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Kisan Call Centre in India is working to solve the problems of Indian farmers. They provide a valid and Toll Free Number to help farmer community. This is a most valuable service in India in the field of agriculture and its allied sectors. Farmers get right solution at right time. The Toll Free Number is 1800-180-1551 and 1551.


India is an agriculture country. It is land of farmers. Farmers of urban region are more advanced and well educated than the farms of rural India. Due to lack of scientific and technical knowledge, farmers from rural area face many problems. This includes crop failure, economic loss and others. Small farmers and smallest land holdings with lack of money face big problems.

To tackle these problems, Ministry of Agriculture in India started an online consultancy service known as Kisan Call Centre. So the farmer can use his cell phone as a source of information.


Known asKCC, के. सी. सी., Kisan Call Centre, किसान कॉल सेंटर
Launched inJanuary 21, year 2004
Launched byDepartment of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India
Main WorkDeliver Extension Services to Farmers. Especially farmers of India.
Work AreaAll Indian states and union territories
NumberType- Toll Free
1. 1800-180-1551
2. 1551

1800-180-1551: Use this number while calling from any landline or mobile.
1551: Use this number while calling from BSNL.

KCC (के सी सी) or Kisan Call centre (किसान कॉल सेंटर) is a service centre in India dedicated to Indian farmers. It works for all farmers. Hence it is a farmer welfare organization. Regional branches of KCC are located in every states of India.

KCC is a central government initiative. It was formed by the Indian government in the year 2004 for the welfare of small, marginal and other farmers. Head office of KCC is located in Delhi.


  1. Toll Free Number.
  2. Instant Advice.
  3. Quality of Service.
  4. Regional Language Service.

Toll Free Number

Telephone number provided by Kisan Call Centre is free of cost. Farmers do not need to pay any cost for call. Phone can be made with zero balance in mobile. The Toll Free Number of Kisan Call Centre is 1800-180-1551 and 1551. Farmers can make a call using any number.

Instant Advice

Farmers can get instant help from technical team. Successful connection is required. Properly describe your issue in short to get answer or solutions. Ask advices for following topics:

  • Plant disease and their management.
  • Cultivation of different crops and their management.
  • Agri business advice.

Quality of Service

KCC representatives are subject specialist. They are well qualified. Experience of a well qualified representative can benefit a farmer who bas no technical knowledge about his work.

Regional Language Service

The main advantage of KCC service is that farmer can get help in their regional languages. Conversation in regional language is very useful for local farmers.

Objectives of KCC

  1. To provide technical knowledge.
  2. To provide scientific knowledge.
  3. To make farmers knowledgeable.
  4. Extension (personal contact).

To provide technical knowledge

Technical knowledge include:

  • Crop production technique.
  • Propagation technique.
  • Seed production technique.
  • Irrigation technique.
  • Methods of fertilizer application.
  • Lawn making.

To provide scientific knowledge:

Scientific knowledge include:

  • Cause of plant disease– Cause of plant disease can be virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, phytoplasma or other.
  • Plant breeding– Selection, hybridization etc.
  • Plant physiology.

To make farmers knowledgeable

Farmers are free to ask any question related to agriculture. This service try to provide genuine knowledge to farmers to make them knowledgeable.

Extension (personal contact)

Extension of authentic and new research work through personal contact method i. e., telephone is main objective of Kisan Call Centre.

What Questions Can be Asked

Types of Questions

  1. Questions related with problems in cultivation.
  2. Questions for suggestions.

Commonly Asked Questions by Farmers

  • Related with insect-pests.
  • Plant disease.
  • Farm machine.
  • Market related questions.



Hybridization is a breeding program in which hybrids are made by crossing between two opposite sex i. e. male and female.


Phytoplasmas are obligate bacteria. These plant are parasites.

Frequently Asked Question

Question- 1. What is toll free number of KCC?

Ans.- 1800-180-1551 for all mobile number users and 1551 for BSNL number-users.

Question- 2. What is working time of KCC?

Ans.- It is office time. Mostly 09:00 am to 07:00 pm.

-By Shasyadhara Agriculture



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