What Is CHAMPS (चैंप्स) And How To Apply Manually? Step By Step Procedure To Fill Application Form

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Agriculture is backbone of economy of India, and Chhattisgarh which is known as ‘The Rice Bowl of India‘. This is an agriculture state showered by the nature. The vast fertile plains are ideal for more and more crop production. Farmers from the state need financial help.

Soil productivity, increased production and the overall development of agriculture depends on following things:

1. Seed

2. Pesticide

3. Irrigation and Farm Machine

Seed: Type and quality of seed are the two most important things in modern-day farming. Certified and hybrid seeds are included in scientific crop production.

Pesticides: Pesticide includes insecticide fungicide and weedicide. Specific pesticide is used against a specific plant disease or weed or insect-pests. These pest-specific pesticides can be purchased through champs in subsidy. The subsidy comes under governmental schemes, so check the scheme before applying.

Irrigation: Irrigation and irrigation systems are major two aspects of crop production. Efficient irrigation system is required in commercial crop production. Irrigation system like drip and sprinkler are very efficient irrigation system. The cost of the system and establishment is very high. But, through champs under governmental scheme, these system can be installed in crop field in subsidy.

NOTE: The subsidy rates are – 70% for small farmers and 50% for big farmers. These rates are according to Gujarat Pattern of subsidy.

The main objectives of government through CHAMPS are as fallows:

(1). Supplement of improved and hybrid seeding materials (in subsidy).

(2). Supplement of irrigation system (in subsidy).

(3). Supplement of pesticides (in subsidy).

For increasing soil productivity and crop production the supplement of described product and services through subsidy is very necessary to support the needy farmers. For this, C. G. State Seed And Agriculture Development Corporation was formed in the year 2005 under company act 1956.


3.Things to Be Kept in Mind
5.Frequently Asked Questions
6.Explanation Of Post Related Words


WORK AREAAll Chhattisgarh
RELATED DEPARTMENTSAgriculture and Horticulture
ASSOCIATION WITHSuppliers of seed, fertilizer, irrigation system, farm machines

CHAMPS is abbreviation of ” Chhattisgarh Agriculture Mechanization & Micro-Irrigation Monitoring Process System”.

The system was developed for farmers. The system manages interaction between farmers and suppliers. Government provides subsidy on products to be purchased by the farmers from a supplier.

C. G. State Seed Corporation is main agency responsible for all the work.

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2.1 Necessary Documents

Necessary documents are as follows:

1. B – 1

2. Naksha

3. Khasra

4. Adhar card

5. Passport size photo of farmer

6. Caste certificate (जाती प्रमाण पत्र)

7. Residence certificate (निवास प्रमाण पत्र)

2.2 Go To The Website

The official website address (url) is http://champs.cgstate.gov.in. Use any search engine or web browser to visit the website. Search engine like google and the web browser like chrome is best to navigate through the website. Internet connection is required for online surfing.

2.3 Entering User ID And Password

Application can be filled up in following ways:

Through Others: Application through this method is filled by the operators of computer centres. Farmers have to go to a nearby computer centre.

From Grahak Seva Kendra (ग्राहक सेवा केंद्र): Grahak Seva Kendras are recognized computer centre by the government.

From Head Office of Agriculture and Horticulture: Farmers have to submit an application to the name of head officer of related department.

By Farmers: A farmer can fill the online form through his own mobile or computer. He has to follow these steps:

– Go to the website.

– Farmer will see the following user interface on the right widget of the website:

Screen Shot: Log in dashboard champs (source- champs)

Also Read: Agriculture Schemes: Chhattisgarh Government|| कृषि विभाग की योजनाएँ: छत्तीसगढ़

– Select the year

– Fill the first black space typing 5001.

– Fill the second blank space typing 5001.

– Tap on log in

– Dashboard will open

– Now go to application

– Now go to application data entry

– Now click on application without bio metrics. This will open the application form for farmer.

– Now click on New Customer ID

Fill the following data:

– District

– Block

– Patwari Halka Number

– Farmer’s Death of Birth

– Khasra Number and Proposed Area (on second page)

– First name of farmer. Example- Maya will be first name from Maya Singh.

– Second name of farmer. Example- From above first example, second name would be Singh.

– Enter father’s name

2.4 Now click on Loanee if loan is to be taken from bank or click on Non-Loanee.

2.5 Filling mobile number: Farmer can give mobile number of one of the following person-

– his own mobile number

– mobile number of family member or any neighbor.

2.6 Farmer have to fill all khasra numbers and total area of land own by him.

2.7 Now choose the provider based on your choice according to make/model.

2.8Now click on Generate/Find Customer ID. Customer ID and Application Number will be generated. The application number is provided for selected product.

2.9 Now click on Send to Supplier.

2.10 Supplier will receive all the data sent by you. Next he will contact you to proceed the further process.

3. Things to Be Kept in Mind

Farmers can bargain for price before purchasing.

4. Care

Don’t pay the extra charge displayed in receipt.

Now go to bank or Seed Corporation (Beej Nigam) to submit the copy of receipt. Do not hand over it to supplier or his agents.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. How many time it take to get product delivered to farmers?

Answer: Average, it takes 1 – 2 month. It can be longer or shorter.

Question 02. Can farmers from other Indian states avail benefit from CHAMPS?

Answer: The answer is No.

Question 03. Where Beej Nigam is located?

Answer: It is located on Tahshil and District Headquarters.

Question 04. How to choose right supplier?

Answer: Farmers can get परामर्श from agricultural officers for right suppliers.

6. Explanation Of Post Related Words

Certified Seed

Certified seeds are certified by the seed corporation. It is grown on the field of progressive farmers and certified for some well recognized characteristics.

Hybrid Seed

Hybrid Seeds are the result of cross between two superior plants.

Small Farmer (India)

A farmer is called small farmer with less than 5 acres of total land.

Big Farmers (India)

A farmer is known as big farmer with more than 5 acres of total land.

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation is a type of irrigation in which amount of water required for crop irrigation is lesser than conventional methods of irrigation like flood irrigation.

Khasra Number

Khasra number is the unique number allowed to a piece of land.

Patwari Halka Number

Patwari Halka Number is a number allowed to the patwaris for a fixed area.


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