PAT Coaching Centres in Chhattisgarh

Agriculture Coaching Centres in C.G.
Agriculture Coaching Institutes in Chhattisgarh

PAT Coaching Centres – ‘Pre Agriculture Coaching centres in Chhattisgarh‘ are working for agriculture students. Here we will discuss about some ‘Agriculture Coaching Centres‘ in Chhattisgarh.

Introduction: PAT Coaching Centres

‘Pre Agriculture Test’ or abbreviated simply as ‘PAT’, is an entrance exam or pre examination test, conducted every year by different examination conducting body appointed by the different state governments of India. Pre Agriculture Test is a written/objective test related with agriculture subject. Student, who wants to take admission in B. Sc., agriculture or B. Sc., horticulture, after 12th has to qualify pre agriculture written test. It is a compulsory process.

Recently, the numbers of admission in agriculture colleges have been increased significantly from last 10 years. Numbers of colleges have also been increased. This trend is not going to change too much in upcoming future. Future and scope in the field of agriculture, a good career and the interest of students in agriculture have given an opportunity to many types of agriculture coaching centres to be established.

Agriculture coaching centres are a private group of teaching institute run by an individual or a group of individuals. PAT coaching centre is a good choice for agriculture students, and also for non-agriculture student who is kin to complete his college degree from agriculture college. Students become more competitive. Information and direction given by them are valuable for students. Students get enough knowledge and right direction to qualify Pre Agriculture Test.

Pre agriculture coaching institutes or PAT classes in Chhattisgarh are working as coaching centres specially for agriculture students. Raipur, Bilashpur and Jasphpur are some major place where these classes are offered regularly. Apart from these, there are also other coaching centres working in Chhattisgarh.

Here is the list of some top Pre Agriculture Test (PAT), coaching centres in Chhattisgarh:

  • Shasyadhara Agri Tutorial.
  • Raipur Krishi Coaching.
  • AN Coaching.
  • Anvesh Agriculture Coaching Centre.
  • Sai Krishi Coaching.

We will discuss according to their quality, staff qualification and other facilities. Let’s start with these following topics:

Quality of Teaching Classes: Nowadays technology is trending. A teaching class with advanced tools and technology i.e. using computer and projectors in teaching is an ideal model of a classroom. All necessary resources should be available.

Qualification of the Teaching Staff: This is the most important aspect of any teaching class. A tutor who has a higher level degree e. g., M. Sc., agriculture or Ph.D. in agriculture is more knowledgeable than others. Experience and teaching quality of a staff is very helpful in assisting the students.

Regularity of Classes: Regularity in class is necessary for the continuation and completion of courses and syllabus. Timing of opening and closing of the class is an added future. This can help a student to select between them.

Category of classes: There are many categories of agriculture coaching centres. Some centres may offer only PAT course while some offer ICAR, JRF and CET along with PAT. But, the main thing is that an agriculture coaching institute should always focus on the fundamentals of agriculture.

Available Courses: Basically two types of courses are available in a coaching centre, first is crash course and second is regular course. Crash courses are available prior to entrance exam where all syllabus are covered within 2-3 months. Regular courses are run batch to batch. In regular class mostly a single topic is covered in a given period.

Subjects: A PAT centre must include all subjects which can cover PAT syllabus. An agriculture coaching centre targeting mainly ICAR, JRF and CET should be covering all agriculture related subjects.

Practical Classes: Learning by watching and doing is more effective than learning by listening and watchinh only. We are not talking about the availability of practical classroom in a coaching centre. Availability of a farming system or agriculture land will make things easy and interesting for the students. Agriculture can be understand better if practical thing are available.

Facility of Hostel: Facility of hostel for distant student is very important and necessary. A coaching management have to manage separate hostels for both girls and boys. Long distance students should choose a coaching centre which can provide them a shelter to stay during their study period.

Fee Structure: Coaching centre can use these fee structure:-

  • Low fee.
  • Average fee and,
  • High range fee.

Distance Education Program: Distance education program is a way of indirect teaching where a student is provided teaching materials and study guidelines by a coaching institute. Student can avail this program if available at any coaching institute.

Let’s start rating and ranking them:


Raipur Krishi Coaching Institute, Raipur, C. G.

Raipur Krishi Coaching or RKC is very good for ICAR, JRF, CET in Raipur and also in Chhattisgarh. Raipur Krishi Coaching is situated at NH-53, College of Agriculture, Raipur, Dharampura, Mana airport road. It was started during 2015-16 by Mr. Harsh Mishra, Senior Agriculture Development Officer and his classmate, Akhilesh Kulmitra, Ph. D. Research Scholar at College of Agriculture, IGKV, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Here, mainly, student from CoA, Raipur and student from nearby agriculture schools study, and prepare for agricultural subjects and test exam.

Features of RKC:

Quality of Teaching Classes: Quality of class is very good. They use advanced technology in their classes. Quality of study materials and contents are very nice.

Qualification of the Teaching Staff: RKC has good teaching staff. Teaching staff from RKC are Ph. D. scholar and M. Sc. degree holders. Some have already qualified for agriculture test like, NET, RHEO, RAEO, AFO and SADO etc.

Regularity of Classes: Classes are regular. Timing of class is regular updated at their FB profile and in whatsapp group. They have become professional, so you can aspect stability from them for a long period.

Category of Classes: RKC offers the following categories:

  • Pre Agriculture Test.
  • NET, ARS.

Available Courses: RKC covers all important courses. Crash course and regular bathes are their two major course. Crash courses are offered by RKC for some professional examinations such as Agriculture Field Officer by IBPS and Pre Agriculture Test by CGVYAPAM. Regular bathes are run for CET, BHU and NET etc.

