Horticulture Multiple Choice Objective Questions and Answers: Horticulture Entrance Exam

Horticulture MCQ’s– Horticulture is a Major branch of Agriculture. Further, Horticulture is divided into three branches. Horticulture Multiple Choice Objective Questions are asked from its three major branches viz. Floriculture, Pomology and Olericulture in different Agricultural Competitive Exams. National Eligibility Test and Common Entrance exams are major agricultural competitive exams. All agricultural common entrance exams comprise more 10 % MCQ’s from horticulture.

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Question – #1. Nagpur mandarin is propagated by which plant propagation technique?

(a). Air Layring.
(b). T budding.
(c). Patch budding.
(d). Micro budding.

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Question – #2. Virus free micro grafts in citrus is possible with?

(a). Meristem.
(b). Ring budding.
(c). Shoot-tip grafting.
(d). In arching.

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Question – #3. Which is best root stock considering disease free tomato?

(a). Solanum nigrum.
(b). Solanum Americanum.
(c). Solanum mammosum.
(d). Solanum melangena.

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Question – #4. Growing ornamentals in window box is known as?

(a). Square box gardening.
(b). Window gardening.
(c). Home gardening.
(d). All are alternatives to each other.

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Question – #5. Extended form of arch is known as?

(a). Pergola.
(b). Arches.
(c). Trellis.
(d). Edge.

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Question – #6. Roshanara Garden in Delhi is an example of?

(a). Mughal garden.
(b). Japanese garden.
(c). English garden.
(d). Free style garden.

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Question – #7. Biologically, mango hopper can be controlled by?

(a). Pseudomonas.
(b). Bacillus thuringiensis.
(c). Beauveria bassiana.
(d). Ti bacteria.

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Question – #8. Minimum area of forest in a country for ecological balance should be?

(a). 21%.
(b). 35%.
(c). 17%.
(d). 33%.

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Question – #9. Miniature garden under closed container is known as?

(a). Box garden.
(b). Square garden.
(c). Terrarium.
(d). Ornamental glass garden.

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Question – #10. Micro Propagation Technology Park is located at?

(a). IIHR, Bangaluru.
(b). TERI, New Delhi.
(c). IIAR, New Delhi.
(d). IVRI, Varanasi.

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Question – #11. Scientific name of mango steen is?

(a). Mangifera stina.
(b). Medica indica.
(c). Garcinia mangostana.
(d). Mangifera sylvestica.

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Question – #12. Joining of vascular tissue to form grafted plant is known as?

(a). inosculation
(b). Budding.
(c). Patch.
(d). Cambium grafting.

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Question – #13. Lower portion of a grafted planted is called?

(a). Root stock.
(b). Scion.
(c). Stem stock.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question – #14. Pollination in rubber is
completed by?

(a). House fly.
(b). Air.
(c). Fig wasp.
(d). It is self pollinated.

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Question – #15. Which type of plant helps to trap dust.

(a). Plant with narrow and long leaves.
(b). Plant with large size and hairy leaves.
(c). Plant with small and rough leaves.
(d). Plant with small and long leaves.

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Question – #16. Central Institute of Horticulture is located at?

(a). Bengaluru.
(b). Aimer.
(c). Degradun.
(d). Mediziphemar.

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Question – #17. NHM was launched in which year?

(a). 2005-06.
(b). 2003-04.
(c). 2007-08.
(d). 2001-02.

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Question – #18. Which is known as custard apple?

(a). Ramphal.
(b). Hanumanphal.
(c). Sitaphal.
(d). Lakhshamanphal.

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Question – #19. Which type of pollination is found in lettuce?

(a). Self.
(b). Cross.
(c). Often cross.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question – #20. Mexican single is a variety of?

(a). Chrysanthemum.
(b). Gladiolus.
(c). Jasmine.
(d). Tuberose.

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Question – #21. Summer shower is important for flowering in?

(a). Coffee.
(b). Mango.
(c). Cacoa.
(d). Are a nut.

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Question – #22. Saffron is a sole crop of which Indian state?

(a). Sikkim.
(b). Himachal Pradesh.
(c). Uttara Khand.
(d). Kashmir

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Question – #23. Which genera of measuring is a serious pest of custard apple?

(a). Planococcus.
(b). Cannococus.
(c). Delococcus.
(d). Parafferisia.

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Question – #24. Family of Natal plum is?

(a). Rosaceae.
(b). Apocynaceae.
(c). Myrtaceae.
(d). Palmeceae.

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Question – #25. Which is a long day plant?

(a). Sweet potato.
(b). Potato.
(c). Tomato.
(d). All of the above.

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Question – #26. Based on photoperiodism tomato is classified as a?

(a). Short day plant.
(b). Long day plant.
(c). Day neutral plants.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question – #27. Seed rate of hybrid tomato?

(a). 100 – 150g per ha.
(b). 250g per ha.
(c). 400 – 500g per ha.
(d). 200g per ha.

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Question- #28. Essential oil is obtained from which flower crop?

(a). Tuberose.
(b). Gladiolus.
(c). Rose.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #29. Concrete is present in which flower crop?

(a). Rose.
(b). Marigold.
(c). Carnation.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question- #30. Dwarfing rootstock of guava is?

(a). L- 49.
(b). P. pumilum.
(c). P. molle.
(d). P. friedrichsthalianum.

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Question- #31. Natal Plum is related to?

(a). Plum.
(b). Peach.
(c). Pear.
(d). Karonda.

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Question- #32. Pear decline is caused by?

(a). Fungus.
(b). Virus.
(c). MLO’s.
(d). Bacteria.

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Question- #33. National Research Centre for Makhana is situated in?

