Future And Scopes in Agriculture: Business Opportunities Private and Government Jobs

Dairy Farming

Future and Scope in Agriculture– Students after 12th seek possibilities for their career in agriculture. Future and Scope in Agriculture is a major topic among many students. In this post we will discuss about different aspects of agriculture in relation with job and businesses opportunities in this field.


What is agriculture?

Agriculture is cultivation of different field crops in a particular piece of land. It is a simple definition of agriculture. Scientifically, agriculture is an art and science of a complete package of procedure. The procedure includes- 1. Selection of land. 2. Preparation of land. 3. Planting/sowing. 4. Intercultural Operations. 5. Irrigation. 6. Nutrient management. 7. Insect-pests management. 8. Harvesting. 9. Storing. 10. Marketing.

Field of agriculture

The field of agriculture is very vast. The classification of the field of agriculture is as fallow:

  • Filed of Education
  • Field of agriculture services
  • Agricultural product

Field of Education

Primary Education: Elementary education starts from 11th. This is a formal education. This is just an initial level so it can’t make anyone skillful. Primary education and training are two different things. Skill can be acquired through training witouth involving in any formal education.

Field of Agriculture Services

In the field of agriculture service the major activity is the extension of research work and their results. There are many public and private bodies working in this field. Agriculture consultancy is an online or offline service which creates an scope for new entries. A farmer’s trainer provides training to the group of farmers in a specific topic. In countries developed countries like USA and Australia pest control is a service in agriculture.

Agricultural Products

Two types of agricultural products are sold at market 1- raw products such as fruit, vegetables and milk, 2- processed products such as dried milk powder and chips.

Allied sectors

Floriculture– Study and cultivation of ornamental plants.

Olericulture– Study and cultivation of vegetables.

Pomology– Study and cultivation of fruit crops.

Pisciculture– Study of different species of fish and their farming.

Animal Husbandry– Study of farm and other pet animals.

Sericulture– Study and farming of worms like silkworm.

Apiculture– Study, and farming of bees for honey and other products.

Importance of agriculture

Agriculture plays a huge role in the economy of different countries. A major part of GDP of many country depends on agriculture. It is that type of sector which gives opportunity of employment to thousands of people daily.

Rice, wheat and maize are the three major staple food crop for the world’s population. Raw agriculture products such as sugarcane for sugar mill, milk for Dairy, rice for rice mill, cotton, sunhemp and silk for textile mill come directly from the field of farmers. Also there are many crops of medicinal use.

Future and Scope in the Field of Private Job

Job Opportunities

Dairy Farm

Dairy farming is a very big business. Daily turn over of a big commercial farm is lakhs of rupees. They hire a group of qualified students as technical support team.

  • Farm manager/representative/ceo etc– Regular inspection and management of different farm activities are done by farm manager.
  • Technical expert/adviser– He works as an adviser. He uses his scientific and technical knowledge.
  • Farm veterinarian– Personal veterinary doctors for animals. In countries like USA and Arabia, a vegetarian can charge up to lakhs for the treatment of a racing horse.

Pesticide/Fertilizer companies

  • Sales reprasentatives.
  • Different managerial posts

Insecticides, weedicides, fungicides and bactericides, all are pesticides. Similiarly, fertilizer companies are large scale industry in the field of agriculture. They can offer following jobs:

Business Opportunities

Contract Farming : Contract based farming

Commercial cultivation : Cultivation of economical and cash crop

Farming : Dairy Farming, Fish Farming etc.

Food processing : Establishment of food processing units.

Scope and Future in the Field of Government Job

Job Opportunities

Farm Manager– requires B. Sc., agriculture.

Assistant Professor– requires M. Sc., agriculture.

Horticulture Officer– requires B. Sc., agriculture.

Agriculture Officer– requires B. Sc., agriculture.

Dairy Inspector– requires B. Sc., agriculture.

Food Inspector– requires B. Sc., agriculture.

Business Opportunities

Contract– We can contract with government officials for our quality agri product such as vermicompost.

Future and Scope for Different Personals

Future and Scope for Students

Student prefer agriculture for two reasons 1- college degree for job. 2- passion to become scientist/professor. Most of the student select agriculture after 12th to get a job in early stage of their life. Students have many choice after getting into B. Sc. Ag. They can also prepare for other things.

Future and Scope For Farmers

There is always a good thing to do for farmers if they get right information and financial support from government. Farmers are facing many problems where government is focusing mainly on corporate other activities.

Things get easier and better for innovative farmers. They apply new innovations and technologies

Future and Scope For Agriculture Entrepreneurs

An agriculture ntrepreneur can develop an innovative system using creativity.

Future and Scope For Businessmen

Sales and promotion of agriculture goods and services under agribusiness.

Problems and Challenges

  • Fault in education system-
  • Lack in extension work-
  • Expensive technologies-
  • Climatic factors-
  • Biotic factors-

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