Constraints in Agriculture: Success and Failures|| Can We Become Rich Doing Agriculture/Farming in Rural Area? Part-1

SUBJECT– Problems in Agriculture. Problems in Farming. How to Manage Different Problems in Farming? Can we Become Rich Doing Agriculture. How Many Years it Require to Earn Some Good Amount of Money From Agriculture.

AGRICULTURE- Here, agriculture means;

  1. Cultivation practice of various field and horticultural crops.
  2. Post Harvest Activities.
  3. Food Processing and,
  4. Other agriculture firms.

FARMING- Here, farming means,

  1. Cultivation practice of different field and horticultural crops.
  2. Animal husbandry e. g., dairy farming, goat farming etc., and,
  3. The production farm products e. g., mushroom (PADDY STRAW), farm manures etc.

I will describe the real problems i. e., the genuine challenges which are going to be faced by the farmers, farm owners, growers and agri-businessmen in agriculture.

Only cultivation and production are not the the criteria to be success in farming.

Success or failure in agriculture/farming depends on many factors. We will try to explain about some of the major factors.

In this post:-

  1. Examples are true.
  2. I will try to update this post with other examples.
  3. You can add your experience.
  4. Mail your experience at [email protected].
  5. Article is based on field level experience.

Before Start….. These problems can seem minor, but ultimately can hinder your way of progress in farming.

We will divide agriculture/farming into two categories:

  1. Agriculture/Farming in village or remote areas.
  2. Agriculture/Farming near any big city or urban areas. (…In next post).

Agriculture/Farming in Village or Remote Areas

1. Cultivation of Field Crops

Problems in Cultivation of Field Crops

Field Crops: Example– rice, maize, wheat, grams etc.

(a). Labour Problems:

Do you think that the problem related with farm labour is not a serious issue?

No, this thinking is wrong. Finding workers for the running-farm is very difficult. It is a fact in rural agriculture. Human-migration toward big and mega cities is a cause of it.

When you get some people to work in your farm then you have to pay them more than the normal labour-rate.

See The Example

(Farmer’s Name and Address Not Mentioned)

Farmer: A.

No. of Labours in Farm: 2.

Production: Tomato, Bottle Gourd, Brinjal, Pumpkin.

Systems Implanted: Solar panel as power source and borewell for irrigation.

His Experience (What does he say?): I started my farming journey in the year 2017. I started with 0.25 acre. Today I’m doing farming in more than 5 acre land area with the help of 1- 2 labour. I face problem when the crops at my farm get fail, and I have to pay workers more money than what I earn after selling the crop. At last everything becomes equal.

Possibility of Commercial Success: Commercial success on big scale is very difficult. It takes 2 – 3 years to earn some good money.

What is The Solution: Try to replace the human power with farm machines wherever it is possible.

(b). Marketing

Tonnes of raw materials are being produced by the farmers annually. And quitntals are left to rot. Farmers face the following problems in marketing:

  • Good market.
  • Proper marketing channel.
  • Transportation.
  • Cooperative society.
Good Market

Absence of a good market place is a curse for village farmers. Even farmers are unable to sell their main product due to unavailability of a good market.

Proper Marketing Channel

Farming seems difficult in rural areas, and one of its major reason is- their is no proper marketing channel. When I ask farmer about their production and marketing strategy, they say- we are not going to produce too much because we can’t sell all the stuff. We are producing only for local market and family. And the reason is lack of proper marketing facilities.


Problems of transportation are:

  1. Rare connection with major roads i.e., state and national highways.
  2. No railways as cheap way of transportation.
  3. Invest in transportation is up to 20-30%.

You can not produce tonnes of vegetables and fruits to sell local customers. You need bigger market and an excellent transportation facility. Transportation is the basic of a good marketing channel.

Cooperative Society

A farmer can sell his products easily to a registered cooperative society. But their is only 1-2 cooperative society behind 100 – 200 villages. Many farmers are unable to sell their products for various reasons.

What is the solution?

Try to adopt contract farming before going big. It will reduce many problems. Read this post to understand the contract farming.

You can contract with the followings:

  1. Government department e.g., selling FYM and vermicopost to agriculture and horticulture.
  2. Contract with private company or individual business person.
  3. Contract with Whole-sell buyer.

2. Dairy Farming

Problems in Dairy Farming

(a). Fodder or Cattle Food

More than 50% money (money to be invested for milk production) is invested on cattle feed.

Example 02

  • Farmer B.
  • Year- 2015.
  • Milk production- 500 litre a day.
  • Still he is bearing debt over lakhs of rupees.

It is not the problem of one. It is problem of every farm owner.

What is The Solution?

Try to own a pasture. Produce fodder yourself.

(b). Disease

We are talking about rural area. Cattle mortality rate is high due to proper animal health facilities.

What is the solution?

Keep the disease away from the cattle. It is possible with good prevention and management practice. Timeline vaccination of livestock is very essential.

(c). Marketing

You can produce thousand litres of milk but you will get difficult to sell it.

What is The Solution?

Make your own cooperative society of 20-30 milk producers.

Possibilities of Commercial Success

Possibility of commercial success is immense. You can become rich within few months. Management skill is key.

3. Food Processing Units e. g., Tomato Sauce Unit

Problem in Food Processing Business

(a). Establishment

First problem is the establishment of the unit. May be, you will find it difficult to get non abjection certificate from the local adminstration. Although it is a minor task but many initiator can quit after their first try.

Non objection certificate from food corporation is also required.

(b). Standards and Quality Maintenance

Any food processing unit can be closed permanently if it fails to maintain quality and standards.

(c). Marketing

Consumers are not going to accept your products immediately. And believe on me, your products are going to be ignored by the local people at very first time.

What is The Solution?

Make a strong team for management and marketing. Contract with others.

Possibilities of Commercial Success

You can become Rick if you take risk and get success.

-By Harish Manik

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