Community Fencing Scheme (सामुदायिक फेंसिंग योजना)

Fencing Materials

    Community Fencing- Different types of fences are used in community fencing. Chain Linked Iron Fence and Forked Iron Fences are used in community fencing. Generally, cement poles are given through the scheme. Up to 5 acres of farm lands are fenced in this scheme. As the name suggests, lands of more than 2 farmers are included in the scheme.

    1. Introduction

    NAMECommunity fencing, सामुदायिक फेंसिंग योजना
    TYPEState government scheme, subsidy based
    BENEFICIARIESSmall and marginal farmers, all categories
    NODALDepartment of horticulture and others.

    What is community fencing?

    Community fencing is a governmental scheme. This is a state-government scheme.

    Subsidy based scheme: Scheme is based on subsidy. The scheme is mainly for small and marginal farmers and subsidy is up to 100 percent in many states.

    Related department– Department of Horticulture and Farm Forestry, State Government.

    “उद्यानिकी फसलों को बढ़ावा देने के लिए 2016 में शासन द्वारा 3.00 करोड़ का प्रावधान किया गया था”।

    “To promote horticultural crops, 3.00 crore’s provision was made by the government in 2016” (Ref. 01).

    2. Role of The Scheme

    The main problem in crop cultivation is pests attack. Pests are of two types- 1. Real pests such as insects of vegetable crops and, 2. Occasional pests such as wild animals etc. Most of the time the open field crop is attacked by the pet animals such as cow, goat, sheep etc. Damage done by them is significant. Plant-crops inside fence are safe from different animals. That’s the reason why all advanced farmers enclose their farm lands with fence.

    Fencing is an expensive thing for all small and marginal farmers. The cost of fencing and the current value of their farm land is almost equal. They face financial problem in fencing the field.

    Many state government in their current departmental scheme, planning to support the growth and overall development of farmers. Governments are supporting small and marginal farmers financially through different scheme. Community fencing is that type of scheme in which farmers are getting up to 100 percent subsidy.

    Now small and marginal farmers are able to fence their farm land with best fencing material. The benefits and importance of community fencing are as follows:

    • Crop security
    • Almost free of cost.

    The scheme is made by the governments only for small and marginal farmers.

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    3. How To Apply

    Required Documents

    • Land records: B- 1, Naksha (नक्शा), Khasra (खसरा).
    • Adhar card.
    • Bank passbook- SBI, Jila Sahkari, Punjab National Bank, IDBI, Bank of Vadodara, Gramin Bank etc.
    • Passport size photo, atleast 2.
    • Cast certificate (may be).
    • Notary.

    Step 01. Collect required documents

    Collect all necessary documents. Photo copy or xerox is needed of all documents. Name of the applicant should also be mentioned on the original documents.

    Step 02. Fill the application form

    Online Application

    Online application form can be filled by the farmers or any others e.g., computer operators. Online application forms are available at the official website of state horticulture department.


    Filling offline form is easy.

    • Go to regional office of horticulture department.
    • Contact with horticulture officers.
    • Ask for application form.
    • They will check your eligibility.
    • After verification they will give an application form.
    • Fill the application form.
    • Attach the necessary documents.
    • Submit it.
    • Do not forget to get a receipt.
    • Also submit farmer’s share, if possible.

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    4. Field Survey

    Field survey is done by the horticulture officers. They will measure farmers field to make an estimate.

    5. Materials of Community Fencing

    Farmers are benefited with following materials

    1. Fencing net: Two types of fence are given. First is forked wire and second is linked fence. It is made from iron.
    2. Pole: Iron or cement poles are provided by the department.

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    6. Things to Remember

    1. Never pay extra money for installation.
    2. Never pay extra money to anyone, if not applicable.
    3. Keep all receipt safe for future reference.
    4. Only pay for farmer’s share if applicable.
    5. Care and maintenance is needed after fencing. Dye the iron angle with paints to avoid rust.
    6. Don’t try to sell the materials, it is crime.

    7. Frequently Asked Question

    Question 01. How many time a farmer can get benefit from the scheme?

    Answer: One time.

    Question 02: Can we apply for fencing home’s yard?

    Answer: No, because it will be rejected.

    Question 03: What are other departments with this scheme?

    Answer: The list is as follows-

    (1). Agriculture, for agricultural crops.

    (2). Agro-Forestry, for forest plants.

    Question 04. Is this scheme available in all states?

    Answer: Not in all state, you can visit SHDO office to confirm it.

    8. Explanation of Post Related Words

    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fence is a mesh made by using iron wire.


    B- 1 is original records of total land holdings of a farmer.


    Khasra is the specific number given to a field.

    9. Reference

    01. -Support To State Extension Programs For Extension Reforms, YOJNA DARSHIKA, 2016.

    (1). Integrated Farming System (IFS) Model: Importance Component and Procedure.

    (2). Gravity Drip Irrigation System.

    (3). Economic Importance of Relay Cropping (Utera/Paira Kheti): List of Crops and Crop Model.

    (4). What Is CHAMPS (चैंप्स) And How To Apply Manually? Step By Step Procedure To Fill Application Form.

    (5). Drip Irrigation System Installation: Governmental Scheme and Subsidy



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