List of Government Jobs in Horticulture

Jobs in Horticulture

Different jobs in agriculture have been described in previously written post, which is-  ‘Government Jobs in Agriculture‘. In this post information about Different Jobs in Horticulture, specially, Government Jobs in Horticulture is being given….

Different Jobs in Horticulture

This is the list of government jobs in horticulture

  • Rural Horticulture Extension Officer.
  • Senior Horticulture Development Officer.
  • Assistant Director of Horticulture.
  • Subject Matter Specialist.
  • Assistant Professor.

Rural Horticulture Extension Officer

TYPEGovernment job
SALARY24000 – 26000 (initial)
MONTHLY SALARY24000 – 42000

Senior Horticulture Development Officer

TYPEGovernment job
SALARY40000+ (initial)
MONTHLY SALARY40000 – 50000

Assistant Director of Horticulture

TYPEGovernment job
SALARY50000+ (initial)
MONTHLY SALARY50000 – 70000

Subject Matter Specialist

TYPEGovernment job
SALARY50000+ (initial)
MONTHLY SALARY50000 – 65000

Assistant Professor

TYPEGovernment job
SALARY50000+ (initial)
MONTHLY SALARY50000 – 60000


Question 01: How the jobs in horticulture are different from the jobs in agriculture?

Answer: Previously, the faculties of horticulture such as floriculture, pomology and olericulture, and the department of horticulture were part of department of agriculture. After separation from agriculture new faculties for students and new opportunities for job seeking candidates are being created under the department of horticulture, ministry of horticulture and farm forestry.

Now students can select horticulture (floriculture, pomology, olericulture) as a major subject to become eligible for jobs opportunities in the field of horticulture.

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Question 02: What are the possibilities of  a degree holder getting government job in horticulture?

Answer: Securing a government job in horticulture is somehow difficult… reasons are as follows:

  • Number of posts.
  • Competition.
  • Exam pattern.

Number of posts: Number of posts are limited. While the number of applicants are more than number of posts.

Competition: Competition has increased. Getting government job is very difficult for candidates belonging to general and OBC.

Exam pattern: With time, exam pattern has changed a lot.

Question 03: What are some state government jobs in horticulture?

Answer: List of state government jobs:

  • Rural Horticulture Extension Officer.
  • Senior Horticulture Development Officer.
  • Assistant Director of Horticulture.
  • Assistant Professor.

Question 04: What are some central government jobs in horticulture?

Answer: List of central government jobs:

  • Subject Matter Specialist.

Questions 05: What are class 2 posts in horticulture?

Answer: Assistant Director of Horticulture and Subject Matter Specialist are class 2 post in horticulture.

Questions 06: What are class 3 posts in horticulture?

Answer: Rural Horticulture Extension Officer and Senior Horticulture Development Officer are class 2 post in horticulture.

Question 07: Which department is better, horticulture or agriculture?

Answer: See comparison to decide between these two posts…..

Annual target is lessAnnual target is more
Area is lessArea is more
More than 50% areas are yet to be explored (talking about development)

Question 08: Getting job just after B
Sc., should we go for M. Sc.?

Answer: Yes, you can go for it. And, you should definitely go for it. The scope of government job is more with M. Sc.

Question 09: Can I continue  M. Sc., while already in job?

Answer: Yes, options are available for further studies. Permission for extension is required.

Question 10: What is career growth of a horticulture officer?

Answer: Career growth of..

RHEO: Promotion is available. It is faster than the jobs in agriculture. Promotion up to ADH is seen often.

SHDO: Promotion is available. Promotion up to ADH is common.

ADH: Promotion for the post of director is rare.

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Explanation of Post Related Words

Grade Pay

Grade pay decides monthly salary of an employee. Grade pay is more in higher posts.

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