Images of Mushroom Diseases: Pinhead Drying & Rotting

Mushroom Rotting

Image: Mushroom Diseases

Mushroom diseases are very harmful to various species of mushroom. The two common problems in mushroom are 1. Pinhead drying of mushroom and, 2. Pinhead rotting mushroom. These are common in all mushroom growing farms.

The rotting can be appear at the any stage of mushroom production. While the pinhead drying appears after few days of the emergence of pinhead.

In this post we will see images of pinhead drying of oyster mushroom and the images of pinhead rotting of paddy straw mushroom (paira mushroom, पैरा मशरूम).

General Information: Mushroom Diseases

Mushroom DiseasesPossible Cause of The Problem
Pinhead DryingDirect sunlight, low temperature
Pinhead RottingChilling injury, some species of fungus
Pinhead Rotting in Oyster mushroomFungus (Diehliomyces microsporus)
Roting in Paddy Straw MushroomFungus (Verticillium fungicola)
MANAGEMENTBenomyl and Carbendazim

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(1). Images of Pinhead Head Drying
(2). mages of Pinhead Rotting

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1. Images of Pinhead Head Drying

Image 01

Image: Dried pinheads can be seen just after the appearance. Some are drying after next stage of development.

Image 02

Image: Drying started just after the appearance of pinheads. It is a type of bubble drying.

Image 03

Image: Another images of bubble drying.

Image 04

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2. Images of Pinhead Rotting

Image 01

Image: Infection has started

Image 02

Image: High humidity and more watering can cause this problem

Image 03

Image: Rotting can be seen in all stages of pinheads. Difference in coulor among pinheads is visible.

Image 04

Image 05

Image: A well rotten pinhead

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Last Updated: 31-03-2021

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