Creative Farming:: Innovative Business Ideas in Agriculture

Creativity and Innovative Business Ideas are requirements of the future in agriculture and farming. It can create monopoly in market. That’s the power of innovative business ideas. Doing agribusiness in traditional way doesn’t help for a long time, because there will be a tough competition due to oligopoly in the market of a single agricultural product.


We will try to find something innovative in every agri-business listed below.

NOTE: This is just an informational post to give some ideas….


1. Go For Double Contract Farming: New Farming Business Ideas

Contract Farming

Contract farming in agriculture is a model of agribusiness for entrepreneurship. Different models can be adopted, these are,

  1. Producers to Businessman.
  2. Producers to a Company.
  3. Businessman to Producers.
  4. Businessman to a Company.
  5. Company to many group of farmers.

Contract farming works in the following way:

  • Decision– decision should be clear. It will make the difference between success and failure. Next is….
  • Steps in contract farming
    • Contract with farmers for their land and crops.
    • Providing them initial inputs for crop managment.
    • Harvesting of products and,
  • Selection-….Take right decision to select a good model of agribusiness for example-
    • Selection about exact product or raw materials to be produced.
    • Selection of a group of knowledgeable and working farmers.
    • Selection of relevant firms and companies.
    • Marketing.

What is Innovative in Contract Farming?

Double Contract Farming: For double contract farming an agriculture entrepreneur has to deal with the farmers (producers) and a relevant organization at a same time. He gets land area and man-power for all his inputs when contracts with farmers. After harvesting, raw products are purchased by the company. In all process, he works as professional mediator and financier. He his known as agribusiness person or agriculture entrepreneur.

Organic Agriculture

Organic Farming

Organic farming has great potential. Commercial production of organic products is very profitable because of its value and increased market demand.

Steps in Organic Farming

  1. Selection of crop: depends on market demand.
    • Crop variety: local varieties, improved varieties and hybrid varieties. Avoid transgenic varieties.
  2. Insect management: use of pyrethroids, mechanical, cultural and biological control.
  3. Disease management: cultural, mechanical and biological control.
  4. Disease management: cultural, mechanical and biological control.

What’s Innovative in Organic Farming?

  1. Vertical gardening: vertical gardening requires less area for more production.
  2. Vermi composting: in vertical space.

3. Production and Processing of Easily Available Plant by Products and Materials

Innovative bussiness ideas can come any where. It can be a small idea which can turn into a big business model with the time.

  1. Coco-peat: In countries like India and Nepal you will see unlimited numbers of religious place where we can find tonnes of raw material to prepare coco-peat. And I’m sure it can become a very big business model. Think about it.
  2. Cattle feed: production of folder crops and converting it to cattle feed is a good farming business idea.

4. Dealership: contract with seed companies, fertilizer companies, farm machineries, irrigation companies etc., to get franchisee.

What’s innovative in Dealership?

Nothing big but one can generate recurring revenue by making own group of farmers. They will deal from you and pay regular for replacement and maintenance.

Will update continue……..


Monopoly: monopoly is a term related to market. In monopoly, there is a product which is being sood by only one business person.

Oligopoly:The term oligopoly is also related to market. In monopoly, there is a product which is being sood by only one business person.

Transgenic varieties: The DNA sequence of a particular crop is altered using genetic engineering.

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