Soil Science Multiple Choice Questions And Answers:: Agriculture Entrance/Competitive Exams

Soil Science

Soil Science is the science of study of soil and its relation with plants which is known as Soil-Plant-Relationship.

Soil Science Multiple Choice Questions

Soil Science Multiple Choice Questions are the set of many objective type questions inside a question booklets in different agricultural entrance exams.

In this page we are going to udate some MCQ’s, related to soil science, regularly.

Soil Science Competitive Entrance Exam List:

  1. National Eligibility Test.
  2. Common Entrance Test or CET.
  3. Pre Agriculture Tests.
  4. CET for M. Sc.
  5. CET for Ph.D.

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Soil Science MCQ’s

Question- #1. Source of Mg is?

(a). Orthoclase.
(b). Micas.
(c). Dolomite.
(d). Magnetite.

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Question- #2. Contrast to pedzolization is?

(a). Laterization.
(b). Gleization.
(c). Pedoturbation.
(d). Eluviation.

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Question- #3. Edaphology is a….?

(a). Latin word.
(b). Greek word.
(c). Swedish.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question- #4. Maximum eluviation is found in?

(a). E.
(b). A2.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). AB/EB.

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Question- #5. Size of fine sand is?

(a). 0.02 – 0.2.
(b). 0.2 – 2.
(c). 0.002.
(d). 0.02 – 0.002.

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  1. This page is updated every Saturday (evening).
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