Senior Horticulture Development Officer (SHDO): Eligibility Criteria, Work and Duty


Senior Horticulture Development Officer (वरिष्ठ उद्यान विकास अधिकारी)

Senior Horticulture Development Officer or SHDO is a post under the department of horticulture. It is a class three ( class 3) post. The person or the candidate assigned to this post is a master in agriculture, specially horticulture. The post is also known as Varishth Udyaan Vikas Adhikari (वरिष्ठ उद्यान विस्तार अधिकारी) in Hindi  and Senior HDO.

We will start this post with some introductory paragraph e.g., required degree, related exam, preparation for exam, selection and posting.

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1. Introduction
2. Preparation of the exam
3.Selection and Posting
4.Work of a Senior Horticulture Development Officer
6.Timing of Duty
9.Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

TYPEState Government Job, Permanent after 2 or more years of probation period.
RANKClass 3

1.1 Required Degree

Although it is a class three government post, the require degree is Post Graduation or PG in Horticulture (a agri-horti pg degree or pure horticulture). There is no criteria for minimum marks. Student has to clear PG degree with minimum grades set by the university.

1.2 Related Exam

The related exam is ‘Senior Horticulture Development Officer Recruitment Examination’ or ‘वरिष्ठ उद्यान विकास अधिकारी भर्ती परीक्षा’।

2. Preparation of The Examination

The exam can be cleared by self preparation. Two ways of self preparation- 1. by online study (see horticulture, floriculture, vegetable science and fruit science Multiple Choice Questions for online preparation) or 2. self preparation by off-line (books) study are very useful.


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3. Selection and Posting

Selected candidates are posted in different districts inside related state.

4. Work of a Senior Horticulture Development Officer

  • Training program
  • Managing staff
  • Attending meetings
  • Arranging meetings
  • Attending camps
  • Field visit
  • Preparing annual projects

4.1 Training Program

  • Training of unskilled labour: Unskilled farm labour are trained for garden management practice.
  • Training of unemployed villagers: Kaushal Vikas Yojna is a very important government program in which unskilled and unemployed villagers are trained in any specific field such as mushroom production, seed production, grafting etc.

4.2 To Manage Staff

He has to manage staff. Reconcile among office staff, allocating targets among them, executing plans through them are some major managing works.

4.3 Attending Meeting

Meetings attended by him are weekly or monthly. He attends following meetings:

  • District collector
  • District CEO.
  • SDM.
  • Block CEO.
  • President of four departments (agriculture, horticulture, veterinary, fishery).
  • Local MLA.

The main subjects of meeting are department related schemes and their execution. These are known as review meeting.

4.4 Arranging Meetings

He arranges meeting for staff. Meeting are arranges considering following topics?

  • Review on ongoing plans.
  • Review for upcoming plans.
  • Execution of plans.
  • Discussion on other departmental plans.

4.5 Attending Camps

The public welfare program are major agenda of any government program. Local government arranges various public welfare programs periodically with the help of local administration through camps. SHDO represents department of horticulture at block level. In a public welfare program:

  • He speaks about different plans/schemes (departmental schemes) as speech.
  • Selection of progressive farmers.

4.6 Field Visit

Field visit includes:

  • Observation of a farmer’s crop field: vegetable crops, flower crops, plantation crops.
  • On-field training program for farmers.

4.7 Preparing Annual Projects

It is very important work of a Senior HDO. Annual projects are prepared according to farmer’s need and demand. Schemes are based on farmer’s interest. For a good project field survey is done by RHEOs to take farmer’s demand. According to reports , submitted by RHEOs, Senior HDO prepare annual plans.

5. Responsibilities

He is the head of the depart at block level. He is responsible for the success and failure of departmental projects at field level.

6. Timing of duty

He his posted for official works to manage all official works and staff. His timing of duty is variable e.g., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. or 9 a.m. – 6/7/8 p.m.

7. Salary

Senior Horticulture Development Officer is a non-gazzeted class three officer. The pay scale for  a newly joined SHDO is 4,200 INR according to 7th grade pay, level 12. Monthly salary is 50,000 plus.

9. Promotion

He is promoted according to government policies. Promotion is rare and also it takes many years.

10. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Can a B. Sc. pass out appear for SHDO exam?

Answer: No.

Question 02. Can a B. Sc. Agriculture, final year’s student appear for SHDO exam?

Answer: Technically, no. Because he has to provide all details regarding his PG degree program e.g., final year’s marks and grade.

Question 03. How difficult SHDO exam is?

Answer: Number of posts are very limited. Number of candidates behind per post is very high. These two things make this exam very difficult for general and OBC students to crake.

Question 04. Which is better? SHDO or SADO?

Answer: SADO (Senior Agriculture Development Officer) and SHDO are equal post. Although, in many states the grade pay and salary are higher in SADO as compare to SHDO. Annual targets are more in SADO.

Question 05. How many posts are available in a block?

Answer: Generally SHDO are posted as Udayaan Adhikshak at block level. Hence, there is one SHDO per block.

When the total number of  SHDO(s) is more than the number of blocks in a district, rest of SHDOs are posted as nodal officer for 2 – 3 sectors. One sector may include 4 – 5 gram panchayats.

Question 06. How many RHEOs work under a SHDO?

Answer: Generally, on average 4 – 6 RHEOs work under a SHDO.

Question 08. How many HDOs work under a SHDO?

Answer: Generally, 1 – 2 or more HDOs work under a SHDO.

Question 09. Who is senior officer of a SHDO?

Answer: ADH or Assistant Director of Horticulture is senior officer of Senior HDO.

Question 10. What does a SHDO become after promotion?

Answer: After promotion he becomes Assistant Director of Horticulture.

Question 11. How many years it take to get promotion?

Answer: It takes more than 25 years to get promoted for ADH?

Question 12. Where to search for notification of related exam?

Answer: The official website of horticulture department of related state can be visited.

Question 13. What are the growth opportunities?

Answer: Gaining experience and future promotions are major growth opportunities.

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This post was written by S. K. Patel, Senior Horticulture Development Officer, Department of Horticulture, Chhattisgarh.


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