Explainations Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions

Explanation For 1-16 Questions

#1. Lawn is an area covered with green grass. It is termed as green carpet.

#2. The Japanese rock garden or Zen garden has miniaturized look with skillfully sculptured rocks, pruned trees, beautifully created river, hills and hillocks.

#3. The first floribunda is a result of the cross between Hybrid Teas × Perpetual polianthas in 1924. The cultivar was Rodhatte.

#4. Sulphuric Acid is an odorless, colorless chemical. It is soluble in water. It has exothermic nature and can’t be used as flower preservative.

#5. Cobalt-60 and Caesium- 130 are radioactive atomic source. These atomic/gamma rays are used for mutation breeding in plants in atomic garden.

#6. Lawn is a green carpet. It is a special feature of any home garden. The ideal area of a lawn under home garden should be up to 30%.

#7. Fern is a member of vascular plants which produces spores. Flower and seeds are absent.

#8. Pitchi or Coimbatore- 1 is developed by TNAU by mutation.

#9. Lines in Hogarth course are curved and serpentine shaped. Originated during 18th century. It is an art originated from William Hogarth’s painting.

#10. Bottom heating is very essential to bougainvillea. It is a necessary process to regulate soil temperature. Temperature should be 25-29 degree Celsius.

#11. Sours is a disease caused by fusarium. It is common in tulip.

#12. Blue False Indigo is a flowering plant in the family fabaceae.

#13. Scientific research suggests that the the cut flower should be exposed to red or blue light about 2000-2500 lux.

#14. The bonsai of bonsai is known as Mamie. Standard size of a Mamie is 2 – 6 inch.

#15. —————.

#16. In passive hydroponics capillary mat is used as nutrient reservoir. Maintenance of a large quantity of plant is possible with passive hydroponics.


#20. Pot-porris is a special floral arrangement in which mixture of smelling leaves, spices, seeds, roots and essential oils are filled in sachets.