(a). Darbhanga, Bihar.
(b). Solapur, Maharastra.
(c). Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
(d). Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

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Question- #34. Seedless cultivar in citrus is?

(a). Clemenules.
(b). Citrus unshiu.
(c). Tahiti lime.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #35. Low cost green house tunnels are suitable for?

(a). Cucumber.
(b). Tomato.
(c). Cabbage.
(d). Pumpkin.

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Question- #36. In which year PPVFR was formed?

(a). 2003.
(b). 2002.
(c). 2005.
(d). 2004.

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Question- #37. Mist chamber is mostly used for….?

(a). Hardening of seedlings.
(b). Hardening of cuttings.
(c). Rooting of leaf cuttings.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #38. Raceme type of inflorescence is found in?

(a). Cole crops.
(b). Palak.
(c). Lettuce.
(d). Carrot.

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Question- #39. Which is a suitable plant species for bonsai?

(a). Banyan.
(b). F. bengalensis.
(c). Firebush.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #40. Saffron is a type of….?

(a). Spice.
(b). Condiment.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Ornamental plant.

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Question- #41. Sod culture is practiced in?

(a). Plain area.
(b). Hilly area.
(c). Coastal area.
(d). Forest area.

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Question-#42. What are the objectives of training in plants?

(a). To admit more light and air.
(b). To protect the tree from wind damage.
(c). To direct the growth of tree.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #43. Cleistogamy is found in?

(a). Lettuce.
(b). Peas.
(c). Beans.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #44. What is pot mum?

(a). Planting one plant in one pot.
(b). Planting two plants in one pot.
(c). Planting three plants in one pot.
(d). Planting four plants in one pot.

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Question- #45. Commercially pepper is propagated through?

(a). Seeds.
(b). Cuttings.
(c). Seeds and cuttings.
(d). Runner shoots.

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Question- #46. Ideal soil PH for tomato crop is?

(a). 5.5 -6.
(b). 6 – 6.5.
(c). 6 – 7.
(d). 7 – 8.

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Question- #47. At how many stages tomato can be harvested?

(a). 3.
(b). 4.
(c). 5.
(d). 2.

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Question- #48. Best soil for garlic cultivation is?

(a). Clay.
(b). Loam.
(c). Acidic.
(d). Saline soil.

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Question- #49. The colour sequence ‘Orange-yellow-light yellow’ is an example of?

(a). Single colour scheme.
(b). Mixed colour scheme.
(c). Contrast colour scheme.
(d). Harmonium colour scheme.

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Question- #50. Chromosome number of Gerbera is?

(a). 2n = 20.
(b). 2n = 28.
(c). 2n = 55.
(d). 2n = 40.

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Questions-# 56. Which has highest area under plantation crops?

(a). Mango.
(b). Banana.
(c). Coconut.
(d). Cashew.

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Question- #57. Calyx end rot is a physiological disorder of……?

(a). Banana.
(b). Grape.
(c). Coconut.
(d). Custard apple.

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Question- #58. Preliminary, gamboge in mangosteen is caused by….?

(a). Bacteria.
(b). Fungus.
(c). Virus.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question- #59. Which is true about mango?

(a). It is national fruit of India.
(b). It is national fruit of Pakistan.
(c). It is National tree of Bangladesh.
(d). All of the above.

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Question- #60. Which is not a private sector hybrid of cole crops?

(a). White flesh.
(b). Sudha.
(c). Stone head.
(d). Sadashiv.

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Question- #61. Two arm kniffin system is an ideal training system in?

(a). Egg fruit.
(b). Persimmon fruit.
(c). Passion fruit.
(d). Durian.

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Question- #62. Cincturing is related with?

(a). Persimmon fruit.
(b). Apricot.
(c). Kiwi fruit.
(d). Mango.

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Question- #63. Which is true for onion?

(a). Temperature is important for bulb production.
(b). Day length is important for seed production.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Temperature is important for seed production and day length is important for bulb production.

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Question- #64. Spacing (c.m.) between hybrid brinjal plant is?

(a). 60 × 60.
(b). 90 ×60.
(c). 60 × 45.
(d). 45 × 45.

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Question- #65. Malbhog is a variety of?

(a). Robusta.
(b). Grand nine.
(c). Rasthali.
(d). Chakkia.

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Question- #66. Shalimar bagh is located at..?

(a). Srinagar.
(b). Leh.
(c). Jammu.
(d). Punjab.

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Question 67. Apple bowl of India is..?

(a). HP.
(b). Uttrakhand.
(c). J & K.
(d). Laddakh.

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Question 68. 2n of cowpea is..?

(a). 20.
(b). 22.
(c). 24.
(d). 26.

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Question 69. Which is responsible for softening the fruit structure?

(a). Phenolase.
(b). Amylase.
(c). Lipolytic.
(d). Pectinolytic.

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Question 70. Which is responsible for fruit ripening?

(a). Phenolase.
(b). Amylase.
(c). Lipolytic.
(d). Proteolytic.

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Question 71. Which one is not rightly matched?

(a). ICAR- India.
(b). ASHS- USA.
(c). RHS- Holland.
(d). All are rightly matched.

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Question 72. The agri-horticulture society of India is located at/in..?

(a). Mumbai.
(b). Kolkata.
(c). Chennai.
(d). Delhi.

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Question 73. The frenchbean variety arka komal is a variety developed by..?

(a). Mutation.
(b). Hybridization.
(c). Selection.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 74. Acidic soil causes …. in guava?

(a). Wilt.
(b). Canker.
(c). Nematode attack.
(d). Die-back.

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Question 75. Which pair of fruit plant and  its variety is not rightly matched?

(a). Plum- Rubio.
(b). Pear- William.
(c). Peach- Red Sanghai.
(d). Apple- Red globe.

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