Fast Growing Ornamental Shrub Plants For Screening and LandScaping

Fast Growing Ornamental Shrubs: Shrubs are ornamental horticulture/floriculture plants in Landscape Gardening. It is a very important species of horticulture plant. Here we will know about some Important Species of Ornamental Shrubs.


ORNAMENTAL PLANTS: Ornamental plants are a group of different flowering, foliage and stylish plants. These plants are used for the beautification of selected part of a site or other places.

Table 01. Examples of different ornamental plants used in Landscaping

FloweringFoliageOther Types
JasmineDifenbachiaBonsai, ornamental bamboo.

SCREENING: In ornamental horticulture screening is a way to hide or protect main crop from unwanted manmade and natural phenomena. Example- plants of beautiful species of cactus can be placed at the border of plant nursery beds to protect them from hot wind.


landscaping or landscape designing is an art of modifying the overall appearance of a given piece of land using different ornamental plants. It is an artificial process. A garden or national and international playgrounds are the example of artificially landscaped area.

SHRUBS: Shrub is a semi-woody or woody plant. It is a perennial plant. The height of a shrubs is up to 4 meters. Less number or no trunk is the main characteristic of a shrub.

Ornamental Shrubs: Introduction

There are different ornamental shrubs. These shrubs can be divided into two groups:

  • Hedge.
  • Edge.

Shrubs are used as hedge and edge in ornamental horticulture. Classification of hedge according to height:

  • Dwarf hedge: 1 meter.
  • Tall hedge: 2.5 – 4 meter.

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When the tall hedges are planted at the border of nursery, crop field or around a building, it is called hedge.

Table 02. Examples of Tall ornamental hedge.

C. N. Sc. NameRemarks
False ashokaPolyalthia longifoliaOriginated in India
Orange JasmineMurraya exoticaSouth-east Asia
Chinese weeping cypreeCupressus funeberis Central China
Heena/hinaLawsonia albaSource of dye hina
ThujaThuja orientalisEasy to make topiary

Table 03. Examples of Tall Protective hedge

C. N. Sc. NameRemarks
BougainvilleaBougainvillea spp.Native to S. America
Madras Thorn, Ganga Emli in C. G. Inga dulcisNative to laconic coast
DurentaDuranta spp. Golden berry
Carandus plum, karonda in HindiCarissa carandus Fruits are used to make pickles
Sweet acaciaAcacia farnensianaVachellia farnensia var. farnensia is wild species


When dwarf shrubs are planted at the border of plant nursery, nursery path or other place, it is called edge.

Table 04. Examples of dwarf ornamental edge

C. N. Sc. Name
Lantana whiteLantana sellowiana
Garden privetLinustrum ovalifolium

Table 05. Examples of dwarf protective edge

C. N. Sc. Name
BerberisBerberis spp.
Opuntia Opuntia spp.

Purpose of Planting Shrubs

  • To glorify overall appearance of surrounding.
  • As wind break.
  • Shelter for birds in summer.
  • As live boundary.
  • Avenue planting.
  • Rookeries.
  • Cut flower and foliage.
  • Kitchen garden.
  • Terrace garden.
  • Hedge and
  • Edge.

Ideal Site For Planting Shrubs

  • Avoid shade of tree.
  • Planting should be done in South-east direction.
  • Availability of ample space.

Fast Growing Shrubs

Here we are going to describe about some fast and easy growing species of shrubs. The list is as fallow:

  • Jasmine.
  • Duranta.


Categoery: Hedge

  • Scientific name: Jasminum officinale.
  • Family: Oleaceae.
  • Origin: Native go Eurasia, Oceania.
  • Propagation: cutting.
  • Characteristics: Flowers are fragrant and source of jasmine essential oil. It is both deciduous and evergreen plant. Flowers are used as cut flower.
  • Ideal Site: Site should be free from overshadow. Marshland is not suitable.


Category: Edge/hedge

Golden Duranta planted as edge
  • Scientific name: Duranta erecta.
  • Family: Verbenaceae.
  • Origin: Native to Australia.
  • Propagation: Cuttings.
  • Characteristic: Hard plant.
  • Site: All cultivable land.


Category: Hedge

Image: Oleander

Scientific name: Nerium oleander.

Family: Apocynaceae.

Origin: Morocco, Mauritania, Mediterranean region.

Propagation: Cutting is successful using root producing hormones.

Characteristics: Evergreen plant. Hard in nature.

Site: All types of soil.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021

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