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JRF Multiple Choice Objective Questions (जे. आर. एफ. बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न एवं उत्तर) are set of Multiple Choice Questions from General Agriculture. It includes questions from Agriculture {(Agronomy Multiple Choice Questions), (Horticulture Multiple Choice QuestionOlericulture Multiple Choice Questions, Pomology Multiple Choice Questions, Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions, Post Harvest Technology Multiple Choice Questions), (Entomology Multiple Choice Questions), (Soil Science Multiple Choice Questions), (Plant Physiology Multiple Choice Questions), (Plant Pathology Multiple Choice Questions)}.

In this page previously asked multiple choice questions from different JRF examinations will be added in each update. The questions are memory based. The page will include old and new JRF Questions.

Questions that are more likely to be asked will also be included in this page.


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Note: This page is updated.

Starting…. JRF MCQ(S)

(A). JRF Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Question 01. Water use efficiency is highest in..?

(a). Sprinkler irrigation.
(b). Drip irrigation.
(c). Canal irrigation.
(d). Fogger irrigation.

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Question 02. Fertilizer well suited for submerged condition soil is..?

(a). Phosphatic.
(b). Potasic.
(c). Ammoniacal.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 03. Botanical name of alfalfa is..?

(a). Medicago hemicycla.
(b). Medicago afganica.
(c). Medicago grandiflora.
(d). Medicago sativa.

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Question 04. Plasticity of soil is measured by..?

(a). Casagrande’s method.
(b). Atterberg apparatus.
(c). Fall Cone Test.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 05. Lowest infiltration rate of soil..?

(a). Acidic clay soil.
(b). Loam.
(c). Sodic clay soil.
(d). Sandy soil.

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Question 06. Availability of….. increases with high soil pH.

(a). Mo.
(b). Cu.
(c). Mn.
(d). Zn.

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Question 07. In …. stomata opens at night?

(a). CAM plants.
(b). C3 plants.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 08. Which nutrient is largely taken up by diffusion..?

(a). N.
(b). P.
(c). K.
(d). All.

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Question 09. Readily available form of K in soil ranges….?

(a). 0.5 – 1.0%.
(b). 3.0% – 4.0%.
(c). 0.1 – 2.0%.
(d). 1.0 – 2.0%.

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Question 10. Required nutrient for soil synthesis in oilseed crops is..?

(a). Boron.
(b). Calcium.
(c). Phosphorus.
(d). Sulphur.

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Question 11…. is used for commercial seed production?

(a). Breeder seed.
(b). Pure seed.
(c). Certified seed.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 12. Charcoal rot is due to..?

(a). Anthracnose.
(b). Macrophomina spp.
(c). Puccinia spp.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 13. ADP to ATP conversation is known as?

(a). Dephosphorylation.
(b). ATP Conversion.
(c). Phosphorylation.
(d). Moitey conversion.

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Question 14. First KVK in India was started at..?

(a). Pondicherry.
(b). Goa.
(c). Manipur.
(d). Datia.

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Question 15. Precursors of ethylene is..?

(a). Methionine.
(b). Thiosinamine
(c). Aspartate.
(d). Adenosyl.

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