How to Prepare Compost For Button Mushroom: Method 02

This post entitled ‘How to Prepare Compost for Button Mushroom: Method 02‘ is extension of previously published post, ‘How to Prepare Compost for Button Mushroom: Part 01?’.

In this post we are going to describe about the procedure of compost making for white button mushroom by Pasteurization Method. The previous method was ‘Preparation of Compost by Long Method‘.

1.Brief Introduction
2.Preparation of Compost by Pasteurization Method
3.Things to Remember
4.Comparison Between Pasteurization Method and Long Method of Composting
5. Explanation of Post Related Words
6.Frequently Asked Questions

1. Brief Introduction

Button Mushroom

Button mushroom is a species of mushroom. It is commonly known as white mushroom. Scientific name is Agaricus bisporus.


Compost, for button mushroom, is any simple organic matter prepared by following standard procedure during ‘preparation of compost for button mushroom‘.

2. Preparation of Compost by Pasteurization Method

2.1 What is Pasteurization Method?

This is a popular method of compost making. In this method of compost making the composting materials are pasteurized using heat inside a chamber. This is an advance method of compositing in the production of white button mushroom. This method is completed in two steps:

  • Pre Pasteurization Stage
  • Pasteurization Stage

2.2.1 Pre Pasteurization Stage

  • First, make an enough sized platform. It should be made of cement.
  • Cut the wheat straw to convert into small chaff.
  • Make 30 – 50 cm thik layer using wheat chaff.
  • Spray water on it.
  • Repeat ot for 3-4 days. Keep flipping the heap.
  • Add all materials with straw after the 4th day except gypsum.
  • This heap of straw is now turned up and down after each 2 days.
  • Gypsum is mixed after the third ‘turned over action’.
  • 7th day: Compost is transferred to pasteurization chamber.

2.2.2 Pasteurization Stage

Increasing the temperature of the chamber

  • Temperature of Pasteurization Chamber: The temperature of pasteurization chamber is maintained at a desired level before transferring compost materials inside it. The temperature of the chamber is maintained at 45℃ by steam, using boilers.
  • Closing Pasteurization Chamber: Now pasteurization chamber is closed to make it heat resistant.
  • Starting Boiler: Boiler is started to provide heat inside chamber. After 2 – 3 hours, it starts to rise in temperature.
  • Stopping Boiler: Stop the boiler once the temperature inside the chamber riches to +50℃.
  • The materials are treated with the same temperature for the next 2-3 days.
  • Now rise the temperature of the chamber up to 58-60℃ for next 2-3 hours.

Decreasing the temperature of the chamber

  • Opening windows of the chamber: Open any window of the chamber. It is done- 1. So fresh air can come inside the temperature. 2. Reduce the temperature of the chamber.
  • Now the temperature of the chamber starts to come down. It takes 12-15 hours to achieve temperature level between 40 – 45℃.
  • Closing Windows of the Chamber: Now the window of the chamber is closed. This temperature (40-45℃) is maintained for the next 2-3 days. It is necessary for the establishment of the compost.
  • Now, during this period the heat resistant bacteria convert these  into organic materials using ammonia.
  • The quantity of nitrogen increases from 2.2 to 2.3.
  • Now it becomes an ideal media for the cultivation of white button mushroom.
  • When the compost reaches to an ambient temperature, it becomes ready to perform spawning.

3. Things to Remember

  1. Compost should be well prepared.
  2. The compost should be free from the smell of ammonia.
  3. The temperature of prepared compost should be 27-28℃.
  4. 200 to 250 kg of compost can be prepared from 100 kg of husk after adding required materials.
  5. Turning and Mixing (Applied for both the methods)….
    • First: 6th day.
    • Second: 10th day.
    • Third: 13th day.
    • Fourth: 16th day.
    • Fifth: 19th day.
    • Sixth: 22th day.
    • Seventh: 25th day.
    • Calcium carbonate is mixed during second turning.
    • Gypsum is mixed during third turning.
    • Binaula is mixed during fourth turning.
    • Malathion and me mahin are mixed during last turing operation.

4. Comparison Between Pasteurization Method and Long Method of Composting

15-20 kg of white button mushroom can obtained from 100 kg of compost just after 1.5 months. While, only 8-10 kg of white button mushroom can be obtained using long method of composting from 100 kg of compost.

5. Explanation of Post Related Words


Pasteurization is a process in which food or other materials are treated with mild heat to eliminate pathogens. The required temperature is less than 100℃. The process will extend the shelf life of the material.

Organic Matters

Here, organic matters means- agriwastes.


Here, chamber means- any special room selected for compostela making.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Ask your questions thorough comment box.

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