Right Time For Defoliation (Mango): Grafting in Mango and Air Layering in Citrus

Mango Defoliation and Gooti in Citrus

Introduction: Right Time for Defoliation in Mango and Air Layering (Gooti) in Citrus


Grafting is a technique in which two parts from two different plants of the same species are fixed in such a way so that they can grow together. Defoliation at right time is required.

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A grafted plant has two distinct parts:

  1. Root Stock
  2. Scion

Root Stock: Root stock is the lower portion of a grafted plant. Originally, root stock  is seedling plant.

Scion: Scion is the uper portion of a grafted plant. Scion is current season- growing (terminal partion).


1.Right Time for Defoliation
2.Right Time for Air Layering (Citrus)
3.Image Gallery
4.Frequently Asked Questions
5.Explanation of Post Related Words
6.Things to Remember

1. Right Time for Defoliation

A defoliated mango tree

It is month of June. Defoliation should be start from the first week of June. It can be done up to 15th of June. Shade all the leaves of scion.


  1. First Week of June
  2. Second Week of June
  3. Third Week of June
  4. Fourth Week of June

First Week of June (1st – 7th day of the month)

We can say it early defoliation. Early defoliation helps in early grafting. Grafting can be started before 15th of June. Early arrival of Manasoon helps early grafting after defoliation. Although, it can be done in propagation chamber.

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Second Week of June (8th – 14th day of the month)

Second week of June is right time for defoliation. We can start grafting from the last week of June. It is ideal time for defoliating leaves. There is no need for having propagation chamber.

Third Week of June (15th – 21st days of the month)

It can be termed as mid to late defoliation. If you have not done, start it today. Mass defoliation is required so all seedlings can be grafted.

Fourth Week of June (22nd – 29th days of June)

It is very late. At this time scion can be attached with root stocks without defoliation. But, the rate of success decreases tremendously.

2. Right Time for Air Layering (Citrus)

Bark is removed, vacant portion is filled and tight with filling materials.

Gooti in Kagji Lime (लाइम)

Right time for air layering is the month of June. It can be started from the first week of June. The success of air layering in citrus greatly depends on arrival of monsoon. There should be enough moisture in atmosphere to support rooting. Although, manual watering can be done to supply required water.


  1. First Week of June.
  2. Second Week of June.
  3. Third Week of June.
  4. Fourth Week of June.

First Week of June (1st – 7th day of the month)

Moisture content in atmosphere is less. Air layering can be practiced from the first date of June. Manual watering is required. Raining is beneficial.

Second Week of June (8th – 14th days of the month)

Monsoon has had arrived in many parts of the country. Air layering in citrus from 10th of June is the best and right time.

Third Week of June (15th – 21st days of the month)

It is also best time for air layering. There is sufficient moisture in the atmosphere. It is an ideal condition for air layering.

Fourth Week of June (22nd – 29th days of June)

It will be considered as late horticultural practice. It is to late horticultural practice considering commercial propagation.

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Image 01: Mango

A Defoliated Terminal in Mango Tree

Image 02: Citrus


Question 01. Which portion should be select as scion?

Answer: Current season terminal growing should be selected. It is 4 – 5 month old.

Question 02: How many leaves should be defoliated?

Answer: All leaves of terminal growing should be defoliated.


Seedling Plants

Explanation: Seedling plants emerge from seeds e.g., seed of mango, seed of Lome etc. Technique is also known as sexual propagation.

Propagation Chamber: Propagation chamber is an enclosed space where commercial propagation is done under controlled environment.

6. Things to Remember

6.1 Things to Remember During Defoliation

  • Don’t damage top portion of scion.
  • Size of root stock and scion should be same.

6.2 Thing to Remember During Air Layering

  • Select one year old twigs.
  • Don’t damage woody portion.
  • Use root hormone to increase success rate.


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