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SUBJECTGeneral Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions. General Agriculture MCQ’S. General Agriculture Objective Questions. Agriculture MCQ’S and Answers.


1.Introduction: General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions
2.STARTING……. General Agriculture MCQ’S

1. Introduction: General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions

1.1 General Agriculture

‘General agriculture’ is a broad field of study of agriculture science. It includes the fundamentals and basic knowledge of all subjects related to agriculture such as agronomy, horticulture, agriculture economics, soil science, plant breeding, plant bio-technology, plant physiology, plant pathology, entomology etc.

It is similar to ‘GK’ or ‘General Agriculture’.

1.2 General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions

A General Agriculture Multiple Choice Question includes one question with 4 possible answer. Only one option is correct.

Through this page we are going to publish these questions regularly.

Importance of General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions

These questions are general in nature. These are important for-

1.  NET.

2. CET.

3. BHU.

4. PAT.

5. Other Agriculture Entrance Exam.

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2. STARTING……. General Agriculture MCQ’S

Question- #1. Bund formation is preliminary…?

(a). A horticulture practice.
(b). An Agronomic practice.
(c). A primary tillage practice.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #2. Sericulture is study of….?

(a). Commercial rearing of honey bee.
(b). Commercial rearing of lac insects.
(c). Commercial rearing of silk worm.
(d). Commercial rearing of forest insects.

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Question- #3. Country plough is a….?

(a). Primary tillage equipment.
(b). Secondary tillage equipment.
(c). Both primary and secondary tillage equipment.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question- #4. False sm_t is a disease of….?

(a). Barley.
(b). Maize.
(c). Rice.
(d). Wheat.

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Question- #5. Mat type of nursery is used for?

(a). Wheat.
(b). Rice.
(c). Millets.
(d). Maize

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Question- #6. Most used fertilizer by the Indian farmers is?

(a). Urea.
(b). Phosphorus.
(c). Potash.
(d). Boron.

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Question- #7. Alternate flowering is a common problem in?

(a). Guava.
(b). Pomegranate.
(c). Coconut.
(d). Mango.

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Question- #8 Which is a C4 plant?

(a). citrus.
(b). Maize.
(d). Spinach.
(d). Lotus.

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Question- #9. Which is a personal contact method?

(a). Radio.
(b). TV.
(c). Mobile.
(d). Seminars.

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Question- #10. Seed plot technique is used for….?

(a). Rice.
(b). Potato.
(c). Sweet potato.
(d). Yams.

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Question- #11. President of ICAR is?

(a). Union Ministry Minister Agriculture.
(b). Governer General of Delhi.
(c). President of India.
(d). C. M. of Delhi.

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Question #12. The history of Agriculture in India dates back to?

(a). Indian Civilization.
(b). Mayan.
(c). Indus Valley Civilization.
(d). Mesopotamia.

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Question- #13. Staple food grain is..?

(a). Wheat.
(b). Millets.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 14. First rice variety introduced in India was..?

(a). IR- 20.
(b). IR- 8.
(c). IR- 36.
(d). IR- 10.

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Question 15. Which is a non selective herbicide..?

(a). Stamp F-34.
(b). 2,4 – D.
(c). Glyphosate.
(d). Isoprotuton.

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