How To Make Mushroom Spawn at Home/Farm

SUBJECT- Procedure of Production of Mushroom Spawn. Production of Mushroom Mother Spawn. Production of Mushroom Sister Spawn. Spawn Production From Mother Culture. Spawn Production From Sister Culture.

Objectives of The Post

  1. To know about the procedure of spawn making at home and farm.
  2. To know about the economic importance and potential of spawn making business.


2.Economic Importance and Potential of Spawn Production Business
3.Procedure of Mushroom Spawn Production
4.Procedure of Spawn Production- A
5. Procedure of Low Cost Spawn Production- B

1. Introduction: Mushroom Spawn Production at Home/Farm

Image: Main steps in spawn production

Commercial mushroom production is a very good agri-business. It can be done in two ways:

  1. Mushroom production by purchasing spawn
  2. Mushroom production after production of mushroom spawn at own lab.

1.1 Mushroom Production by Purchasing Spawn

Being a technical and scientific work, it is little difficult to produce mushroom spawn at home or small agriculture farm. Purchasing spawn from any other firm is a solution of this problem.


  • First step, i. e., spawn production can be skipped.
  • Cost of purchasing spawn is affordable.


  1. One has to compromise with quality.
  2. Sometime, it is difficult to find spawn to be purchased by the farmers.
  3. Although it is affordable but at the same time it may be costly.

1.2 Mushroom Production by Producing Spawn


  • No need to search for mushroom spawn weather it online or offline.
  • It is a time saving strategy.
  • Quality control is in own hand.
  • Mass production of mushroom at right time is possible.


  • Initial cost of establishment of spawn production unit is high.
  • It requires proper training.

2. Economic Importance and Potential of Spawn Production Business

We will understand this taking two examples.

Example 01- Village B: 49 farmers of a village are producing paddy straw mushroom and another 49 farmers are producing oyster mushroom. They use same procedure/technique and season for mushroom production. After harvesting, they get average money for all their hard work.

Example 02- Village B: 2 farmers of the same village are producing mushroom spawn. One is producing spawn of oyster mushroom and second is producing spawn of paddy straw mushroom.

All mushroom producing farmers from the same village are purchasing mushroom spawn from these two spawn producers. Apart from the village people they are getting orders from different states of the country. They are making very good income.

These two are also producing quality mushroom using advance technique.

3. Procedure of Mushroom Spawn Production

3.1 Required Materials and Others

Image: Required things

Wheat grains

Healthy grains are ideal. Solid wheat grains are used in spawn production. It should be free from all disease like fungus and bacterial attack. Quantity of wheat depends on the capacity of production unit.

Wheat should be purchased from any grocery store. For mass production, it is necessary to produce wheat in own farm land.


Caco3 is chemical substance used in spawn production. This is used as anti micro-organism which is harmful in spawn production.

It can be purchased from any local shop.

Mother Culture of Mushroom

Mother culture of mushroom is a colony of beneficial fungus. It consists live organs of mushroom. It can be purchased or prepared in lab. Following things are required for the preparation of mother culture:

Mother culture can be purchased from the following places:

  • Plant pathology department of agriculture universities/colleges.
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra
  • Private companies.
  • Spawn producing individuals (in your knowledge).

Agar agar

  • It can be purchased online, easily.
  • It is a stabilizing gent.

Petri dish: It can also be purchased online.

Inoculation Pin

Insulation Pins are used to pick required microorganism from mother culture and to inoculate the Sister Culture.

It can be purchased online.

Polythene bags or Bottles

Small-size polythene bags are used in spawn production. These bags are filled with treated wheat grains. Bottles are also used.

It can be purchased online.


Pure and clean cotton is used to block the opening of polythene bags.

It can be purchased from any nearby shop.

Rubber band

Rubber bands are used to tie the opening of polythene bags.

It can be purchased offline.

3.2 Required Machines

Laminar Air flow

Laminar Air Flow is a machine with advance technology. It has following technologies:

  • UV light projector.
  • Hot air blower.

The whole system creates germ-free environment which is harmful for beneficial fungus.

It can be purchased from any private company. Try to purchase after being eligible for subsidy offered by state of central government.

Autoclave/Pressure Cooker

Both, the autoclave and pressure cooker are used to sterile the wheat grains. Pressure cooker is used in low cost production of mushroom spawn. Autoclave is use in professional/mass production.

Autoclave is costly. Try to avail subsidy by related departments e. g., KVK. Department of Forestry.

4. Procedure of Spawn Production- A

STEP 01: Purchase following things

  1. Mother culture or sister culture
  2. Autoclave
  3. Laminar airflow
  4. Wheat grains

STEP 02: Autoclaving wheat grains

  1. Thoroughly wash wheat grains
  2. Start newly purchased autoclave.
  3. Stuff it (autoclave) with already cleaned wheat grains.
  4. Let it autoclave for 15-20 minute at 21 lbs.
  5. Stop the machine after 15 minute.
  6. Take out grains.

STEP 03: Degermination of grains

  1. Place all the autoclaved grains in an aluminum container (it is a machine which acts as mixture).
  2. Mix 2 percent calcium carbonate into grains.
  3. For this add 2 kg calcium carbonate in 100 kg wheat grains.
  4. Start the machine.
  5. It will mix caco3 with wheat grains.

STEP 04: Inoculation

  1. Start laminar airflow.
  2. Take out sister culture from freezer.
  3. Place following things inside laminar airflow:
    • Mushroom culture.
    • Wheat grains
    • Polythene bag
    • Cotton
    • Rubber band
    • Safety lamp.
    • Inoculation Pin
  4. Use ethyl alcohol to clean and de-germ the hands.
  5. Use half sleeve cloth or fold it if sleeve is full.
  6. Burn the safety lamp.
  7. Stuff polythene bag with treated wheat grains.
  8. Transfer little amount of mushroom fungus from petri dish to grain inside bag using inoculation pin.
  9. Partially burn cotton using safety lamp and place it at the opening of polythene bag to block the opening.
  10. Tie it using rubber band.
  11. Keep it in normal condition.

5. Procedure of Low Cost Spawn Production- B

Require Materials

  • Wheat grain.
  • Caco3.
  • Polythene bags.
  • Cotton.
  • Rubber band.

Required Machine

  1. Pressure cooker.
  2. Hand gloves.
  3. Aluminum container.

Required Structure

  • Self-made Aseptic Structure


STEP 01: Collect or purchase following things-

  • Pressure cooker.
  • Wheat grain.
  • Caco3.
  • Hand gloves.

STEP 02:

  • Clean the grains.
  • Place wheat grains inside pressure cooker.
  • Place it over stove.

Let it make 1-2 pressure. It should not be thawed.


  1. Wear hand gloves.
  2. Mix 2 percent calcium carbonate with wheat grain in an aluminum container.


  • Take required things inside inoculation chamber.
  • Repeat the same procedure used in A.



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