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Introduction: Mughal Garden

INFLUENCED BYPersian Gardens
Themehuman’s co-existence with all elements of nature with perfect harmony
Major CountriesIndia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan

Mughal gardens are built by the mughals. It is a formal style of garden which symmetrically planned with square designs.


  • Babur was the first mughal emperor who built mughal garden at Dholpur in India.
  • Akbar made first garden at Fatehpur Sikri, India.

Key Features or characteristics

Selection of site: Near a hill with a small stream of water such as a river.

Protection: The whole garden is protected with high walls and tall gates.

Running Water: It is the core feature of any mughal style of garden. Running water in canales is an example.

Terminal Building: The great example of terminal building is the Tajmahal in Agra.

Garden has the following numbers of terraces:

  • 7 terraces= 7 planets.
  • 8 terraces= 8 paradise.
  • 12 terraces= 12 zodiac.

Baradari: A flat place raised over the garden land. It has 12 doors (3 doors each direction).

List of Plant/Trees

Name of Plant/TreeScientific NameFamily
TuberosePolianthes tuberosaAsparagaceae
LiliesLilium spp.Liliaceae
TulipTulipa spp.Liliaceae
DaffodilNarcissus spp.Amaryllidaceae
RoseRosa spp.Rosaceae
IrisIris spp.Iridaceae
CarnationDianthus caryophyllusCaryophyllaceae
WillowSalix spp.Sallicaceae

Meaning and Symbolism

Water: Water reflects sky.

Example: List Of Mughal Garden

S. No.Name of GardenLocationBut By
2.Mehtab BaghDelhi (Night blooming jasmine)Shah Jahan
3.TajmahalAgraShah Jahan
4.Lotus GardenDholpurBabur
5.Shalimar BaghSri NagarJahangir
6.Nishant BaghSri NagarAsif Khan
8.Lalbagh FortDhakaMuhammad Azam Shah


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