Medicinal Plants|| List || Scientific Name, Family, Origin, Chromosome Number

Medicinal Plants (औषधीय पौधे)

Sub.- Scientific Name of Different Medicinal Plants. Family and Origin of Different Medicinal Plants. Chromosome Number of Different Medicinal Plants.

Introduction: Medicinal Plants List With Photos

Cultivation practice of the different Medicinal Plants is studied under horticulture. The Origin place of these plants are located in different parts of the world. These are very economical plant-crops. This post is focusing on only the following categories:

  • Common Name/Other Name
  • Scientific Name
  • Family
  • Origin/Native Place
  • Chromosome Number

1. Asparagus: Satavar, सतावर

Common Name/Other NameAsparagus
Scientific NameAsparagus spp.
Family Liliaceae
Origin/Native PlaceEurasia, Coastal Europe and Asia
Chromosome No. 2n= 20, 22, 40, 60

2. Blonde Psyllium: Isbagol, ईसबगोल

Common Name/Other NameBlonde Psyllium
Scientific NamePlantago ovata Forsk
Family Plantaginaceae
Origin/Native PlaceIndia, Iran
Chromosome No. 2n= 8, 12

3. Coleus: Patharchur, पत्थरचूर

Common Name/Other NameColeus, Pashanbhedi
Scientific NameColeus forskholli Wrilld Briq.
Family Maliaceae
Origin/Native PlaceSouth Asian Countries
Chromosome No. 2n= 28

4. Datura: धतूरा

Datura Plant
Common Name/Other NameDatura
Scientific NameDatura spp.
Family Solaniaceae
Origin/Native PlaceAsia
Chromosome No. 2n= 24, 48

5. Garden Cress: Chandrasur, चन्द्रशूर

Common Name/Other NameGarden Cress
Scientific NameLepidium sativum
Family Brassicaceae
Origin/Native PlaceIran
Chromosome No. 2n= 16, 24, 36

6. Glory Lily: Kalihari, कलिहारी

Common Name/Other NameGlory Lily
Scientific NameGloriosa superba Linn
Family Liliaceae
Origin/Native PlaceAfrica, Asia (Tropical)
Chromosome o. 2n= 14, 22, 33, 44, 66, 77, 84, 88, 90

7. Henna: Menhadi, मेंहदी

Common Name/Other NameHenna
Scientific NameLawsonia inermis L
Family Lythraceae
Origin/Native PlaceIndian-sub-Continent
Chromosome No. 2n= 30

8. Holi Basil: Tulsi, तुलसी

Holi Basil
Common Name/Other NameHoli Basil
Scientific NameOcimum basilic_m Linn
Family Lythraceae
Origin/Native PlaceIndian Sub-continent
Chromosome No. 2n= 16

9. Horse Eye Bean: Kaunch (Konch), कौंच

Common Name/Other NameHorse-eye-bean, Cowhage
Scientific NameMucuna prurience
Family Leguminoceae
Origin/Native PlaceAfrica, Tropical Asia
Chromosome No. 2n= 22

10. Indian Aloe: Ghritkumari, घृतकुमारी

Indian Aloe
Common Name/Other NameIndian Aloe
Scientific NameAloe barbadensis Mill
Family Asphodelaceae
Origin/Native PlaceArabian Peninsula
Chromosome No. 2n= 14

11. Indian Sena: Sonamukhi, सोनामुखी

Common Name/Other NameIndian Sena, Sanay
Scientific NameCassia angustifolia Vahl
Family Leguminoceae
Origin/Native PlaceIndia
Chromosome No. 2n= 28

12. Liquorice: Mulhati, मुलहटी

Common Name/Other NameLiquorice
Scientific NameGlycyrrhiza glabra
Family Leguminoceae
Origin/Native PlaceMiddle East
Chromosome No. 2n= 16

13. Long Pepper: Pipli, पिप्पली

Common Name/Other NameLong Pepper
Scientific NamePiper longum
Family Piperaceae
Origin/Native PlaceIndia
Chromosome No. 2n= 24, 52, 96

14. Malabar Nut: Adusa, अडूसा

Common Name/Other NameMalabar Nut, Vasica
Scientific NameJusticia Adhatoda
Family Acanthaceae
Origin/Native PlaceHimalayan Range
Chromosome No. 2n= 34

15. Medagaskar Periwinkle: Sadabahar, सदाबहार

Periwinkle: Sadabahar
Common Name/Other NameMedagaskar Periwinkle
Scientific NameCatharanthus roseus
Family Apocynaceae
Origin/Native PlaceAfrica
Chromosome No. 2n= 16

16. Musk Mallow: Muskdana, मुश्कदाना

Common Name/Other NameMusk Mallow, Kasturi Bhindi
Scientific NameAbelmoschus moschatus L.
Family Malvaceae
Origin/Native PlaceEurope
Chromosome No. 2n= 42

17. Nut Grass: Nagar Motha, नागरमोथा

Common Name/Other NameNut Grass
Scientific NameCyperus scariosus
Family Cyperaceae
Origin/Native PlaceAfrica
Chromosome No.

18. Rauvolfia: Serpentine, Sarpgandha, सर्पगंधा

Rauvolfia plant with berry
Common Name/Other NameRauvolfia
Scientific NameRauvolfia serpentina
Family Apocynaceae
Origin/Native PlaceSouth-East Asia
Chromosome No. 2n= 22

19. Safed Musli: सफेद मुसली

Common Name/Other NameSafed Musli
Scientific NameChlorophytum borivilianum
Family Liliaceae
Origin/Native PlaceIndia
Chromosome No. Diploid- 2n= 22
Hexaploid- 6x= 48

20. Sweet Flag: Bach, बच

Common Name/Other NameSweet Flag
Scientific NameAcorus calamus Linn
Family Araceae
Origin/Native PlaceAsia
Chromosome No. 2n= 24, 36, 48

21. Winter Cherry: Ashwagandha, अश्वगंधा

Common Name/Other NameIndian Ginseng, Poison Gooseberry
Scientific NameWithania sominifera (Linn) Dunal
Family Solanaceae
Origin/Native PlaceEurasia, Mediterranean, Northern Africa
Chromosome No. 2n= 48

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