Fodder for Farm Animals:: Cow, Goat,Chicken/Poultry:: Azolla, Subabul, Napier Grass, Berseem, Maize:: Leguminous and Non-Leguminous

Fodder For Farm Animals – Leguminous and Non-leguminous Fodder are two types of fodder. Other classification includes Concentrated and Non-concentrated Animal Feed, Mono Cotyledon and Dicotyledon fodder. Napier or Elephant Grass, Barseem, Maize and Subabul are some major example of fodder crops. Price of Animal Feed is always high in market, so the production of these fodder crops reduces extra farm expenses.

Classification of Fodder

Leguminous Fodder

S.N.Name of fodderSc. NameFamilyNative Place
1.BarseemTrifolium alexandrinum Fabaceae Syria, Egypt.Middle east. Annual crop.
2.Alfalfa (Lucerne)Meicago sativaFabaceaeNorth America Perennial, green manure, rich in calcium
3.ChickpeaCicer arietinum Fabaceae Central Aasia——
4.CowpeaVigna unguiculata Fabaceae AfricaWhole part is used as fodder

Non-leguminous Fodder

S.N.Name of fodderSc. NameFamilyNative Place Remarks
1. Azolla Azolla pinnataSalvineaAmericas, Asia Annual crop.
2. Maize Zea maizePoaceaeMexico America Perennial, green manure, rich in calcium
3.Napier grassPennisetum purpureumPoaceae Sahara——
4.Doob grassCynodon dactylon Poaceae Africa, AsiaWhole part is used as fodder



Read in detail: Azolla pinnata

S. N. Sc. NameFamily Distribution
1.Azolla sp.SalvanaceaeAsian, American, African, European countries.


  • Vegetative part is a fern body.
  • It is an aquatic plant.
  • Rapid vegetative growth.
  • High production per square meter.
  • Azolla is rich in protein.


Procedure of production is very simple. It doesn’t require any special skill. Production of azolla is done inside water tank or in any type of water body. Different natural and artificial water bodies are as follows:

  • Pond.
  • Currently un-used wells.
  • Cement water tank.
  • Tarpaulin water tank.
  • Low cost water tank made by using polythene sheet.
  • Other water holding bodies.

See Production procedure of azolla

Uses and Importance

Azolla is used as farm animal fodder. It contains high percentage of quality protein. It is fed to all types of farm animal such as cow, goat, chicken and other poultry birds.

  • It is easily digest able.
  • Dairy animals love to eat it.
  • It increase bodymass of farm animal like goat.
  • It improves quality of farm products like eggs.
  • It can be cultivated in all season.

Where to find/purchase azolla?

Live azolla can be purchased from one of these following place:

  • Online– Site like Indiamart and (whatsapp groups).
  • Any government institute/department e.g., agriculture college, agriculture research centre, veterinary department.
  • Progressive farmers.
  • Other producers.


Subabul: Leucaena leucocephala
S. N. Sc. NameFamily Distribution
1.Leucaena leucocephalaFabaceaeMainly tropical and subtropical countries.


  • It is a medium to big tree.
  • Small leaves are arranged in alternate sequence.
  • The plant grows very fast. White coloured flower appears just within 10 month after plantation.


Seed should be shown in seed germination tray polythene bags, and nursery beds in plant nursery. Germination of seed occurs inside a week. Plant should be transplanted at the distance of 6 × 6 m. Leaves should be harvested after 1 year.

Uses and Importance

Leaves of subabul are used as cattle fodder.

  1. It is a fast growing leafy tree.
  2. Propagation by seed is very easy.
  3. Success rate of germination is high.
  4. Being leafy tree, Leaf yield per tree is high.

Where to find/purchase subabul?

Seed can be collected from any local sunani tree. Healthy plant can be purchased from any private or government plant nursery e.g., agro-forest plant nursery.

Napier Grass

S. N. Sc. NameFamily Distribution
1. Pennisetum purpureum PoaceaeAround the world.


Napier grass is a very important and special farm fodder for dairy animals. Height of live grass is …..It is also known as elephant grass.


Elephant grass can be produced in all season if irrigation water is available.

Uses and Importance

Napier/Elephant grass is a perrienial forage crop which is used to feed dairy animals like cow.

Where to find/purchase napier grass?

  • Veterinary or animal husbandry department.


S. N. Sc. Name FamilyDistribution
1. Trifolium alexandrinum FabaceaeMainly sub tropical countries.


Barseem is an annual crop. Planting material is seed. Seeds are small it can be mixed with sand before sowing.

Uses and Importance

Berseem is used for dairy dairy and other farm animals.

Where to find/purchase beseem?

  • Online sites-, etc.
  • Veterinary department.
  • Farmers and other producers.


Maize plants
S. N. Sc. NameFamily Distribution
1.Zea maizePoaceaeAmerica, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia.


  • Fast growing.


  • Follow scientific cultivation practice of maize.

Uses and Importance

  • As forage crop.

Where to find/purchase maize?

See of maize can be purchased from any local agri market/shop.

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