Red Gram (Pigeon Pea) Sterility Mosaic Virus: Cause, Identification & Management

The Red Gram Sterility Mosaic or ‘अरहर का बाँझपन, in Hindi’ is economically a very important and serious disease of red gram. The incidence of the disease can be seen all around the world where red gram is grown or cultivated.

The disease is caused by the virus. Hence, it is a viral disease. It is caused by red gram sterility mosaic.

General Information

HostRed gram
OccurenceAll pigeon pea growing area


There are three types of red gram sterility mosaic:

  1. Mosaic with chlorotic ring.
  2. Mosaic without flowering.
  3. Mosaic with flowering.

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The disease is identified based on three (3) symptoms. These are:

  1. Chlorotic ring.
  2. Sterility before flowering.
  3. Sterility after flowering.

Chlorotic Ring

*This can be identified by its colour.
*The colour is light green and yellow.
*The colouring appears in patches or round shape.

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Sterility Before Flowering

*In this case sterility appears before flowering.
*There is no chlorotic symptoms.
*The plant becomes stunted.
*Internode become short.
*The buds convert in bunches at the top.
*No or little flowering appears.
*Pod formation is absent.

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Sterility After Flowering

*In this case sterility appears after flower in.
*Axilliary buds are shortened.
*Flower bunches can be seen.
*No or little pod formation occurs.
*Leaves are light green.

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The disease is a viral disease, and it is difficult to manage once appears. Following method can be adopted to manage the disease.

  1. Destroying affected plants.
  2. Chemical method.

Destroying Affected Plants

Affected plants should be rooted-out. It should be destroyed by burning.

Chemical method

A chemical, trade name fenazaquin should be applied. 1 ml of fenazaquin should be used with 1 litre of water. If necessary, spraying should be done after 15 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Can alteration in time of sowing scape the disease?

Answer: It doesn’t help more.

Last Updated: 31-03-2021

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