Subjects: RKC covers all subjects related with agriculture. Non-agriculture subjects e. g., reasoning and aptitude are available for banking exam. Agriculture Field Officer (AFO) is conducted by IBPS.

Practical Classes: Distance between College of Agriculture, Raipur and RKC is very short. You learn practical things very easy. Student can see and do what they learn in classroom.

Facility of Hostel: Hostel or rented rooms for distant student are arranged by the RKC management team. They don’t let students to face this problem. Students have to register for class and hostel room.

Fee structure: RKC has low to average fee structure. Check this:-

  • Low fee structure: 2000-2500 per course program. Applicable for PAT and other crash courses.
  • Average fee structure: 3000 per course program. Applicable for regular courses of CET, JRF, NET, ICAR and other regular courses.

Distance Education Program: Not offered.

Raipur Krishi Coaching is doing very well in the field of agriculture coaching in Raipur and Chhattisgarh. We will give them 9.5 out of 10, ranking them 1st as agriculture coaching institute in Chhattisgarh for preparation of NET, ARS, CET and BHU etc.


Initiated and run by Mr. Harish Manik in January, 2019, Shasyadhara Agri Tutorial is a part of Shasyadhara Agriculture. It is situated at Pandaripani, Farsabahar, Jasphpur opposite Govt. Girl Higher Secondary School, Pandripani. It has own Integrated Farming System to provide best possible practical class to the students. Currently it is focusing mainly on Pre Agriculture Test (PAT).

Features of Shasyadhara Agri Tutorial:

Quality of Teaching Classes: Shasyadhara Agri uses smart teaching technology for 11th and 12th agriculture students. Teaching by projector using power point presentation is general in our classroom. High quality teaching content and materials just relavent to exam. Main focus is enhancing and enabling every student’s potential.

Qualification of the Teaching Staff: Teaching members of Shasyadhara Agri Tutorial are M. Sc., agriculture and M. E., agriculture. Previously, they have qualified PAT, RHEO, RAEO, AFO, CET, BHU and NET. So, they have good experience to help students.

Regularity of Classes: Classes are regular and based on the timing of school. It is a fixed schedule to favor the student. Students are regularly informed via mail, FB, and whatsapp.

Category of classes: Currently Pre Agriculture Test is available because the category of students. They have only 11th and 12th student.

Available Courses: Shasyadhara Agri is dedicated mainly to PAT. Apart from this skill development program by training process for 12th pass students is also available. Both crash course and regular course are available.

Subjects: All agricultural subjects are completely covered. Non-agriculture subjects e. g., English, reasoning, GK and aptitude etc., are also available. Reasoning, aptitude and GK are important for creativity in agriculture.

Practical Classes: Shasyadhara Agri Tutorial is a part of Shasyadhara Agriculture. With own Integrated Farming System, Shasyadhara Agriculture has an open farm school to facilitate practical classes.

Facility of Hostel: Rented rooms for long distance student are available. Registration is required.

Fee Structure: Fee can be paid on monthly basis in advance or one time. Fee structure of Shasyadhara Agri Tutorial is follow:-

  • Low range for regular batches. 150 per month.
  • Average range for crash course 500 per month.

Distance Education Program: Yes, available through official website:-

We will give 9.5 rating out of 10 and rank them 1st along with RKC for helping and guiding local 11th and 12th agriculture students.


AN Coaching, Raipur, C. G.

An Coaching is an another good example of a agriculture coaching centre in Raipur. It is situated near CoA, Raipur. It is run by Miss Nisaad Praveen. It has a good reputation for tutoring regular B. Sc., agriculture and M. Sc., agriculture batch.

Features of AN Coaching:

Quality of Teaching Classes: Similar to RKC.

Qualification of Teaching Staff: As we know, AN Coaching is managed by its owner Miss Nisaad Praveen single handed single-handedly. She is Master in Agriculture Science. She has a lot of experience in the field of teaching.

Regularity of classes: All students in AN coaching come from B. Sc., agriculture batch. Classes are regular.

Category of Classes: Known for coaching CET and B. Sc., agriculture students.

Available Courses: Regular batches of B. Sc., agriculture students. Crash course for CET students.

Subjects: All subjects are covered.

Practical Classes: Not available. Students can explore the farm of IGKV, Raipur by themselves.

Facility of Hostel: Not offered. They don’t have a team to mange room facility for distant students.

Fee Structure: Not Known.

Distance Education Program: Not offered.

Although, AN Coaching is good, we will give them 9 out of 10 and rank 2nd after RKC.


Sai Krishi Coaching is started by an agriculture student completed his degree from IGKV. It is situated at Nehru chouk, Bilaspur.

Features of SKC:

Quality of Teaching Classes: Advanced tools are used.

Qualification of Teaching Staff: Degree holders of related field.

Regularity of Classes: Yes, regular.

Category of Classes: Following categories are available:-

  • PAT.
  • BHU.
  • ICAR.

Available Courses: Crash course and regular batches for PAT and B. Sc., agriculture students.

Subjects: All subjects are covered.

Practical Classes: Not available.

Facility of Hostel: Not Known.

Fee Structure: Not Known.

Distance Education Program: Not known.

We will give them 7.5 out of 10 and rank them 3rd.


It is also a very good agriculture coaching centre located near CoA, Raipur. Currently it is facing up and down situation. We will update their biographical information whenever it is opened again.

Their are also other local agriculture coaching centre in Chhattisgarh. We will regularly update this post.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021

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