Self Managing Leadership and Team Building Skills

Leadership – This article is the first part of Leader and Leadership. Leader and his ability to lead his team is the most important thing in any organization. His Team Building Skills is another very important criteria for success of organization.

Introduction of Leader and Leadership

A leader is key to success in any agriculture based company, industry or organization. It can be individual agriculture student, farmer or co-operative group of farmers. From small to big, every agriculture based organization is run by a leader. A small farmer to professional agricultural, any one can be a good leader. A leader is always responsible for its failure or success. A good leader can produce gem from a small piece of land. Development of leadership among farmers and students is a very important and necessary thing.

This is introductory of leadership. So, in this article we will discuss about fundamental of leadership. We’ll see how the concept and theory of leadership can help or improve the behavior of a farmer or agricultural organization.

Who is leader?

A leader is a person whose behavior stimulates core actions in an organization. His special interest or fitness to work on some phase of the decided project is very identical. An agriculture student, farmer, teacher or professional, any one can be a leader.

What is leadership?

In agriculture leadership is the ability to motivate a group of workers achievement of goal. Motivation can be in form of raise in wages. A good leadership is very essential in success of an agriculture organization.

Types of leaders:

The types of leaders are as fallows:

1. Autocratic:

  • Decision is always taken by ane person.
  • He thinks himself best from others.
  • He is not interested in group.
  • He thinks his thought is always correct.

This type of leader is not good for any agriculture organization. His way of thanking can’t be always right. Vision and success of a future project may be affected by his single handedly effort.

2. Democratic:

  • Interested in each member.
  • Priority to team work is given.
  • Decision are teken together.
  • Process runs gradually, ending in good results.

A democratic leader is good. Any type of goal can be achieve by team work. A farmer can achieve targets easily when he gets help from every family member. He is the leading factor among members.

3. Laissez-fair:

  • Always a little advice from leader.
  • Unable to take decision.
  • He takes no responsibility.

Sometimes, members of a joint farmer family, members of a group of students or members from an organization select a leader to lead them. But, eventually he fails to lead them because of his inability. This situation always gives a chance to emerge a new leader and leadership.

Fundamental of leadership in agriculture

A leader should be:

  • Spokesman.
  • Team’s co-ordinator: he has to bind the groups into a disciplined unit.
  • Team’s adviser: he has to direct his team members towards a fruitful ends.
  • Policy maker for his organization.
  • Planner for his organisation.
  • Identity of his team: he has to create an environment and required facilities for his team members in which they can work effectively.
  • Subject matter specialist.
  • Should be an educator.
  • An initiator.
  • A good analyzer.
  • Representative of his organisation.

These should be applied in all agricultural leader whether it is professional or a small farmer. Creating a working place is key.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021

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