Plant Breeding and Genetics Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ) and Answers

Plant Breeding and Genetics MCQ

Main Article: Plant Breeding and Genetics Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ) and Answers

Plant Breeding and Genetics MCQ or Plant Breeding and Genetics Multiple Choice Questions (बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न) are Multiple Choice Objective Question asked in different agricultural competition exams. Apart from an agricultural entrance exam, these questions are also asked in other competition exams too such as exams related with agro-forestry, banking, PSC etc. These questions are also included in general knowledge, which also a part of different important exams as a subject.

Importance of The Subject

This is one of the very important subject in B. Sc. Agriculture and M. Sc. Agriculture. In B. Sc. Agriculture, students from the following subjects are eligible after 12th,

  • Students of agriculture.
  • Students of science.
  • Students of mathematics.

Generally, it is easy for the students of science but for the students of agriculture and mathematics most of the topics from this subject are not easy as compared to science-students.

Almost all important entrance exams related with agriculture include topics from plant breeding and genetics in syllabus. Scoring good marks from this subject help in cracking the exam with very good rank. Although, students have to give importance to subjects like agronomy, horticulture, entomology, soil science etc.

Topics of The Posts

  • Fundamentals of Genetics and Plant Breeding.
  • Structure and Function of Cell.
  • Mitosis.
  • Meiosis.
  • Mandellian Genetics.
  • Plant Biotechnology.
  • Tissue Culture.
  • Structure and Functions of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins.
  • DNA.
  • RNA.………..and others.

Exams Related With The Subject

  • JRF.
  • SRF.
  • NET.
  • CET for M. Sc. Ag./Horti.
  • CET for PhD.
  • SADO.
  • ADA.
  • AFO.
  • PSC etc.

This page includes multiple choice objective questions from Plant Breeding and Genetics.

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S. No.Heading(s)
1.Plant Breeding and Genetics Multiple Choice Questions

(1). Plant Breeding and Genetics Multiple Choice Questions

Question 01. Mendel studied….?

(a). Trait inheritance.
(b). Gene inheritance.
(c). Variation inheritance.
(d). Genetic inheritance.


Question 02. Polyploid plants can arise spontaneously in nature by..?

(a). Meiotic failure.
(b). Mitotic failure.
(c). Fusion of unreduced gametes.
(d). All of the above.


Question 03. Which is an allopolyploid?

(a). Canola.
(b). Cotton.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Non of the above.


Question 04. Consider about speciation via polyploidy..

  • A diploid cell undergoes failed meiosis.
  • Producing diploid gametes.
  • Producing triploid gametes.
  • Which self fertilize to produce tetraploid zygotes.

(a). Only 1 and 2 are true.
(b). Only 2 and 3 are true.
(c). Only 1, 2 and 4 are true.
(d). Only 1, 3 and 4 are true.

Question 05. ‘On the Origin of Species’s written by..?

(a). Charles Darwin.
(b). Mendel.
(c). Jeoen Bakker.
(d). Meindent Boon.


Question 06. Who is considered as the father of genetics..?

(a). Gregor Mendel.
(b). Charles Darwin.
(c). Anton de Bary.
(d). Oliver Smith.


Question 07. The term genetics was given by..?

(a). Bovery.
(b). Y. L. Ping.
(c). Suttan.
(d). Beston.


Question 08. In pathogenesis….?

(a). Embryo originates from unfertilized eggs.
(b). Embryo originates from fertilized eggs.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Non of the above.


Question 09. In parthenocarpy..?

(a). Fruits develop after fertilization.
(b). Fruits develop without fertilization.
(c). Fruit remains underdeveloped.
(d). Non of the above.


Question 10. Jagannath is a mutant variety of..?

(a). Wheat.
(b). Maize.
(c). Rice.
(d). Barley.


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Question 16. …. is known as the power house of cell?

(a). Ribosome.
(b). Mitochondria.
(c). Chromosome.
(d). Chloroplast.

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Question 17. The chromosomal theory of inheritance given in the year..?

(a). 1901.
(b). 1902.
(c). 1903.
(d). 1904.

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Question 18. Autopollyploidy is found in..?

(a). Cotton.
(b). Coffee.
(c). Both.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 19. Cotton is..?

(a). Cross pollinated.
(b). Never cross pollinated.
(c). Both.
(d). Often cross pollinated.

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Question 20. 3:1 is the..?

(a). Phenotypic ratio of dicross hybrid.
(b). Phenotypic ratio of monocross hybrid.
(c). Phenotypic ratio of tricross hybrid.
(d). None of the above.

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