Governmental Departments Working for Farmers

Farmers and Government Schemes

This post ‘Governmental Departments Working for Farmer’ is being written for the farmers of all categories, so they can know about different beneficial schemes launched by the central and state governments. This post includes information about schemes from different government departments e.g., schemes of department of agriculture, schemes of department of horticulture and department of animal husbandry etc.


Farmers are a category of people who have direct relation with soil or land. They grow crops and produce food for every one living in this society with them.

Thus they should very rich and respected in the society. But the situation is always been opposition with a them. He cultivates, sells products, makes some money. But at the time of farming, he again faces problems due to the shortages of working money.

Therefore, the government always helps the farmers through departments (departmental schemes).

This post is about the different government departments.

The major work of these departments are extension of government-made schemes for the benefit of farmers. And to make the public welfare programs successful organized by the local government.

1.What is a Government Department?
2.List of Government Department Working for Farmers

1. What is a Government Department?

A government department is a type of organization which executes plans and programs made by the local or national government. A government institution has a team of officers and employees for the execution of schemes.

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2. List of Government Department Working for Farmers

It is the list and general information about the important departments working for farmers:

(2.1). Department of Agriculture

(2.2). Department of Horticulture

(2.3). Department of Animal Husbandry

(2.4). Department of Agroforestry

(2.5). Krishi Vigyan Kendra

(2.6). Kisan Call centre

2.1 Department of Agriculture

2.1.1 Field of Work

Field crops

  • Cereal Crops(Extension Work): These include cross like rice, wheat, maize, millets etc. Out of these rice and wheat are major crops promote through the various schemes. Distribution of sering materials is free of cost (sometime) or subsidy based.
  • Pulse Crops(Extension Work): Red gram, black gram, green gram are major grams. These crops are ideal for upland area.
  • Fiber Crops (Extension Work): Extension work for fiber crops such as cotton can be seen in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat and in West Bengal for jute.
  • Minor Crops: Small schemes are made.

Development of irrigation system

Development of irrigation system is one of the best scheme from this department. Sprinkler irrigation system is major irrigation scheme of the department. It is base on su subsidy. Subsidy is 70% for small and marginal farmers and 50% for big farmers in most of the Indian states.

Crop production program

As described in point (1).

Crop insurance of field crop

The department acts as mediator for crop insurance. Insurance is valid only for those crops which are benefited through the scheme.

Launching farmer welfare program

Different program are organized by the department. Workshops and training programs are very beneficial.

Farm Machinery

Different farm machineries are given through subsidy. Farm tractors, cultivators, hoe etc. are major machines.

Technical knowledge to farmers.

It is very important work of an agriculture officer. Farmers can ask for any question related with farming.

2.2 Department Of Horticulture

2.2.1 Field of Work

Horticulture plant crops

  • Vegetable Crops: Potato, tomato, brinjal, okra, chilli, cow pea, pumpkin, bitter gourd, sponge gourd etc. All seeds are distributed for free of cost by the department. Extension work depends on climatic conditions.
  • Fruit Plants: Mango, litchi, cashewnut, ber, guava, grapevine, apple, citrus etc. Extension work depends on climatic conditions.
  • Flower Crops: Rose, marigold, jasmine, aster, gladiolus, tuberose etc. Extension work depends on climatic conditions.


(1). Mango Cultivation

(2). Cultivation of Litchi.

(3). Cultivation Practice Marigold.

Insurance of horticultural plant crops

Insurance for seasonal crop is done, for example: potato, tomato, chilli, marigold.

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Launching farmer warfare program

  • Farmer’s visit program: In related state. Exposure is organized once in a year.
  • Farmer’s training program: For horticultural practices such as grafting and other.
  • Farmer Welfare Camps.

2.3 Department of Fisheries

Natural Aqua culture

Fresh water aquaculture: Pond, lake, dams etc. It is subsidy based scheme. Farmers can apply for development of ponds.

Marine aqua culture: These are non-commercial departmental project works

Artificial Aqua culture

It also non-commercial departmental project.

Development of water resources.

2.4 KVK (Krishi Vigyan. Kendra)

Research and Finding

These include the following types of researches:
(a). Research program for developing new crop varieties of crops.
(b). To develop new methods of farming.
(c). Experiment on farmer’s field.


Extension of newly developed technology or findings. It is done through different camps, field visit, seminars etc.

Training Program

Selected farmers are enrolled in training program. Training programs are organized for…

(a). Crop management practice.

(b). Insect-pests management.

(c). Crop rotation.

(d). Soil management.

(e). Agri business or marketing.

2.5 Animal Husbandry

6.1 Field of Work

Extension of The Departmental Schemes: Giving technical and scientific knowledge.

Subsidy Based Schemes: Purchasing improved breed of cow, goat for farmers in subsidy.

Fodder Cultivation: Distribution of fodder seed for free.

Breed Improvement Program: Improvement of cattle breed using A.I. it is very important scheme.

Training program for unemployed villagers about A.I.

2.6 Kissan Call Centre

Toll free number of Kisan Call Centre is..


Farmers can ask their question using this number. They can ask for any question related with agriculture science and technology.


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Question 01. What is A. I.?

Answer: It is artificial insemination for the improvement battle breed.

Question 02. Is a farmer eligible to take advantages from all the departments at the same time?

Answer: Yes, because at the same time he is considered as new beneficiary by each department.

Question 03. Ho to get enrolled in different training programs?

Answer: Farmers has to register at the regional offices of the related government departments.


(1). Rural Horticulture Extension Officer (RHEO)- ग्रामीण उद्यान विस्तार अधिकारी

(2). Gehu ka Sehu or Gehu ka Mama or Gulli Danda or Phalaris Minor: Weeds of Wheat.

(3). Wilt and Leaf Spot of Tomato (Fusarium, Bacterial and Spotted Wilt, Septoria Leaf Spot and Bacterial Leaf Spot):: Cause and Management:: Photo/Images.

(4). Community Fencing Scheme (सामुदायिक फेंसिंग योजना).

(5). Drip Irrigation System: Governmental Schemes and Subsidy.




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