Horticulture Development Officer (HDO): Criteria, Work and Salary

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Horticulture Development Officer: Criteria, Work and Salary

Horticulture Development Officer or HDO in short is a Promotional Post in the field of Horticulture (Department of Horticulture).

A Horticulture Development Officer is a government officer. It is a post under state government. An HDO is a class 3 officer.

In this post we are going to cover some important information related with the post of an HDO. This post is being written……… for educational and informational purposes.

Table of Contents

S. No.Heading
04.Other Posts in Horticulture
05.Frequently Asked Questions
06.Explanation of Post Related Words

01. Introduction

TypeGovernment Job, Promotional Post.
DepartmentDepartment of horticulture
DutiesOffice work or Field Work
PostingRegional, bock or district
Similar Post In AgricultureADO or Agriculture Development Officer


RHEOs or Rural Horticulture Extension Officers work under Horticulture Development Officers.

Subordinate to….

A Horticulture Development Officer works under the guidance of Senior Horticulture Development Officer.

2. Salary

The salary of an HDO is based on the current  pay commission of a particular state.

Salary of an HDO based on 7th pay commission is between 40000 INR to 45000 INR. Grade pay is 2800 for current post.

3. Works

3.1 Office Works

  • Attending Meetings organized by senior department.
  • Preparing monthly reports.
  • Submitting monthly reports to senior department.
  • Organizing meetings for staffs.
  • Acting as SHDO if he is unavailable.

3.2 Field Works

3.2.1 Extension Works

The extension works of an HDO are as follows:

  • Extension of schemes from department. These include, schemes of all categories.
  • Technical knowledge to farmers:
    • First, knowledge related with cultivation.
    • Second, knowledge related with disease management.
    • Third, knowledge related with insect management.
    • Fourth, knowledge related with irrigation management.
    • Fifth, knowledge related with harvesting and post harvest handling.
  • Attending camps and other programmes organized by the local administrative e.g., Gram Panchayat and Janpad Panchayat.
  • Managing Field Staffs: 1 – 5 RHEOs may work under an HDO. HDO has to manage his staff and their works at field.

3.2.2. Benefiting Farmers….

He has to approve the list of farmers for current schemes already selected by rural horticulture extension officers. Farmers get benefit of the scheme after the approval from HDO.

3.3.3 Field Visits

For the evaluation of scheme and farmer’s progress. Manual and team visits are common.

4. Other Posts in Horticulture

Assistant Director of Horticulture: District level officer, M. Sc. in Horticulture is required. Examination for direct posting is conducted.

Senior Horticulture Development Officer: Block level officer, M. Sc. in Horticulture is required. Examination for direct posting is conducted.

Rural Horticulture Development Officer: Village level officer, B. Sc. in Agriculture or Horticulture is required. Examination for direct posting is conducted.

Subject Matter Specialist: It is a post from KVK or Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. How many years it takes to get promoted as HDO?

Answer: Generally, it takes 15 – 20 years to get promoted as an HDO.

6. Explanation of Post Related Words

Promotional Post

In this post, meaning of promotional post is a post which is reserved only to be filled with promoted candidates.

No entrance exam is conducted for direct posting. For example- Entrance exams are conducted to fill the post of RHEO, SHDO, ADH etc.

Class 3 Officer

A class 3 officer is a Non-Gazetted officer.

NonGazettedOfficers falling under the category of class III and IV are not gazetted. They do not have the personal authority to issue an official stamp on behalf of the Government.” – (Paragraph describing about Non-Gazetted officer from Wikipedia)

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