Best HDPE Green Shade Net Sheet (Polyethylene Cloth Sheet): A Review

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S. No.Contents
1.1What is Green Shade Net Sheet?
2.Materials Used in Green Shade Net House.
2.1Materials used in Green Shade Net Sheet Have Following Properties……
2.2Composition of Green Shade Net Sheet.
3.Suitable Conditions For Green Shade Net sheet.
4.Purpose Using Green Sheet.
5.For Which Plant-Crops it is Used?
6. How and Where to Use Green Net Sheet?
7.Benefits of HDPE Green Shade Net Sheet
8.Best HDPE Green Shade Net Sheet: Brief Review

1. Introduction

Seedlings Inside Green Net House

The HDPE Green Shade Net Sheet is a type of Plant House Clothing Material which is known as Shade Net House, which itself is a type of Green House. The cost of this polyethylene sheet is lower the high dense green house cover sheet i. e. Polyhouse Clothing Material.

1.1 What Is Green Shade Net Sheet?

Green Shade Net Sheet is also known as Green Sheet, Green Net, Shade Net (do not be confused with white shade net, because it is also known as shade net), and green pal (हरी पाल in Hindi).

High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) Green Shade Net Sheet can be understood as a sheet of cloth and the advanced form of simple plastic.

Chemically, it is resin. It is a type of polyethylene with high density. The green sheet is similar to white shade net sheet except colour. The length and the width of Net Sheet is not fixed, it depends on market-demand.

2. Materials Used In Green Shade Net Sheet

  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): Plastic polymer.
  • Colour: Synthetically produced green colour.
  • UV Stabilizer: UV stabilizer act as the skin protector for HDPE sheet. It is UV absorber. It is can be chemical like PH2CO.

2.1 Materials used in Green Net have the following properties….

  • High density polyethylene: Density is measured by GSM. A green sheet with high GSM has long life. Sheet with 200 GSM or more than 200 GSM is good. Quality is measured by micron. (Note: It is desired quality for polyethylene sheet).
  • UV resistant– It is a quality of a green net sheet which provides strength to net. It increases total commercial years of net.
  • Transparency: Transparency depends on the density of sheet. Commercially available polyethylene sheets have different range of transparency.

2.2 Composition of Green Shade Net Sheet

A plant shadenet is always established in open field condition which gets much amount of direct sun light for a long time every day.

So the HDPE Green Shade Net is designed to protect the plants from direct sunlight and the ultraviolet rays.

Due to ultraviolet degradation, locally available covering materials can fail in few months such as normal clothes.

3. Suitable Conditions for Green Shade Net Sheet

Glasshouse, polyhouse and the shadenet house, all have different properties and used in different climatic of conditions. Glasshouse is better choice for temperate climate, polyhouse is suitable for both the temperate and subtropical conditions. While the shadnet house, which is made by using net, is suitable for Temperate, subtropical and tropical condition.

Table: Ideal conditions for shadenet house made by using Green Net.

ClimateAll (Not suitable in high rainfall.
WindHigh speed wind is able to dange the net.
SoilAll types.

4. Purpose Using Green Sheet

The objectives of using green sheet in crop cultivation are as follows:

  • Making temporary shade-house for plants.
  • Hardening of nursery plants during plant propagation.

5. For which Plant-Crops is it Used?

Grafted mango plants covered with Geen Net

Generally, green shade net sheet is used for the horticultural crops. Plant propagation chamber is made by using green net. The following plant-crops can be stocked or cultivated inside a green shadenet house:

  • Tomato.
  • Brinjal.
  • Okra (lady’s finger).
  • Pumpkin.
  • Cuc_mber.
  • Marigold.
  • Spinach.
  • Radish.
  • Colocasia.
  • Bitter gourd.
  • Grafted plants.
  • Cuttings (propagation).

6. How and Where to Use Green Net Sheet?

The net can be used for making different types of shading structure. Big shadenet house should be established in open field (plain field). Low tunnel house can made in different topography.

7. Benefits of HDPE Green Shade Net Sheet

  • Off season production of commercial crops.
  • Application of pesticide is easy.
  • Pest control is easy.
  • Weed management is easy.
  • Temperature can be maintained

8. Best HDPE Green Shade Net Sheet: Brief Review

HDPE green shadenets can be categorized as follows:

  • Low category– Lower quality. Less than 20 micron.
  • Medium category– Medium quality. 20-25 micron.
  • High category– High quality. More than 25-100 micron.

Commercially it is ‘Micron HDPE Green Net Sheet’. Cladding material for polyhouse is made up of very high density substances.

GSM= Gram Per Square Meter. Measurement of weight.

Micron= Measurement of Length as width and diameter etc.

-By Harish Manik

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Harjeet singh
Harjeet singh
1 year ago

Plz tell a good cloth used for residential shading have more life than these green sheets?