Insect-pests of Pumpkin: Red Pumpkin Beetle

Insect-pests of Pumpkin– Pumpkin is attacked by many inspect-pests. The Major insect-pests of Pumpkin cause heavy damage to the crop which results in heavy loss.

The Red Pumpkin Beetle is one of the most important pest of pumpkin and other cucurbit crops. It is accountable for healthy and economical loss in pumpkin.

1. The Red Pumpkin Beetle

Raphidopalpa foveicollis ChrysomelidaeColeopteraAsian andAfrican countries, Australia S. Europe.

Red pumpkin beetle is a major insect-pest of cucurbits and one of the serious pest of pumpkin.


  • Rainy season.
  • Plant vegetation period.

Nature of Damage

  • Both grubs and beetles cause damage. They create holes in different parts of plant.
  • Lower parts of the plant such as root and stem are attacked by the grubs.
  • Grubs bore into roots and under ground stem.
  • The beetles feed on the Ariel parts of the plant.
  • Damage is done by biting.

Symptoms of Damage

  • Hole can be seen inside the stem.
  • Numbers of small holes are present in plant surface.
  • Growth is retard in seedlings.

Surveillance of The Pest

  • Beetles hide themselves under plant debris.
  • Grubs stay below the soil surface.
  • During early morning beetle can be seen on leaf surface of the plant.

Control Measures

Cultural Practice

  • Crop sowing should be done in November.
  • Apply crop rotation.
  • Expose the soil to direct sunlight after deep ploughing.

Chemical approaches

  • Malathion 50 EC.
  • Dimethoate 30 EC.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021.

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