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Floriculture Multiple Choice Objective Questions

Most Important Topics Form Floriculture: Some questions from floriculture are repeatedly asked in various agricultural competition exams. These questions are related to few selected topics. And these questions are known as Multiple Choice Objective Questions.

Important questions are included in these competition exams, held every year. Among these questions, there are some questions which are repeated in different examinations every year. Or, they are more likely to be asked. In this post we will try to know about the importance of different topics and questions related with these exams.

All the topics covered in this post are related to floriculture. Articles related to other topics will be published in future.


Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions

Branches of Agriculture and Horticulture.


These questions play a very important role in the preparation of different agricultural competition exams. Each time students ignore these questions. And, when these questions are asked in the exam, then they are unable to answer it correctly.

Here we will discuss about some important multiple topics and questions related with them. This page will be updated with new topics.

All topics are important and should be studied well. But, in this post we will know about the most important topics.

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Let’s start it..

List of Topics

(A): Production Technology

(1). History of Floriculture.

(2). Cultivation Practice of Flower Crops.

(3). Style of Gardens.

(4). Landscape Gardening.

(5). Flower breeding and Propagation.

(1). History of Floriculture

Most questions related to history of floriculture are based on mughal era and other garden styles.

Example 01: Which is a mughal garden?.

Example 02: Mughal garden is a type of..?

Example 03: Mughal garden was included from..?

(2). Cultivation Practice

Selection of crop and crop variety, preparation of land and harvesting, all are important steps of cultivation practice. It includes the following steps.

  • Selection of crop and variety.
  • Land Selection and preparation.
  • Manure and fertilizers.
  • Irrigation management.
  • Intercultural operations.
  • Crop protection.
  • Harvesting.

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2.1 Selection of crop and variety

It is the most important topic. From all types of varieties, hybrids are most popular. Other types are trangenic, introduced, selection, mutant varieties etc. Don’t forget to remember about mutant and transgenic varieties of related plant-crops. Varieties developed through selection are rarely asked.

Example: Seed rate of hybrid tomato is 100 – 150 gram per ha.

2.2 Land Selection and Preparation of Land

Seldom, questions are asked from this section. Soil pH is important.

Example: Soil pH for rice is 5.5 – 6.5. Barley is a saline tolerant crop.

2.3 Manures and Fertilizers

Categories of fertilizers are:

  • Bio fertilizers.
  • Chemical fertilizers.
  • Organic fertilizers.

Most important are biofertilizers. Biofertilizers for different plant-crops, their composition, method of application and mode of action are very important.

Example: Bio fertilizer used in rice field is azolla.

2.4 Irrigation Management

Advanced irrigation systems such as drip, sprinkler and fogger irrigation systems are very important.

Example: Fogger irrigation system is used in protected cultivation.

2.5 Intercultural and Other Operations


Questions related with pruning are asked from few selected plant-crops e.g., rose, ber etc.


Training in grapes, training of bonsai are very important.


Chemical weeding is important. Name of biocontrol agents of different field and vegetable crops should be remembered.

2.6 Crop Protection

  • Disease management.
  • Insect management.
  • Management of other pests.

Example 01: …. Disease of rice is caused by Fungus (species of fungus).

Example 02: …. is the vector of ….. disease in wheat?

Example 03: …. is bio control agent of pod aphids.

Example 04: Pest management act was enforced in India in….?

Example 05: Transgenic cotton is resistant against..?

Example 06: …. is absolute pest of mango (mango cultivation).

2.7 Harvesting

Time of harvesting, method of harvesting , maturity indices, specific tools for harvesting are important topics.

Example 01: Okra is harvested at tender stage.

Example 02: Chemical harvesting is done in..

Example 03. Mango is harvested when pale colour starts turning into yellow.

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(B): Style of Garden

Mughal garden, Japanese garden and English garden, Italian garden, Chinese garden, Korean garden etc., are major style of garden.

Among these, Mughal garden, Japanese garden and English garden are three most important style of garden.

One to two questions may be asked from these sub-topics. Questions from other style of gardens are rarely asked.

Related Exams: NET, ARS, JRF, SRF, CET, BHU etc.

Example of Questions

  • Types of garden: Mughal garden is a formal garden. Other types are symmetrical or asymmetrical, wild garden, free style garden etc.
  • Founder of Taj Mahal was?
  • Rose garden is situated at..?

(C): Crop Related Questions


From a commercial perspective, rose is a very important crop. Almost all the examinations related to horticulture include questions from rose cultivation. Therefore, it is recommended, the chapter related to rose cultivation should be studied deeply.

Question 01. Rose is commercially propagated by…. method?

This is an important and commonly asked question. This question is repeatedly asked in PAT (pre agriculture test), CET, and many times in JRF and SRF.

Answer of this question is- ‘T’ Budding.

MARIGOLD (Marigold Cultivation)

Important topics are, general introduction, varieties, protected cultivation, chemical present in marigold etc.


Many questions from gladiolus can be asked in a single exam. Questions from cut gladiolus, essential oil, propagation, corms and cormels are asked.

Other important flower crops are tuberose, orchid, anthurium, chrysanthemum, carnation, dahlia etc.


Landscape Gardening is a very important and broad topic. The most important topics from this section are as follows:

  • Lawn and Lawn Making: Type of lawn, type of grass, lawn maintenance.
  • Avenue plantation.


Important flowers are rose, marigold, tulip, gladiolus.

Type of breeding in flower crops. Name of varieties developed by various method, should be remembered.

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