Oyster Mushroom Products Online||Price of Mushroom Spawn, Mushroom Powder and Pickle:: Review

Oyster Mushroom: Florida

Note: This is an informational review article for online purchasing of the following products:

  1. Oyster Mushroom Spawn
  2. Mushroom Pickle and,
  3. Mushroom Powder.


Mushroom Spawn, Mushroom Pickle and Mushroom Powder are three very important things related with mushroom production. Production of Oyster Mushroom is easy only if Oyster Mushroom Spawn is Available. It is very important species of edible mushroom, the other being Paddy Straw Mushroom. The Spawn of Oyster Mushroom can be purchased Online if it is not available offline.

Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Why Oyster Mushroom

  • Easy to grow– it is easy to grow. One training is enough for good management practice.
  • Low investment– investment is low. Cost of oyster mushroom spawn is also low.
  • Good return– Profit margin is high.

Production of mushroom spawn requires scientific and technical knowledge, high investment and advanced machinery. Cheap method of mushroom spawn production using pressure cooker can fail at any stage of spawn production. A professional mushroom spawn production unit produces mushroom spawn using high tech system in an aseptic controlled micro-environment so they always get success.

Oyster Mushroom Spawn sold online are prepared professionally, so there is no worry about any type of contamination. We, Shasyadhara Agriculture, also use online purchased oyster mushroom spawn at our mushroom farm.

Oyster Mushroom: Florida

Oyster Mushroom Pickle

Pickle is a very loved food material in the whole world. Mushroom pickle is a very nice and tasty pickle which is made for home use and commercial purpose.

Oyster mushrooms for vegetable purpose are sold immediately after harvesting, this is due to the perishable nature of raw product. Remaining mushrooms are used to prepare mushroom pickle.

The pickle is prepared by an individual, group of people, various institutes and pickle making industries considering higienic practices.

Packed Mushroom Pickles

Oyster Mushroom Powder

  1. Selling mushroom as vegetable.
  2. Preparation of pickle.

After these two activities, finally, the remaining mushrooms are dried to convert into powder form.

Mushroom is rich in protein and it is called ‘a vegetarian’s mutton’. Dried mushroom is used to make protein powder.

Mushroom Spawn Online

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Buy Minimum 1 kg of Oyster Mushroom Spawn for better result. From different sources.

SpawnPluerotus spp.
Spawn ColourWhite fungal growth if not contaminated.
Colour of Mycellium White
Maximum Size of Single Bunch1/4 to 1/2 kg. More if managed properly.
Production Average 10 kg mushroom from 1 kg spawn with good management practice.

Note: data is based on original practice.

Mushroom Pickle Online

Different sources

Type Pickle
Other typesVeg. material.
Used cultivarsDifferent, Florida, Sajar Kaju etc.
Package size1/4 kg, 1/2 kg, 1 kg and other.
ColourNatural colour
TestBased on composition
ChemicalsEdible preservatives in required quantity.

Mushroom Powder Onlin

Buy only Organic products

TypePowder, protein powder.
Properties Easily digestible
Major componentsProtein.
Colour of powderWhite (fresh and pure powder). Various commercial.
Package sizeVarious size.

Related Questions

Question- 01. Where to purchase it offline?

Answer: It can be purchased offline from any spawn producing unit such as agriculture university.

Question- 02. Can we produce oyster mushroom spawn at home?

Answer: Yes, it is possible using autoclave and leminar air flow. Both are expensive. Using pressure cooker is not a best solution.

Question- 03. Will we get genuine products while purchasing online?

Answer: Yes, you will get genuine products.

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