sc. Agriculture and Equivalent Research work

Research works by the student are conducted on different field and plantation crops. Works of chemical analysis are performed at lab.

Students have to choose major and minor subject.

Students get direction from their major guide. Other specialists also help students.

5.2 Research Work by The College Employees

Research works are also carried out by the different college employees like – scientists and professors.

6. Library

Nehru library is one of the biggest library in whole IGKV. It is situated in the main campus of college.

7. Revenue

(Disclaimer: This is not based on any official statement)

The major sources of revenue of the college are as fallows:

  1. Agriculture Farm.
  2. Horticulture Farm.
  3. Education fee.
  4. Guest house rent.
  5. Other.


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