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A view of rice field in central C.G.
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Chhattisgarh: The Rice Bowl of India – Chhattisgarh is known as the ‘Rice Bowl of India’. It is the ‘State Known as The Rice Bowl’ in India. It is an answer and a beautiful description for the questions, 1. Which state is called the rice bowl of India? 2. Cropping pattern of Chhattisgarh 3. Why Chhattisgarh is called and known as the rice bowl of India ?

An Introduction of Rice Bowl of India

Geographically, Chhattisgarh is divided into three regions:

  1. Northern Hills.
  2. Central Plains and,
  3. Southern Plateau.

1.Northern Hills

The northern hills region is rich in dense forest, hills and hillocks, streams and rivers and soil with high humus. Regions and districts under northern hills are as follows:

  • Ambikapur.
  • Jashpur.
  • Baikunthpur.
  • Balrampur.
  • Surajpur.
  • Korea.
  • Northern part of Raigarh district.

Cropping Pattern of Northern Hills: The cropping pattern of northern hill is mixed. But 90-95% area is covered by paddy crop. Paddy cultivation shares some major part (90:10) with sugarcane in districts like Ambikapur, Surajpur, Balrampur and Korea. Other crops such as groundnut, lentil and grams are cultivated only on upland area which is called “Bharri (spelled- ‘भर्री’ in Hindi)” in local language.

2.Central Plains

Central plain is a very vast area. It is also the area of agronomical activity. Regions and districts in plain area are as follows :

  • Raipur.
  • Bilaspur.
  • Durg.
  • Rajnandgaon.
  • Mahasamund.
  • Gariyaband.
  • Balaudabazar.
  • Bemetara etc.

Cropping Pattern of Central Plains:

The land of central plain is the home of very large and sacred river, Mahanadi River. It also hosts several big and small rivers. The fertile area of central plain is rich in river basins. Naturally, it is a mega water catchment area.

Central plain in Chhattisgarh is boon for farmers by nature and god. The cropping pattern of central plain is ‘Mono’. The area of rice cultivation in Chhattisgarh plain is 99.99%. Actually, this region is ‘The Rice Bowl of India.

The climate here is very much favorable to paddy crop. From the start to ending point you will see only rice and rice crop till horizon. Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Durg, Mahasamund and Gariyaband are some major rice producing districts in Chhattisgarh from central plain region.

3.Southern Plateau

Southern plateau is the extension of mountain range starting from Odisha. which is known as Plateau of Dandakarnaya. It is mainly inhibited by Aadivasis. Districts of Southern Plateau are as follows:

  • Jagadalapur.
  • Sukma.
  • Bijapur.
  • Kanker.
  • Kondagaon.
  • Naraynpur.

Cropping Pattern of Southern Plateau: The cropping pattern of Southern plateau is similar to cropping pattern of Northern Hills.

Why Chhattisgarh is called and known as the rice bowl of India ?

(Source: All data were taken from C.G. Agri Portal.)

Total area of Chhattisgarh is 135,191 sq km (52,198 sq mi), and total cultivated area of food crop is about 4608.99 sq km in 2015. 3822.68 sq km out of total cultivated area came under paddy crop during kharid season.

Table – 01: Statistics of kharif rice crop in C.G. in 2012.

Area 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.

Table – 02: Statistics of kharif rice crop in C.G. in 2013.

Area 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.

Table – 03: Statistics of kharif rice crop in C.G. in 2014.

Area 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.

Table – 04: Statistics of kharif rice crop in C.G. in 2015.

Area 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.

Now we will see some data of rabi crop.

Table – 05: Statistics of rabi crop in C.G. during 2012-2013.

Area 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.

Table – 06: Statistics of rabi crop in C.G. during 2013-2014.

Area 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.

Upland area is shown with different crops. After the invention of upland rice varieties the area of rice crop has been increased.

Favorable climate and conditions are the main cause of mono cropping pattern of rice.

Table – 07: Comparison of rice with other crops during kharif 2015.

CropArea 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.
Pigeon Pea65.1130.61470

Table – 08: Comparison of rice with other crops during rabi 2014-15.

CropArea 000’ha.Production 000’MTProductivity kg/ha.
Summer rice137.07252.331841

These periodically official data tell us about the dominance of rice crop over other minor crops in Chhattisgarh.

Total area, production and productivity of rice is much higher than other crops. From small to big farmer, everyone give priority to the traditional cropping pattern.

Every year tons of rice are produced. Rice is purchased at ‘Krishi Upaj Mandi‘ by the government at a fixed price.

The rice bowl of India has given another name to the former chief minister of Chhattisgarh. It is ‘Chaaur wale baba‘ or ‘चाऊर वाले बाबा‘.

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