Shakambhari Yojna: शाकम्भरी योजना

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What is Shakambhari Yojna? शाकम्भरी योजना क्या है? How to Apply For Shakambhari Yojna or How to Take Advantage of Shakambhari Scheme? शाकम्भरी योजना के लिये आवेदन कैसे करें अथवा शाकम्भरी योजना का लाभ कैसे लें। Department of Agriculture and its schemes. कृषि विभाग और इसकी योजनाएँ।


1.Introduction: Shakambhari Yojna (शाकम्भरी योजना)
2.Meaning of Shakambhari
3.Objective of the Scheme
5.How to Apply?
6.Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction: Shakambhari Yojna (शाकम्भरी योजना)

TYPESubsidy based government Scheme
Related StateChhattisgarh
Related DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture
Related ToIrrigation and water resources
Related OfficerRural Agriculture Extension Officer
Image: Quotation 2008 (Image Source: Department of Horticulture C.G.)
Image: Quotation 2008 (Image Source: Department of Horticulture C. G.)

Note: Images are just for general information, please contact RAEOS at regional offices)

Shakambhari Yojna or Shakambhari Scheme or ‘शाकम्भरी योजना in Hindi’ is a scheme of state agriculture departments of India for the progress and development of farmers and agriculture. It is one of the flagship scheme of department of agriculture. Like many other schemes in agriculture department, it is a small but important scheme.

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2. Meaning of Shakambhari

According to Wikipedia– “Shakambhari is an incarnation of goddesses Parvati. She is the divine mother, called – The Bearer of the Greens. In Hinduism any Vegetarian Item is considered as the Prasad of Shakambhari Devi. It is said that in times of famine, the Goddess Aadishakti comes down as Shakambhari and gives vegan food to the hungry- Wikipedia”. (Reference 1).

It is a scheme for small and marginal farmers to transform the piece of land into an evergreen area by the development of different water resources.

3. Objective of the Scheme

Irrigation in agriculture is the most important part. Crop failure is common without irrigation. Farmers use different source of water and different system of irrigation to irrigate their crops. Pond, well, canal, river, lake, bore, dams etc. are major or minor source of water as irrigation water.

Most of Indian farmers are marginal and small. They need financial support for the development of irrigation system e.g., digging bores. Through this scheme they get subsidy for the development of water/irrigation resources.

So the main objective of the scheme is the development of system and resources of irrigation.

4. Benefits

(1). It is subsidy based scheme.

(2). Subsidy is 50%.

(3). Cost is estimate according to the type of soil e.g., hardness of soil.

(4). Up to 70% subsidy on submersible pumps.

(5). Subsidy is more than 15,000 to 20,000 INR.

(5). Many occasions subsidy is more than 75%.

5. How to Apply?


General Category- Small and marginal farmers.

OBC- Small and marginal farmers.

ST- Small and marginal farmers.

SC- Small and marginal farmers.

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Required Documents

  • Adhar card.
  • Land records.
  • Photo (Passport size and photo of site).
  • Bank Passbook.


  1. Collect all the necessary documents.
  2. Go to department of agriculture or,
  3. Contact with Rural Agriculture Extension Officer.
  4. Follow their instructions.
  5. Submit all necessary documents.
  6. After verification, farmers who got approved, have to submit farmer share which is applicable and asked by the agriculture officer.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Where is agriculture department situated?

Answer: At block office.

Question 02. Whom to pay farmer’s share?

Answer: To rural agriculture extension officer.


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